Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Walgreens wonder woman beauty collection!

TRecently Walgreens - famous American  drugstore - launched an entire collection of makeup kits honoring my favorite heroine the Wonder Woman, but this is not the first time a brand launch products inspired in Wonder Woman, the first time was the M.A.C. launched in 2011.
What made me goes crazy was the beautiful packaging and kits that are super cute. There are 9 products: have kits with colored eyeliners, bronzer, eyeshadow palette, lip balm and lip gloss kitThe packaging is very cute, but I do not know about product quality, never used any make of Walgreens itself.
The collection includes eyeshadow palette, illuminator, bronzer, lip gloss, eyeliner, nail polish, balm, brushes and even bag! All the colors and style of comics of Wonder Woman.


The average price is $ 2.99 to $ 14.99. The collection was launched in May, but it is  possible to buy some products for e-commerce Walgreens and

Still have bags, hair accessories, nail polish kit, and brushes kit. The good thing is that the products are with very reasonable prices ranging from $ 3 and $ 12, perhaps because it is a pharmacy chain. 
walgreens wonder woman beauty collection!

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