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Dark circles: How to eliminate, homemade recipes, causes, prevention, and treatments for the dark circles

The dark circles are quite uncomfortable for most of the women, but it can be alleviated with simple treatments.
Some of the main causes of the dark circle's formation are hereditary, crying a lot, aging, dry skin, work for long hours without rest, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep or an unhealthy diet.
Both men and women of different age groups may have dark circles. To avoid the dark circles and reduce swelling in the eyelids is possible by following a few simple tips you can do it at home without spending almost anything.
dark circles

The main causes of the dark circles

Fatigue, poor diet, smoking. These factors make the blood vessels of the eye region becomes dilated, leaving purplish region (are literally veins appearing behind your skin). Such cases can be solved with a good night's sleep, the end of the cigarette and healthy eating.

Genetics. The body of some people is bound to accumulate more melanin in the eye region, which is darker. These dark circles are permanent, get worse with age and are only resolved with sophisticated treatments such as bleaching and laser.

Some tips to help you to prevent the dark circles:
  • Sleep as much as possible: Sleep at least 8 hours per day. You will see that not only feel good about yourself as well as your skin will be radiant.

  • Massage the area around the eyes: With your fingertips, make smooth movements. With this, you will increase the blood supply.

  • Apply moisturizers cream: They have the same function as the cold water, especially if used immediately upon waking.

  • The concealer is your best friend: Choose one that is the same shade of your skin. First, apply a foundation, to disguise the dark spot, and then the concealer from the inner corner to the outer.

  • Always remove makeup before the bedtime: Use makeup removers and rinse the face. There is no makeup that cures the dark circles, only disguises what we have.

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day: Water is the most effective natural remedy to moisturize the skin.

  • Eat well: Vitamin C helps strengthen the blood vessel walls.

  • Use sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 under the eyes, to avoid the weakening of the skin caused by the sun.
  • Moisturize the skin with the creams that contain the vitamin K in the formula, which can soften the bumps.

 There are also some natural and homemade solutions that can help reduce the swelling of the vessels and improving the appearance of the tiredness. See some homemade recipes:

Natural yogurt and chamomile
Chamomile tea
½ cup of plain yogurt

Preparation and use?
Prepare a chamomile tea or use that comes in bags, and mix ½ cup of plain yogurt. Apply the resulting cream around the eye area, leaving act for 10 minutes. Finally, remove with cold water and apply a moisturizer or sunscreen.

This amazing cream to reduce the dark circles combines the anti-inflammatory properties of the chamomile with the moisturizing and whitening power of the yogurt.
homemade facial mask

Orange, carrot, and lettuce mask
Beat a few lettuce leaves, 1/3 carrot and a peeled orange in a blender.

How to use: Put cotton pad soaked with a cold saline solution, this preparation will contract the vessels and help in maintaining the local circulation. Then apply the paste over to the cotton keeping the eyes closed and let it act for 20 minutes. Rinse and apply a moisturizer or sunscreen.

Rich in vitamins C and K, the mask is a powerful antioxidant that whitens and enhances collagen synthesis by fibroblasts of the skin, increasing its flexibility.

Cucumber and lemon
½ cucumber
5 drops of lemon juice
Cotton Pad

Preparation and use?
Extract the cucumber juice and take it to the freezer for an hour. After this time, add the lemon drops and apply to the affected area, leaving it to act for 15 minutes.
Then, rinse with cold water and apply a little almond oil to rehydrate the area.
Remember to apply this mask at night before bed and rinse skin thoroughly the next day because the lemon can cause stains in contact with the sun.

Cucumber is an ingredient with astringent properties that can help us a lot to reduce the dark circles.
dark circles

Carrots, Sweet Almond oil, and cucumber
½ carrot
1 tablespoon of almond oil
slices of cucumber

Preparation and use?

Grate half carrot and mix well with the almond oil to form a paste. Once ready, apply around the eye contour and place a slice of cucumber on each eye. Relax for half of an hour and rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizer or sunscreen.

Potatoes and cucumber
½ cucumber
1 potato

Preparation and use?

Grate cucumber and potato and prepare a kind of paste with both ingredients. Once ready, apply around the eye area and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizer or sunscreen.

Take a raw potato and two pieces of cotton or gauze. Grate or make a mashed potato. Put this mixture in the two pieces of cotton. Let act in your dark circles for 15 minutes. This occurs because the potato has whitening agents that will reduce your dark circles.

Pineapple juice and turmeric
The paste should be made with the pineapple juice mixed with turmeric. Apply on the dark circles for 20 minutes and wash.
dark circles under the eyes

Specialized beauty treatments for the dark circles:

Laser: Excellent treatment that should be performed by a dermatologist or physiotherapist specialist, who can eliminate much of the dark circles and in some cases even eliminate it.

Creams for the dark circles: Prescribed by a dermatologist, which will help to lower the blood vessels, decongest the area and clear it. The cream you choose should be applied at night on the dark circles with circular movements in counterclockwise, from the outside to the inner corner of the eyes until it is completely absorbed.

Peeling with acid (retinoic or glycolic acid): Powerful aesthetic treatment, which achieves excellent results and is especially suited for cases of genetic dark circles, dark and very well marked.


Fill with Hyaluronic acid: is a great choice for the dark circles. The filler makes the depressions in the region to be corrected by improving the appearance of the dark circles.
eyes cream

Creams for the dark circles
The creams for the eye area are also great options to take care of the apparent dark circles. Some act only in tone, and there are some that help to reduce the puffs and other creams with multiple actions. 

See some options:

Lancome Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl
Givenchy Hydra sparkling eye gel
Clinique All About Eyes Serum
Clinique All About Eyes Cream
La Roche Posay Redermic R for Eyes
The Skincare Eye Moisture Recharge by Shiseido

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