Sunday, June 26, 2016

Outfit ideas: Wear to Work in the summer!

Ready for another sunny week? In summer, the clothes to work can be more fluid, but you need to take some cautionsince the very short pieces are not well seen in the corporate environment, regardless of what is.
Each company has its own dress code that can not be changed. So you can not go to work in shorts or short skirts. However, it is possible to opt for dresses, midi skirts, pants, and lighter clothes when it is time to create your work outfit.

The work wardrobe should be basic, customized as the position you occupy and the culture of your business or professional activity. Some large companies make the job easier by adopting a manual of dress code. When there is, it is good to be aware of the signs given by co-worker and especially by those in senior positions.
red bodysuit

The keyword for work wardrobe is fit or timeless, the big secret is the choice of the pieces. Single pieces are the great choice because they allow intelligent and stylish compositions for protection of climate variations in environments with air-conditioned.
But sometimes arises that doubt about what to wear for the work. In addition to the style and elegance, the outfit chosen for the work should bring comfort and be discreet.
But how to combine comfort, styles, and glamor without losing the charm? To help you with this question, check out some suggestions of what to wear for the work in the summer.

leather jacket

Neutral colors
It is always easier to create a comfortable and chic outfit if the colors are neutral. For the hot days invest in light colors (off-white, nude, caramel, and blue). If your work is more formal, otherwise, can play a color.
If your workplace does not allow bare legs, choose clear and light fabric pants. The composition of another piece in the same tone does it seem like a set. Elegant and stylish!
neutral colors

Skirts are amazing in the summer
The skirts are a great choice and your best friends! You can combine it with T-shirt, tank top, shirts or short-sleeve blouses. Also, they look good with closed or open shoes. You can finish with a belt if you want and you are ready to work!

The dresses are very practical and versatile
Only one piece and you are done! To do not look too stripped down, invest in pieces with short sleeves or end with a stylish blazer or a sleeveless vest, the tailoring model can replace the blazer without making you feel hot.

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