Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Fashion: Tips to be stylish in the hottest season of the year

It's summer, the temperature is up there and the sun is very hot, and it is holidays to officiate the arrival of the hottest season of the year. And to enjoy the hottest season of the year, nothing better than to enjoy a beautiful beach or pool with friends and family or even take a trip. But it is not always that we can spend the summer on the beach, so the wardrobe needs to join urban practicality with the comfort that hottest days calls for!
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Large model or Loose parts
Forget that bodycon dress: Hot days call for fluid clothes! Skirts and dresses should make part of your summer wardrobe,so invest in a more fashion piece like capri pant that is so fashion and stylish!
street fashion

summer dress

Light colors

Forget black color in your wardrobe. Although it is fashion and basic, it can complicate your summer days. Opt for light colors and give preference to pastel tones, which are the summer color! Pink and light blue were selected by Pantone the color for this summer.
light color

Not because it's hot you should forget about the basic rules of style and fashion! If you have chosen a piece of short length, take care of the neckline. If you chose to wear a backless piece, pay attention to the length. This care will leave your visual more harmonious, urban and versatile.

Lightweight and natural fabrics

Even the jeans, which is one of the most commonly used materials by the women over the world, can be left out on the hottest days. The preference of natural fabrics in this season makes all the difference since they don't drown out the sweat and ensure a feeling of well-being for longer. Cotton, linen, silk are the great choices!
short dress

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