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9 essential key pieces for a stylish work outfit!

Hello, girls!
Can I create a stylish outfit for the work? And when the environment is more formal? To create a perfect wardrobe for the day to day work, you need some key pieces that are pretty much the basis of any fashionable and elegant closet.
The work is usually the place where people spend most of the day and, there is no reason to do not create an elegant and amazing outfit.
Also, the way people dress at work says a lot about yourself and your professional attitude. Good fabrics, well maintained and pieces with good finishes, for example, give an image of seriousness and responsibility.
The type of dress code to work varies according to the professional environment, location, etc. Formal work asks for tailored pieces, for example, while the most casual workplace allow jeans and t-shirts. See some outfit ideas: what to wear to work in the summer.

Some tips to follow when you are creating your work outfit:
The work outfit is not limited only to the clothes. There are various accessories that complement the outfit and make it even chicer. Also, there is basic rules or dress code to follow in each workplace. See below for tips to be always elegant:
  • In the warmer days, to keep cool and professional invest in the fabrics that allow the perspiration, such as cotton and linen. Invest in more loose modeling in the body, and bet on the prints and bright colors. A long sleeveless dress will leave you more comfortable and well dressed.
  • The bags are indispensable for the work days. In a more formal workplace, invest in more symmetrical and serious models. In the casual, the time is of the prints, simpler fabrics, and more stripped models.
  • To play safe with the outfit, never transmit at the workplace an image of sensuality or excess casualty. Transparencies, deep necklines, mini skirts, shorts, and heavy makeup are not appropriate for the formal workplace or any other workplace, as well as slippers and other athletic shoes.
  • You can complement the outfits with the accessories, especially if your workplace is more informal or casual, with scarves and jewelry that are not noisy but to bring innovative design to the visual. In more formal workplaces, the jewelry should be more discreet, such as pearl earrings and, fine necklace or chokers.

9 essential key pieces of a work wardrobe
Statement dress/ Basic dress
Whether it's for a meeting, a lunch with the clients or an office event, have a good dress in the closet is the key. As for the other parts, forget the face look and choose a dress that will bring a little more your style to the visual: with a striking pattern, a different color or a varied texture. Be careful with the length, necklines and opt for the pieces with sleeves. The lines are straight and structured.
Outfits with statement dress

Trousers and jacket are indispensable for a more serious work environment, but that doesn't mean, they need to be grimacing. Anything goes well since it is in accordance with the working environment, but in doubt, bet on black is a versatile color for the female wardrobe, invest in a cut and silhouette that conform to your body shape and passing comfort and elegance. You can also play with your pantsuit, you can just use the pants or only the blazer in other combinations, that is, the pantsuit is very versatile!
Outfits with pantsuit

White Shirt and cooler and different shirt
The white shirt, in addition to classical, is an essential element of refinement, when it comes to the women work wardrobe. The number of possible combinations with this piece is unlimited! Use with jeans for a more casual chic visual or with a midi or pencil skirt for a more executive outfit. But if you are tired of the same white shirt for work, you can opt for a cooler shirt. The shirts won new cuts, fabrics, and details that reveal much more style than the basic white shirt. Bet on details like ties at the neck or different prints, stripes and varied colors.
Outfits in white shirt

Spacious handbag
For the woman who works, a small bag is not suitable for the day to day. So choose a bag incorporating your routine and everything you need on a daily basis. But a bag over-filled gives an air of sloppiness and carelessness. Choose a bag of durable material. For more about bag guide and types of bags 12 different.

 High heels
A good pair of heels, black, neutral color or even colored, goes well with everything: a classic suit, a dress, skirts, trousers or skinny jeans, and give a more chic air to the visual.

The trench coat is a key piece in working wardrobe of a man, it is also a practical piece and should be included in the woman working wardrobe. This piece gives an air of elegance and modernity to any outfit and can be combined with both dresses, skirts, and pants.
Outfits with gabardine

Midi skirts
The skirts are very feminine pieces. The midi skirts, and may add femininity to the outfit, can also spice up any visual. This model is known for its length below the knee and varies greatly in style and it can be, flared, pleated, among other models. Launched by Christian Dior, after the Second World War. The piece became popular, full of femininity and elegance. The midi skirt is still super feminine, but in a cooler version, is the desire of many women. To do not make a mistake at the time to choose the midi skirt bet in a pleated model. It visually stretches the silhouette, about the shoes, in doubt bet on high heel shoe and the length just below the knee, these centimeters can make all the difference depending on the stature of those who are wearing. 
Outfits with the midi skirt, for more outfit ideas weekly outfit inspiration: midi skirt.

Flared pants
The flare model offers a more formal impression to pants and gives a feminine touch to the outfit by defining the silhouette. The model values any body type, all women can use. It is good both in who is skinny, as in those who are overweight. Helps to harmonize the silhouette of those who have wide hips, also balances the shapes of those who have larger shoulders. You can bet in bright colors in just one piece of the look, prints and even the mix of textures.
Outfits with flare pants


A blazer with a good cut is essential in a work wardrobe! You can opt for a blazer belted, or with a woman's shape, in order to accentuate the feminine silhouette. This piece is extremely versatile, allowing you to create more executives outfits or if you prefer, combine it with jeans, a casual chic outfit. The blazer gives a formal and chic touch to visual. Invest in flat pieces, with neutral colors such as beige, nude, navy and black, and the finest fabrics.  The neutral pieces can be combined more easily. Complete the outfit with tailored pants, always adjusting cut and shape to the professional environment that you work.
Outfits with blazer

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