Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Print Mood: How to Wear Geometric Prints!!

That fashion has shown trend after the trend is nothing new, after all, this is still a good excuse for us women to be even more beautiful and stylish!
Nowadays, the classic and modern concepts are mixed, bringing innovative pieces and full of identity. This is the case of geometric patterns.
Inspired by the fashion of the 60s and 70s, combining a pinch of ethnic and another of modernity, the geometric print can give an extra dose of personality to the outfits!
Colors, lines, curves, and combinations meet the most varied tastes and occasions. This is the perfect example of the balance of classic and modern, neutral colors, romantic style, but full of style.

Instead of animal prints, floral prints, and many others  prints that we can find at the fashion store, how about bet on a different print? The geometric patterns, for example, that mix straight lines, squares, diamonds, and other figures can be a great option to get out of the comfort zone and create a stylish production! Some geometric prints are great choices for the work outfit.
 You can make a mix of print and balance it out with smaller print on top and a larger one on the bottom.

To use it is easy, it's just not abusing too much of other colors! Prefer to combine a flat piece with a with a geometric print piece.

The dresses with geometric prints always rock! Combine with plain accessories, no prints, so that the accessory can balance the outfit!
Combine accessories of strong colors, but avoid the shoes and bags with many details abuse of solid colors and different textures, but beware of excess information in the outfit. When in doubt, always try to combine  flat pieces with the main geometric print tone. 

You can use your creativity to dress up! After all,the  creativity has the power to transform an outfit.

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