Thursday, June 30, 2016


The fellowship, loyalty, no quarrel, and good sex. The wishlist before a lasting relationship is extensive.
The lasting relationship is not as accurate as mathematics, however, to build a lasting relationship the only love is not enough, it depends on factors such as partnership and complicity, and share life experiences. 
At the beginning of a dating both try to show the best version of themselves for the relationship to work. He tries to impress you in the hope you fall in love with him and you also do the same thing.
This first impression is to make him feel amazed as if he was sure he found the girl of his dreams, the woman of his life, but, when you got married, suddenly everything changes.

Unmet expectations are responsible for a large proportion of our unhappiness even if those expectations are unrealistic. The discontent has little to do with what happens outside and has everything to do with our attitude and approach. If you are finding that everything your partner does irritate you, try some different techniques to bring the contentment to your life and your relationship.
couple discontent

The marriage ring is not  a sign of eternity effective. The routine is one of the factors that can lead a marriage to the failure. We can never forget that  we're constantly in psychological, emotional and physical transformation. Therefore, do not let your relationship to get in the routine or fall on it, because without the power of emotional creativity, the development of the marriage will not be happily ever after.
couple routine

You need to be happy with yourself so the others can make you even happier than you already are. Remember, no one is bound to make you happy. No one can give you happiness. You will not find it, you can only build it. Can take some days or weeks even years it will be better or worse than others. But you are the only one responsible for your own happiness.
couple happiness

At the beginning of the relationship, everything is wonderful, your focus is only on the other. Time to be together is a priority. After some months or the honeymoon  phase fades even though the couple still deeply worry with the each other to fall into the routine of taking care of children, work, and other obligations. The relationship is like a plant if it is not constantly watered and fed will inevitably wither.

The pride is one of the seven deadly sins, and can be especially destructive to a dating or marriage. The pride keeps us from apologizing for something quite common in a lasting relationship. When we disagree, it is our pride that makes us want to be the right one, which usually means that the other person has to be wrong. To get rid of your pride in a relationship, focus on the good things about your partner and your relationship and express your gratitude. And make it good, really good to ask for and accept a genuine apology.

There is a level of comfort at a relationship the conversation is always essential. The more you know someone, the more you can anticipate your feelings or thoughts. But, be careful especially in assuming something negative and don't put words in the mouth of your partner.The effective communication remains important at all stages of a relationship.


Do not this behavior destroys your relationship, appreciate and cherish who is by your side, remember the good and bad things that you guys have faced together, make your partner realize how important he/she is to you and how you are grateful to have her/him by your side, make him/her to feel loved, and always give a new chance to love what is a very important thing.

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