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Guide and types of bags: 12 differents models of women handbags

Did you ever notice how there are so many different names and models of women's handbags? Especially when you are buying over the internet, it is possible to notice this multitude of classifications this dear female accessory can receive. To avoid that you get confused or be in doubt about the existing models, in this article I'm gonna to explain you the difference between the main types of handbags.
Check out handbags models, backpack, shoulder, and tote bag, see the main features that differentiate them from other handbags.
women handbags

Satchel Bag
satchel bag

The satchel bag is a shoulder bag that differs from the others by its rectangular shape and double handles. Can be carried on the shoulder or hand, depending on the size of the purse and the strap. This model is usually well structured.

Tote bag
tote bag

The tote bag, also known as shopper or shopping bag, is a large and reinforced structure because it is made to carry groceries. There are more refined models and simpler models, to go to the market, for example. The tote bag does not need necessarily to be used for the purpose to carry the groceries, it also can be a fashion accessory as there are many different models. Practices and sports this kind of bag combines more relaxed and light looks. Despite to the simple appearance, some of them have more elaborate and noble materials, however, this does not make it a social bag.
Some models have fringe or animal print patterns, which are adaptations of fashion trend.


The clutch bag is the famous party bag. Every day they appear in more innovative designs, showing the importance of this item to compose a party looks. There are structured models and more flexible models, minimalist models and other full of details like glitter, precious stones, and other applications. Its main difference from the purse is finish and material that is more sophisticated. It can be used in evening events like cocktails, ceremonies, and formal occasions. They are preferred for weddings and have an interesting format, embroidery or different details. They are made to properly value a party dress or gala, in some cases adding further sophistication to the outfit.


The purse is no longer a bag that serves only to keep our belongings such as documents and money, it has become an accessory to compose glamorous looks, and today you can find it in a variety of models and styles.
Its main features are the internal divisions and the size that allows it to be carried on the hand. The correct way to use is to hold with the fingertips,  that is an elegant and charming way, with nails well made and well cared for. And never under the arm or hanging.
The bags made of noble material or embroidery, jewels and are exquisite and elegant, are also ideal to go to the same events as the clutch. Weddings, formal events, and parties in general.
Just as the clutch, there are models of famous brands made with all glamor and luxury required for the gala events.


The backpack is very useful for those times when you need practicality and free arms, but can also be a stylish accessory to finish off a more casual outfit. In general, it has thin straps, zipper, drawstring, or buckle on the outside. You can find it in medium or large-size models.

Hobo bag
hobo bag

The hobo bag is generally made of more pliable material and is not very structured. Its shape resembles the shape of the half moon and has only one handle. This model is very suitable for those who like to carry few things and supports the bag on the shoulder. This is a sporty bag, perfect for day to day, and for an informal walk. Depending on the material which it is made it can become a more or less flexible bag and can even be used for a work outfit. But even it is made with a more noble material it can not be elevated to a social bag.

Bucket bag
bucket bag

The Bucket bag has a round or oval bottom and a drawstring closure, his shape is similar to a bucket, and generally, have only one shoulder. It can be carried on the shoulder or hand, depending on the size of the shoulder.

Speedy handbag
speedy handbag

The bag consecrated by the brand Louis Vuitton in the hands of actress Audrey Hepburn now it appears in collections of different brands and in many different reinterpretations. Its main feature is the rounded shape that resembles a trunk. In general, its handles are short, which means that it has to be carried in the hand. They are versatile, practical and elegant at the same time. Their average size allows it to be used by women of all body types, also offers a good internal space allowing it to be used on a daily basis, to work and even in the informal party. 
On a daily basis, you can use a more flashy colors or printed, at night and more non-formal situations bet in a more neutral color, sober or details like textures or applications.
The barrel bag is a great choice for those who like space to keep things during the daily life but also prefer a bag with a more refined and classic air to further enhance the production after all accessories are key to this.

Messenger bag
messenger bag

The messenger bag is in medium or large size resembling the postman bags and has long and sturdy cross-strap. They are practical for anyone staying hands-free and need to carry multiple items in the bag. This style of the bag is widely used both for women as for men, especially for the work that needs to load many documents, such as lawyers, for instance.

Shoulder bag
shoulder bag

The shoulder bags are great companions for the women, and it can be said that every woman has or had or will have one someday. Tend to be in large or medium size, to fit all women need to carry in your purse. The models can be more rounded, rectangular, structured or unstructured or with one or two shoulders.

Crossbody bag
crossbody bag

This is a very practical and useful model of the bag, it can be in large or small size, both to use in the daytime as at night to go to a bar or nightclub where you do not want to be holding the bag. Its discreet size makes this bag very interesting for times when the bag is not a key point in the production. They may appear in square or rounded models, always with a long crossbody shoulder.

Envelope Bag
envelope bag

Much like the purse bag, is named this way due to the envelope format, usually, have a flap closure and you can it in different sizes. Is ideal for events, or a party that asking for a tidier outfit.
Has no shoulder on most versions, as well as in the case of purse bag. Its main feature is the tab-close, which has been the subject of changes in design, giving greater diversification to the bag.

Can be used at parties and events, such as purse bag. Since they are made in refined material, as the event requires.

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