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Some very common beauty mistakes that you need to avoid!

Every woman likes to have at least some basic care to keep the beauty in the day. Unfortunately, some beliefs and the lack of information we sometimes create habits that instead of collaborating with the beauty end up doing the opposite. Your intentions are good, but not always effective.
So, to you do not make these mistakes, I listed here quite common beauty mistakes that many people do believe to be the proper way to take care of yourself. Avoid these habits and notice how the right way to take care of your beauty that will provide even better results on your skin.
The consequence is that little by little, we expose ourselves to the lack of care in the long term, can be crucial for us to have a healthy and well-cared skin or not, or look younger than we are.

Do not use sunscreen in the winter
Applying the sunscreen in the summer is essential, but that doesn't mean we should stop using it in the winter. The ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer are present in the winter too. Sun days without sun protection in the face causes wrinkles and sagging.

Do not apply the sunscreen in the important areas
In addition to causing spots and premature aging, leaving unprotected areas increases the risk of the skin cancer. In general, women forget the lips, the region close to the eyelids, the ears, the scalp root, and neck. You can tie up your hair before applying the sunscreen. This way, you can identify all the little areas that will be exposed. So, at least choose an FPS 40 sunscreen or more, reapply every two hours and whenever entering in the water or sweat and bet on makeup items with sunscreen, which ensure extra protection against UVA and UVB rays. You should also apply the sunscreen in the neck, the arms and the hands the regions that notice your age.

Go to sleep without removing the makeup
This is perhaps is one of the most common mistakes, especially because at night we are tired and we do not remove the makeup properly. Clean the skin properly and use makeup remover is very important to clean the pores and keep them clear and residue-free, especially in the eye area.
do not sleep in makeup

Do not know your current skin type
If you live in a country with Equatorial, and  tropical climate,  it is common that your face shines in some warmer days or that certain areas are more oily like forehead and nose, which concentrates most of the sebaceous glands. But that does not mean that you are the owner of an oily skin or that it will present the same characteristics for the rest of your life. The skin changes, especially in the women, because is influenced by the age, hormones (such as pregnancy), the use of cosmetics, food and water intake, and other factors. Only the dermatologist can determine whether you have a normal, dry, combination, oily or sensitive type.

Do not moisturize the oily skin
Generally, those who have oily skin are afraid to moisturize the skin, thinking that will make it even more oily. The oiliness is connected to sebum production and has nothing to do with hydration.
oily skin

Do not follow a skin care routine  or neglect the skincare
There are weeks where the skincare is strictly followed and, in others, where we do not even remember that exfoliate exists. If you adopt a skincare routine since the 20s, are making health savings for the skin. Following a routine care early delays the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness and spotting. If you want to create a beauty care routine what should enter in your beauté agenda: Daily skin hygiene is essential for a healthy skin and free of bacteria, as well as exfoliating that promotes the cell renewal, moisturizer that contains the vitamin C in the formula will maintain the skin firmness and sunscreen that keep your skin protected  from the UV rays. A cream for the eye area with peptides in formula attenuates expression lines that appear earlier in the region where the skin is thin.

Abusing in the concealer
Applying too much concealer in the eye region may show or even create nonexistent wrinkles. Exaggerating the amount of product will no longer hide the small defects that you do not want to appear.
Instead of applying an exaggerated amount of concealer, prefer to apply a face primer before, because it closes the pores and leaves the skin with a more beautiful appearance, and better define the makeup and make it last longer.

Buy or use an anti-aging cream or serum without medical advice
Most of these products contain vitamin A derivatives. It is great for who wants a luminous, firm, younger, and free of open pores skin, you must find them in the form of peeling (acid retinoic peeling) and lotions, serums, creams, with retinol in the formula. Retinoids have effects on the DNA of the cell and are of the few substances with unquestionable efficacy for treatment and prevention of aging. Because they are powerful, they can irritate your skin if applied in the wrong way. They should only be used under medical prescription to define the acid concentration, in the evening period apply a thin layer on the clean skin. If it is your first-time to use it, the ideal is to spread the product day in and day out, until your skin gets used to it. If your skin is sensitive or seborrheic, apply after moisturizer.

