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The benefits of the Micellar Water to the skin

Micellar Water: The product that you should include in your beauty routine

You've probably heard talking about the wonder of the micellar water or saw it on the shelves of any drugstore and was wondering what it is for. It is a magical solution that removes waterproof makeup, with efficiency compared to the specific Makeup Removers. A unique product that dispenses makeup remover and toner, and promises a more beautiful and healthy skin. It is very soft but has the power to cleanse the skin while respecting its physiological balance.
Still, toner and lightly moisturizes the skin without leaving it with an oily appearance.  Despite the name, is not a water. It is named for the ultra-light formula because of the micelles, the components responsible for the cleanup. Are chemical structures whose rounded shape and polarized attracts dirt. In contact with the skin, absorb impurities, removed with the help of a cotton pad. By being free of irritants, such as alcohol, parabens, and fragrance, water micellar is also recommended for those who have sensitive skin, because it can promote effective skin hygiene without harming or remove any natural oils. This balance is essential: If you clean too much the skin, the body ends up producing excess sebum to compensate for the loss. On the other hand, if we do not clean up the skin effectively, the pores may clog, which provides the appearance of acne. Another advantage of the product is that it maintains the natural pH of the skin, generally affected by cleaning. So, it maintains its ability to repair and protection.
micellar water

Benefits of micellar water
1. Clean; 2. Remove the makeup; 3. Purify the skin

4. Smooth; 5. Rebalances

  • The great advantage of water micellar is that it removes impurities including the makeup without harming or irritate. And as their formulas are usually exempt from alcohol and chemicals like parabens and preservatives, is very suitable for sensitive skin. For those who have oily skin, is a great solution, because, unlike common Makeup Removers, micellar water does not cause acne.
  • Another of the many advantages of micellar water is the practicality. Since it has soothing agents and need not be removed from the skin, if you do not give up in your daily tonic. The beauty routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing are reduced to a much more practical ritual.

micellar water
The best option for your skin
Although the micellar water  is  neutral, but its composition can vary slightly from brand to brand. If you have oily skin, look for the versions that contain oil control assets, as the zinc gluconate and salicylic acid. They assist in the control of the production of oil by sebaceous glands and hinder the proliferation of the bacteria that cause acne. The other skin types, like dry and sensitive, can take advantage of simpler versions or with tranquilizers or moisturizers, such as thermal water and cucumber extract. 

Directions for the use
Micellar water can be included in the daily cleaning routine. You can choose if you want to apply before or after washing your face with soap. The product should be applied with a cotton after washing the skinThere's no need to rinse the face after to apply the product.
There's no need to use the toner, except for those who have oily skin  it has specific functions, such as closing the pores and controlling sebum production. And watch the label, it is not all versions are suitable for the eyes, as some products can cause irritation and burning.
micellar water

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