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5 essential healthy beauty products you must have this season

Summer is in full swing, and everyone will be spending a lot of time on the beach, trying to get the

best tan or simply have fun. However, a lot of fun at the swimming pool and the beach can take its

the toll on your skin and hair. You don’t want to be devastated when the summer passes and you are

left with damaged hair and dry and prickly skin, do you? This is why, this summer, you should get

these five wonderful ingredients which will save the day.

summer skin care
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Mineral foundation

Mineral makeup has been getting a lot of attention these past years, and for good reason. It gives a

breathable, natural feel, and wonderful coverage. Even people with skin conditions like rosacea are

encouraged to use mineral makeup every day. For those who have acne, there is mineral

foundations with calming ingredients such as tea tree oil and aspen bark. There are also foundations

with SP factors which will protect and soothe your skin.

Avocado hair mask

As we already mentioned, the sun, salt, and chlorine can seriously damage your hair and turn it into a

lifeless mop. To help your hair retain moisture and to make it shiny and healthy again, use a simple

(and incredibly effective) avocado hair mask. You will need a ripe avocado, two tablespoons of

olive oil and two of honey. Mix the ingredients, apply the paste to damp hair and leave it on for half

an hour. Rinse it off thoroughly and wash your hair as usual. You will notice the improvement after a

summer skin care
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Vitamin serums

Vitamin C is great for boosting your immune system, but it is also wonderful for your skin. It is a

powerful antioxidant and it protects your skin from damaging free radicals, thus making it brighter

and healthier. Not just that, but vitamin C serum keeps wrinkles at bay by stimulating the

production of collagen. Serums have a higher concentration of vitamin C so people with sensitive

skin can feel a slight irritation. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you use serums made

for your skin type.

DIY lip balm

The best lip balms contain coconut oil, and the most delicious ones – chocolate. To make your own

chocolate mint lip balm, you will need a teaspoon of coconut oil, almond oil, and cocoa butter. Add

three drops of vitamin E oil, two drops of peppermint extract, and three chocolate chips. Melt the

ingredient over a bowl of boiling water and pour into small containers. When they cool down you

will have your own supply of this amazing homemade lip balm.

Body scrub

Coffee is that magical ingredient which helps you wake up in the morning, but it also does wonders

for your skin. It’s an amazing antioxidant which smells divine. To make your own body scrub, use

half a cup of brown sugar, the same amount of ground coffee, and a cup of coconut oil. It will awaken

 all your senses and it will also lighten your skin. As if that is not enough, it temporarily minimizes

cellulite while coconut oil moisturizes and soothes.
summer skincare tips
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Whenever you’re in doubt about whether a certain product is good for you, or if it’s natural, the best

thing is to make your own. The healthiest scrubs and masks are made of natural and organic

products and mixed directly in your kitchen. If you use these products this summer, your body will

not feel the damaging effects of sun and salt.

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