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Black skin cares in the summer: The black skin should have special care in this season!!

Even though it's a tougher skin, they suffer from dark circles, blemishes, sensitivity, excess oils and solar radiation. Today there are numerous products designed specifically for this type of skin.
The black skin, although it is naturally well-protected, requires some special care to remain beautiful throughout the summer.
Despite the belief that black skin is immune to the sun's harmful effects, it needs the same care as white skin types. In beauty ritual, the sunscreen is an essential item and must be applied even with the lowest incidence of radiation. It is also necessary to pay attention to the hydration because the deficiency of assets can cause white spots due to lack of nutrients able to recover the aggression of the sun.
The strong and steady sunlight tends to dry out and cause spots on the skin, so the hydration should receive a special attention, especially in the days when you had too much sunbathing. To have a beautiful skin in the summer, the skin should be moisturized daily, after the bath with deep moisturizing cosmetics. See the tips and cares.
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Skin cleaning
The first step, clean your skin twice a day. The night creams (moisturizing) and day (sunscreen or a moisturizing with SPF), as well as other products used in this skin type, should be based gel, not oily. The black skin is naturally oilier than white skin, so avoid the oily products. Also, an exfoliation per week is recommended. In general, care for black skin does not differ much from the other skins.
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Wear sunscreen every day
Show some spot is a natural tendency of the black skin when it is exposed to too much sun, especially at this season of the year when levels of ultraviolet rays are higher. The most common, is the white spots appear mainly in the body, caused by dehydration. In the face, there is the risk of staining by hyperpigmentation due to the acne.

After cleaning the skin, apply a sunscreen according to the type of your skin and then a moisturizer. The moisturizer will hydrate the skin even more as the protector fulfills the function of protecting it from the ultraviolet rays, and keep your skin even younger.
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Body hydration

Elbows and knees tend to be drier. So, you can exfoliate and moisturize more often, from once to twice a week. The care will also help prevent Folliculitis, inflammation of the root so it is very common in the black skin.

Exfoliation the sensitive areas
It's indicated the use of exfoliating creams for the most sensitive to drying areas: feet, knees, and elbows. The exfoliating cream will remove dead cells that cause aging and dry aspect. Give preference to creams that use almond oil in the composition because it is rich in protein and oleic acid, a good emollient and moisturizer for the black skin. However, the face exfoliating should not be done frequently, because it can stimulate the production of melanin and the consequent appearance of stains.
You can find available in the cosmetics store some gels reducing of the oiliness. Black skinned women should use these gels combined with hydration to ensure that the skin is not too greasy or too dehydrated. Search for gels and other products that have mango butter, shea butter, cereal, seaweed extract, soy, and cucumber in their composition, as they are effective in time to combat oiliness and moisturize the black skin.
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 Face Moisturizing

For the face, you should always have on hand a facial liquid soap, because, in addition to refreshing the skin, it will leave quite clean. Some liquid soaps moisturize the skin while washing, as they have in the formulation vitamins E, C, B6, and B5. Always use soap that protects your cells from free radicals (exposure to sun, wind, dust). By applying the soap, make circular movements to stimulate blood circulation in the area and also to perform a deep cleaning. Dry the skin with a paper towel and you will have a hydrated and fresh skin.

Ps: An important tip do not wash your face more than twice a day, otherwise your skin will become even oily. Ideally, wash once or twice daily. And the light exfoliation can be done up to three times a week and ideally is to be combined with the peeling, and do not forget to drink a lot of water. For more tips you can see in this article Skincare and tips for the black skin
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