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Makeup Guide: 11 Makeup Products That Every Woman Must Have!


There are so many tutorials and makeup tips available on the internet, so it is difficult it can be hard to choose the main products to make the first makeup kit.
The investment is generally high and nd it is not possible to buy all at once. First because, before you buy everything that is available in the cosmetic shop, you need to know what products are good for your skin type.
A foundation that has an effect and perfect fixing in a combination skin can kill the production and the health of the face used in an oily skin.
So, for the first makeup kit you need to appreciate basic and essential products. With time and experience, you can discover the compositions suitable for the skin type and products for  more elaborate productions.
Many women start the first makeup kit for cheaper products. However, they are not always for the type of skin or useful for the moment. The money that can be invested is the first factor that needs to be thought.
But even if the desire is not for established brands in the world of makeup, it is important to appreciate the quality, paying attention mainly to the possible allergic reactions of the product. Drug stores, websites, and specialty shops you can  find cheap products, but are dermatologically tested and safe.
Makeup is not the so difficult as some women imagine it is. So I prepared a list with the basic beauty products that every woman must have and are able to make miracles in the face in few simple steps. With these items, it is possible to get a beautiful visual with minimal work. Check out what are the must-have products and see that it is not necessary to spend lots of money to be always beautiful.

Essential products

A Good Foundation
The foundation is essential to cover imperfections, standardize the color of the skin and moisturize it. It's hard to find the perfect product for the first purchase, but to do not make a mistake, choose a foundation that respects the characteristics of the skin. Oily skins need products with matte or dry effect, which control the brightness during application. The combination or dry skin fits more a creamy and moisturizing cosmetics.
To set the color, forget the test on the back of the hand. The best option is to test in the face since the parts of the body have different colorations.


The Foundation is often dispensable, but the concealer is a must-have. It is good to have always a good quality product that has the exact color of your skin to correct the little spots, wrinkles, pimples or variations of tones in the face. Despite good coverage, the concealer guarantees a more natural result.


The powder  is a product that is responsible for finalizing the skin. There are two product versions in the market: loose and compact powder. But which one is better?
The compact is designed for touch-ups throughout the day or for oily skin, but can leave the lines expressions marked and with a spotty coverage.
The loose powder and allows a thin transparent skin coverage free of spots or marked expression lines.
If you are undecided, the translucent powder solves the problem. Always apply with an appropriate brush.


The bronzing powder simulates an after-Sun skin and ensures a healthy aspect and instant glow. It can also be used to make face contour, or as a blush.


The application of blush is essential to make any flawless production. For the first makeup kit, a product with bronzer effect is ideal since it serves both as night or daytime makeup. The palettes with a mosaic of colors are also interesting, as they allow for different blends and, therefore, different results.

Primer with SPF

It is not everyone that buys a primer to make the first makeup kit but also the product makes a great difference in the makeup. Invest in the  versions with SPF protection and save work in the morning. In addition to health and skin protection, the primer ensures the durability of the makeup, reducing pores, small spots coverage, fine lines and improved skin appearance, which will be flawless.

Eyeshadow Palette with neutral colors

A palette with earthy colors is more than enough to create amazing productions, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.


No matter what type of makeup you are using the lipstick will always give an instant glamor. On the day that you are not in the mood to make to a more elaborate makeup  just correct the skin with a little concealer, apply the minimum mask to the lashes and finish with a dark lipstick. The look is super trendy and is chic.
The basic shades are A nude or a very light pink and dark and striking, which can be red, burgundy, plum or blackberry. Before you buy, learn how to choose the right color of lipstick.


Despised by many loved by the others, this product ensures an instant glow to the skin and creates a light and shadow effect on the makeup, enhancing the natural beauty. Apply at the temples and in the groove between the mouth and the nose.

Black pencil

It is the most basic item of nécessaire. Versatile, serves both to highlight the waterline as to outline of the eyes, and may even replace the black eyeshadow.


As basic as the black eyeliner, the mascara is probably the makeup item that makes more difference in the production. The mascara opens and stresses the eye and could be used at different intensities for different results. For the look day, apply one or two layers to thicken lashes. At night, abuse of the product for maximum volume and length and conquer the seductive eyes.

Others products
After the first  attempts, mistakes and successes, it is already possible to list what are next products you need, which can be a primer, a product that controls the oiliness of the skin, prolongs fixing makeup and also enhances the color of shadows; a larger eyeshadow palette; illuminators products; mineral makeup brushes or even a set, which are essential for a flawless production.

Cleaning and protection
As important as the products that hide the imperfections are cleaning the makeup. Cleansing and toning are essential to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. At first, the mixture to take up can be done at home.

The sunscreen is elementary. Regardless of the makeup or not, the face must be protected from the sunlight. Invest in a product with a high protection factor and suitable for the skin type.

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