Saturday, January 14, 2017

winter skin care

During the winter, to keep the skin hydrated and with a healthy aspect is a little bit difficult. Although there are lots of creams and lotions which help to leave the skin in hydrated and well cared, some of these treatments are still extremely expensive.
Every woman has her tricks to keep herself pretty. Knowing the right stores to buy nice and cheap clothes, use that special brand of makeup and attend certain beauty salon are some of these tricks, but you can get even more beautiful with some silly, cheap little secrets that can be used at home.
Today I'm writing this post with some natural alternatives that can be made at home and at a low cost.

Coconut oil
The coconut oil can do wonders for the skin and one of its main characteristics is hydration.
There are several ways to use it, directly on the skin, in the most problematic areas or by adding a few drops in the bath. The oil will leave the skin very soft and with a fantastic smell. For more tips about coconut oil in the beauty read HOW TO USE COCONUT OIL IN YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE!
coconut oil

Olive oil
Olive oil is a miracle substance that, not only does wonders to dry skin, as is one of the basic ingredients of most moisturizing creams on the market. When used alone, it eliminates the danger of chemicals on the skin and other ingredients in lotions that can decrease its effectiveness.
Olive oil is composed of a lot of antioxidants that help to repair the skin dry, irritated or even reddish skin, as well as to prevent and repair the damage caused by the Sun. Soak a piece of cotton with oil and apply on the skin (mainly in the drier areas), let it act for few minutes and then wash the face.

If you have an Aloe plant at home, will be one of the best investments. This plant not only has a long durability, and also has an easy maintenance. When you need Aloe, just cut part of the plant and squeeze the gel.
This will have a colorless, gelatinous appearance and is on the inside of the leaf. You can cut the plant at will because it will grow again, which demonstrates its miraculous properties. Aloe not only moisturizes but also repairs the irritated skin.

Olive oil, lemon, and salt
If you're not a fan of putting olive oil directly on the skin, this is a great alternative. Mix the juice of a lemon, with five tablespoons of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil to create a luxurious scrub.
The smell of fresh lime has invigorating properties and with the olive oil, this scrub will leave skin fresh, moisturized and extremely smooth.

It not only deeply moisturizes the dry skin but also improves the skin appearance. Put directly in the drier areas, gently massage the skin, leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wash the face.
Repeat this every day and you will see the skin improvement.

Scrub for smoother skin: To remove impurities accumulated on the skin and also the dead cells, nothing better than a good exfoliation. When you don't have the right cream, however, you don't have to spend a fortune on an expensive treatment. Just mix some honey and sugar, creating a cheap and simple exfoliating mask. The recipe must be applied on the face, and make a circular motion.

Chamomile to decompress the face
When we sleep or spend several days working or studying too much, it is normal that our skin looking bad at the end of the day. To relieve redness and reduce the swelling of the face, try chamomile tea. Just prepare the tea and put it in the fridge for a night. The next morning, soak a cotton ball in the tea and apply on the face, especially in the swollen areas, such as dark circles, for example.

Water for a beautiful skin
A spray of mineral water or coconut water can be used on the face to help keep your skin looking good. Another good tip is to dip the face in ice water to help hide dark circles, inflammation, and swelling.

Papaya, yogurt, and honey to hydrate
It is possible to hydrate the skin without the need of industrialized creams. A good recipe is to mash a piece of papaya and blend it with two tablespoons of yogurt and a little honey. The mask should be applied to the face and let it act for few minutes. Then just wash your face with water.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The awards season has already begun this afternoon (8/1) when several celebrities crossed the red carpet at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles to make a presence at the Golden Globe 2017.
The award is considered one of the most relaxed of the year and the official thermometer of the Oscars, this edition had several highlights. In addition to the presentation of Jimmy Fallon and awards for the best film and television productions, the ceremony will award the Cecil B. DeMille trophy to Meryl Streep in honor of his work.
In this edition, the sober colors were the protagonists of the night the choice of Amy Adams, Winona Ryder, and Kristen Bell, who chose black models. On the other hand, there were people who preferred the vibrancy of more vivid nuances like Natalie Portman's yellow and Brie Larson's dark red. Not to mention the numerous shades of pink, bets of Lily Collins, Felicity Jones, and Zoe Saldana.
Golden Globe Awards 2017: Check Out The Celebrity Outfits on The Red Carpet on PhotoPeach
The long was the big bet of the night and made the fashionistas sigh with the details of the stones, cutouts and suede, the choice of Naomi Campbell, who invested in the winter 2016 collection Versace, Sophia Turner: Louis Vuitton, and the model Emily Ratajkowski, By Reem Acra.
The princess style, with a  flared skirt, was also used among the beauties women like the socialite Giuliana Rancic of Rani Zakhem, actress Sofia Vergara of Zuhair Murad - the same brand used by her when she married to Joe Manganiello.  Mandy Moore: Naeem Khan, Felicity Jones: Gucci, and Hailee Steinfeld: Vera Wang. The Emma Stone Pleases and Sarah Jessica Parker outfit were stunning.
Emma Stone was considered one of the best-dressed actresses of the night in a Valentino dress, the color in the same shade of her skin, while Sarah Jessica Parker chose an unusual look with oversized sleeves and tail, by Vera Wang Bridal.

The 74th Golden Globe Awards brought together celebrities at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., On Sunday night (8). Check out the outfits of those who went through the red carpet of the awards of the best of TV and cinema!

Golden Globe Awards 2017: Check Out The Celebrity Outfits on The Red Carpet on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

First I want to wish everyone a happy new year full of happiness, success and a lot of health!  
Makeup has the power to brighten up our days at any time of the year. But we must admit that during the cold days it is responsible for bringing a color to our daily life. Sometimes it is enough a simple trick and that gray and dull look become something super contemporary and chic. And the element of makeup that can do this more easily is the lipstick. Aside from not taking up too much space, you only need a few seconds to apply and that's it: your face looks different. And since we do not dispense the trends, here are some lipsticks suggestions that you should try this winter 2017The 2016's tips are still worth it! Nothing to throw your makeup away. See below which color suits your style best and rock.
Bordeaux lipstick

Black lipstick

Metallic lipstick

Gray lipstick

Brown lipstick

Purple lipstick

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