Thursday, November 24, 2016

The 10 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Have in The Bag

In the rush of everyday life, you leave the house and never know if later will happen an important meeting, a happy hour with friends or even one invitation to a romantic dinner or a dating. For these and other small issues, it is always good to have in your makeup bag items that can save you in any beauty emergency.
The organization of a woman bag to use on a daily basis should include both basic items, such as documents and money, as useful products for emergency situations. Woman bag need not be heavy and full of unnecessary or repeated products, but have all type of item you save your time and make sure can manage your demands more smoothly. But having in my bag a powder, a neutral color lipstick, a blush, a small set of shadows can help enhance the beauty for important occasions that can appear suddenly and raise self-esteem is very convenient.
You may even be one of those women who can leave home only with the cell phone and lipstick, but certainly, has a larger bag with that indispensable nécessaire. If not, I will help you: check the essential items that every WOMEN can have in the bag.

1- Sunscreen and moisturizer
The sunscreen and moisturizer, or two in one, prevents sun damage to the skin and the unpleasant appearance of dryness, especially in regions such as between the eyebrows, elbows, and knees.

2- Lip balm
Heat, cold, wind, air conditioning, the sun ... You can not leave the lips totally helpless. Among many factors that affect the lips - who never handled peeling lips or ultra-dry? Having in the hand a lip balm is essential to maintain a healthy lip.

3- Lipstick
In that day that you think you will not leave the office, but in the middle of the day appears a meeting with a client and a happy hour at the end of the day. Having a lipstick in the bag is a great choice for a change the look and adapt to the situation. As I like to be cautious, I always have a lighter color and other darker color in my bag.

The compact is an important item in the makeup bag. It serves to finish the makeup after applying the foundation and concealer, drawing glare of the face and ensuring that production last longer.
If the weather affects so much the lip, imagine what it can do with the rest of your skin! In the hot days, we sweat and the skin gets oily, and ideal for dealing with this is to keep a translucent powder. Controls brightness and leaves the skin less oily!

5- Makeup Remover Wipes
Clear skin is one of the simplest beauty commandments and makeup remover wipes are the most practical alternative.

Rich in minerals and antioxidants that work to purify and soothe the skin, reduce redness and close the pores. It can be used as a tonic, makeup fixer when the skin is dry and withered, and to refresh the skin during the day.

7- Perfume
Take a mini-spray bottle of perfume in the bag is great to keep fragrant and feel well cared.

8- Mascara
Even in a more basic look of the day, a good mascara works wonders to transform a look from day to night, for example. Indispensable in any makeup bag, the mascara gives up the look without much effort.

9- Blush
Did he leave the house without wear makeup? No problem, with a blush, mascara, and lipstick you can already create a basic and classic look. Of course, there is no problem to leave the house with the clean face, but if there has a need, worth having a good blush on hand to complete the look.

10- Concealer
Another indispensable item is the concealer, it will be your salvation in case of disaster with your makeup. It may be that you have to reapply the concealer or base in the dark circle area. A concealer stick is a practical option to always have with you.

I hope you like it! Enjoy the tips and if you have any questions just leave a comment.

A big kiss!

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