Monday, July 18, 2016



Have you heard about fast fashion and slow fashion?
The fast fashion came to stay, but you must also think of a conscious and sustainable consumption, which resulted in the slow fashion. I'm bringing to you in this article some tips to follow this trend and buy clothes that will last much longer.
In contrast to the fast fashion that is so fashionable, one of the current trend is the slow fashion. A trend that bet on the quality and durability of the clothing, from the viewpoint of sustainable and conscious consumption.
The great goal is to bet on the quality of the key pieces that transit from season to season, pieces that easily adapt to the current trends.
Against the production of massive and low-quality clothes, the slow fashion defends the creation of timeless pieces, handmade, with natural and durable fabrics, like cotton, linen and silk and soft colors, as well as in small-scale production and local that function more like workshops than industries.
Almost all the clothes that are now on the market at affordable prices are made with polyester and plastic fabric of low quality.

See some tips bellow to get your parts last longer, avoiding the comings so frequent shopping:

  • Pay attention to the materials: Pay attention to the touch of pieces and see the label make sure you are buying a piece of quality and easy to wash. Give the preference to the natural fabrics instead of the synthetics ones, the vast majority have a texture and a more ergonomic drop, as well as durability.
  • Quality Vs Quantity: Prefer to focus on quality instead of quantity. Make a rational and objective shopping, do not buy just because it is cheap or is on sale, but because it will combine perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.

  • The details: The pieces with embroidery, sequins or applications tend to be damaged more easily. If you choose a piece so have more attention to its maintenance and cleaning.

  • Seams and buttons: Seams are essential to ensure that the pieces remain intact for long. Analysis the internal and external seams, see if they are reinforced and are aligned with no loose threads and breaks in the line. In relation to seeing if buttons are securely attached and if space is in accordance with the size of it.
  • Do not buy only the trends: The trends are becoming faster and everytime changes the season the trend also changes, so the fashion pieces quickly come out of it, so bet on classic pieces that are timeless.

  • Pay attention to your style: Whenever you buy a new piece of clothing think whether it will adapt to your wardrobe. Do not make purchases by impulse, what is common in sales and promotions. Before you go shopping make a list and buy only what you need, with a consistent tone and that coordinate with the rest of your clothes.


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