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Some essential items for a stylish summer

In the summer, the temperature begins to rise and, sometimes, it is a real challenge to keep our style with less and different types of pieces. We believe what we have in the closet is not enough and quickly we get tired of the same clothes. The trick to this does not happen is to have basic and essential pieces and know how to play with them. 
The hot days call for comfort and lightness, the idea is to bet on the freshest pieces to the wardrobe. Follow this guide on basic and compulsory pieces in any wardrobe in the summer. So, I separate some pieces that you need to have to enjoy the moments of joy with welfare and, of course, with the style that you deserve!

S U M M E R  D R E S S E S
It is practice because we don't have to worry about combining with others pieces, it just wears it with a shoe and we are ready to go out, and it is super comfortable and fresh. You can use it all the summer on various occasions and, this season, a more fluid models are a great choice. Short, long or midi, can be the basis of more or less formal outfit. 
Long Printed Dress + hat = perfect match! You can open a space in your closet for the straw hat, which protects from the sun and makes the outfit look great.
summer dresses
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With various models, in addition to sun protection, the hats make the production look more sophisticated, bringing a lot of personality to the visual.

The bomber jacket is an essential piece comes in various fabrics and patterns, from satin, embroidery, flat. It is also a very versatile piece and can be combined both with more casual pieces, such as formal.

All in one, super practical, comfortable and very original! They come in lace, fluid fabrics, crochet, with tribal patterns! There are different models and it can be used for any occasions!

Sunglasses are also great to give that touch of style in the visual and to protect the eyes from the sun. There are various models, and you can use it during all the summer.

The off shoulders tops are one of the main trends of the summer, there are in all shapes, patterns, and styles. If you like this style, abuse.
They are used in dresses, tops and tunics, in versions that sometimes leave completely bare shoulders, now show only , now show only a part of them.

off shoulder blouse

how to wear off shoulder

off shoulder dressoff shoulder

Shorts, denim, tailored, with lace, with applications, colorful, this summer the trend is the shorts and Zara and H&M offers a wide collection, where the most difficult will be to choose.


The sneakers are indispensable at any time of the year, but this summer is even more marked. The favorites are in whites, in silver, and in gold tones.


The slippers are always super practical and it can be used with a casual look as to go to the beach.

The flat sandal has everything to do with the relaxed and natural summer weather! To be always glamorous  you can bet in fashionable models, with precious stones and python print.
Classic, the flat sandals are the best options for the hot days. It can be found in various styles and for all tastes, are relaxed and charming as indispensable qualities for a summer outfit.
flat sandals

Some essential items for a stylish summer

Absolutely essential, very practical and versatile. It can be used in a formal outfit or a casual outfit. For a more formal outfit, opt for the backpacks with simple lines, and sophisticated model, and for a more casual outfit opt for the backpacks with a more sporty style and fabric.

Set in Pajamas style
This trend is inevitable. Can be used in separate parts as a wide shirt or blazer and as fluid pants, or combining the both pieces making the set.

Dress In Lingerie Style Or Slip Dress
It is undoubtedly the major trend of this summer. This piece is made of lace, satin or silk. It can be combined with other simple pieces or fabric to make a contrast with the material to create balance. If you prefer to use this more subtly, it is okay, but be careful. For example, in blouses and tops, which can be combined with a flat piece on the top, leaving visible only the lace detail.

Cropped top
Cropped top is one of the highlights of the season. A more fluid model, it can  be used with high waist pieces, leaving the outfit with a more elegant and sensual touch.

White Dress
This piece is essential for the summer wardrobe! The white dress is a classic of the summer but, to this summer 2016, the difference is the material of the production, such as lace. To balance the romantic outfit that this dress provides, it can be used with a gladiator sandal.

There are hundreds of Bikinis options that you probably can choose in a fashion store, but it is good to keep in mind that the sets in the same color can make countless combinations. But the trend for this summer is crochet. The crochet is democratic and, to choose the ideal model, it is necessary to pay attention only to the silhouette and the skin tone. Depending on the combination you do, it gets a pretty sophisticated air.

It is versatile, it can easily  complementary skirts, shorts, and pants. If you want to buy just one, go with basic black, it can be both elegant in the dinners and in the casual parties.

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