Sunday, July 17, 2016

Four amazing and easy hairstyles for curly and kinky hairs


It is always good to have some tricks for these days when you want to be pretty but also do not want to go to the hairdresser.
The first step to getting an amazing visual it is always good to  keep constant care to ensure a silky and defined hair.It is necessary to wash, conditioning and moisturize frizzy, kinky and curly hair at least once a week so it will look shiny, smooth and healthy in time to make a different hairstyle.
To ensure that the hairstyle to be flawless, an initial preparation is required. The hair should be completely dry and it is important to loosen the curls with a finisher. The diffuser becomes a good ally, but it is important to highlight that should not be used very often because it can dry out the hair.

1- Side Sweep
Position, as if you are "putting" all the hair diagonally from left to right, from the ear. So that the hair remains in the desired position, use the bobby pin to hold the hair.

2- Half Up
It begins by dividing the hair in the middle on the front. The hair on the right side should be held with the aid of one or more bobby pin at the height of the ear and then repeats the same on the left side. To ensure that hair is held very well and also to have a nice look, I recommend twisting the lock  that will be held with  the bobby pin.

3- Tied up
Start at the back, raising the hair and holding with the aid of the bobby pin and follow all the way to get the whole head. Watch carefully as it looks like so all hair should be at the same height.
tied up

4- Ponytail

After making a loose ponytail on top of the head, arrange the hair as you want.
Four amazing and easy hairstyles for curly and kinky hairs

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