Apply the perfume after dressing
Apply the perfume to the clothing, in addition to get spot, can not give the desired effect. The perfume is meant to be applied to the skin, where the heat of the body it will exhale the expected aroma. So, avoid getting perfume over clothing. Prefer to apply it in the wrist and behind the ears.

Clear skin many times a day to combat oiliness
Clear the skin excess is not good, it dries out and leaves it very sensitive skin. The ideal is to make hygiene twice a day with specific products for your skin type.
And never squeeze the injury in the skin. This can lead to a serious infection. Ideally, wash your face with a sulfur-based product, salicylic acid or glycolic only twice a day (morning and evening). Excess soap tends to cause a rebound effect and further stimulate the sebaceous glands. Products such as moisturizer it is important to strengthen the skin barrier, exfoliating and sunscreen must have a developed formula for the oily skin. At night, apply an acid based cream or a topical antibiotic. If the skin shines during the day apply a layer of mineral or translucent powder. 
Some very common beauty mistakes that you need to avoid!

Forgetting to apply the makeup to the neck
This is a fatal mistake especially if you apply a foundation or powder with a different tone of your natural skin. The difference between the face and neck skin and cervix is evident in these cases.
Therefore, to apply makeup, do not forget to leave the entire region exposed to a homogeneous color. To play safe, always test the tone of the foundation and powder before you buy in the store. Test both in face and in the neck.

Apply the right product at the wrong time
Some formulas will play a more effective role if used during the day as in the case of products with assets that fight free radicals, the antioxidants. In the morning, it is better to bet on compositions with vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and resveratrol, which may be present in the tonic, facial moisturizer, and the soap. At night time  which the ingredients are better absorbed, bet in the options that combat the aging skin, spots, and acne. This is the case of retinoic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroquinone, which should not be exposed to sunlight or bright, with the risk of burns, irritations, and spots.
Ps: The information "how to use" in the cosmetics packaging are not there by chance.
skin cares

Do not use moisturizer or anti-aging cream on the face
From the age of 25, moisturize the skin becomes essential, it is at that age, on average, the skin begins to lose the natural hydration, especially the dry and the normal skin type, by the nature of its characteristics. Oily skin and combination types also suffer from this process, but less, in which case the ideal is to moisturize with products that are not dense, such as gel or serum. The lack of the adequate hydration lead the skin drying, and consequently the formation of early wrinkles. To alleviate the problem, I apply the moisturizer or anti-aging cream with sunscreen in the morning, and at night, only the cream. Every day.
anti aging cream

Only buy the latest releases in the market
Buy everything you see ahead on the latest cosmetic launches is not a good idea, if you heard everyone talking about the wonder of a new product, there is no problem in you also want to test it.  But do not forget, there are some brands that are not very reliable. The consequences of this error can be blotchy skin and allergies! 
It may be a mistake of buying a product only because it is new. It is important to wait a while to know the results and the effectiveness, and choose a cosmetic with the appointment of a professional. If you want to buy the latest releases, you can save some money to get the release of the moment and another to invest in old substances, but consecrated by medicine. For example, the retinoic acid is the best anti aging, Salicylic, and glycolic acids are great to take care of acne. Already peptides and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) help to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Take a long and very hot bath
The cold, the wind and low humidity in winter compromise the natural hydration of the skin. The cells that produce the skin fat decrease their activity, which further dry the skin. The hot water removes the skin hydrolipidic mantle, which is the layer of fat and water that protects the skin. As a result, there is an intense dehydration. So it is important to take warm bath. Remember the dry skin is fragile and susceptible to skin wrinkles. Therefore, the recommendation is to enhance hydration. Before choosing a moisturizer, check the ingredients and the active on the label. For dry and normal skin, usually, it is indicated the products based on hydroxyethyl urea, which has more moisturizing power and products that serve as moisture vehicles such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and trace elements. For the oily skin, the 'oil-free' versions, that moisturize without excess oil and components that do not cause acne.
do not take hot bath in the winter
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