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Top 13 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older!

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The women of all ages love makeup. What effect do you want to achieve when you use makeup? Have you ever thought about it? Good looking? look younger? Attractive?  Female fatal? What beauty do you want?

The truth is that no one wants to use a makeup that makes us look older than we are, or to bring an older appearance of aged skin. It may not even disguise our age, but look older no way! So, a good and pretty makeup can boost your confidence and make your skin and your eyes become radiant. However, if it is not done well, it can have the opposite effect and make you look older.
Powder, blush in excess and a wrong contour are some of these mistakes: Learn how to prevent your makeup age your skin.
See some tips bellow and rock with your next makeup:

Applying too much blush on the cheeks
Bet in light colors and apply blush on top of your cheeks. This will give you a natural and instant glow. You can choose a peach tone, pink, coral, bronzer. Find out what works best for you! Typically for lighter skin,light pink , pink and peach work well. For the darker skins, the beige, bronze, coral shades can be more interesting. The best is to test to find out!
Do not forget to spread and sliding the brush on the face gently.
too much blush

Applying too much powder
The powder is very important in finalizing a good makeup, but use it under the eyes and in large quantities, will only make your wrinkles become even more apparent.
The powder helps set the foundation and helps to control the skin oiliness. Too much powder mark the fine lines on the face, especially the wrinkles around the eyes. Generally, the best powder is with a lighter texture. The translucent powder and mineral makeup can be an interesting option for the completion of the preparation of the skin!

Apply too much powder is a disaster and age any face. Ideally, is to apply a thin layer. Renewing the powder is always good to control the skin oiliness.
too much powder

Too much concealer
The desire for a matte skin, we can make the mistake of applying much concealer. If you choose the wrong color and form many layers of concealer, the effect can be contrary, and your wrinkles and imperfections can become more apparent. Choose a liquid product with mini glittering particles, the effect is natural and younger skin.
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Thicken eyebrow
Get away from dark colors in time to fill the eyebrow. Always choose a shade lighter than the natural of the brow.

Use a lot of mascara on the lower lashes
If you make this mistake, the focus of makeup will be the wrinkles under and around of your eyes. Therefore, use as little as possible. Only mess eyelashes a bit.

Use black pencil on low waterline
This technique will make your eyes look smaller. Do the opposite, choose a pencil in beige color.

Do not apply a concealer
Apply a thin layer of concealer on the dark parts of your dark circles. This will make miracles in your appearance.
do not apply concealer

Apply dark shadows in the wrong way
Let the shadow exceeds the concave of the eyelid, will make you look older! Apply the eyeshadow at the outer corner. This will lengthen your look.

Contour the lips in the wrong way
The lip contour is essential for beautiful lips and that make lipstick last. However, not exceeding the natural edge, this is, the contour may not be noticeable.

Choosing the wrong color of the lipstick
There's no doubt! The lipstick makes all the difference in your makeup look. For example, the dark colors leave the lips with a thinner appearance. So, if you want it to look fleshy, fill the lip contour a little out of the lips, almost imperceptibly.
black skin

Wrong shade of foundation 
It is wise to choose a color that is closer to the natural color of the skin as possible. Choosing a wrong foundation can add many years to your appearance. The foundation needs to connect to your skin tone! And beware of foundation with very thick textures. They can accentuate fine lines, especially around the eyes! Do not forget that needs to be oil-free (for oily skin).
Many women opt for BB cream for a more natural and light coverage for day makeup, rather than a foundation. And do not forget the sunscreen before the makeup!


Do not moisturize your skin before the makeup
The skin needs to be hydrated! Not only before the makeup but continuously, especially when the skin is older. It is good to apply a moisturizer regularly.
The products with vitamins A, C and E, retinol, peptides, hydroxides alpha acids (AHA) and glycolic acid is good for aging skin, it can help in appearance and skin hydration. Remember to consult a dermatologist to make the best choice. Many people make bad use of creams with certain components and cause some spot to the skin!

The primer is recommended for preparation of the skin for the makeup it helps with hydration and controls the skin oiliness. 
skin moisturizing

Choose a concealer in the wrong color

In general, match the skin tone with the concealer color or just go one shade lighter than your natural tone, but no more than that. If you have dark circles, a concealer in yellow tone or peach neutralize the purple circles. Do not forget to avoid anything with a green base, which accentuate the shadows.

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