Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Some Bold Lipsticks Suggestions That You Should Try This Winter 2017

First I want to wish everyone a happy new year full of happiness, success and a lot of health!  
Makeup has the power to brighten up our days at any time of the year. But we must admit that during the cold days it is responsible for bringing a color to our daily life. Sometimes it is enough a simple trick and that gray and dull look become something super contemporary and chic. And the element of makeup that can do this more easily is the lipstick. Aside from not taking up too much space, you only need a few seconds to apply and that's it: your face looks different. And since we do not dispense the trends, here are some lipsticks suggestions that you should try this winter 2017The 2016's tips are still worth it! Nothing to throw your makeup away. See below which color suits your style best and rock.
Bordeaux lipstick

Black lipstick

Metallic lipstick

Gray lipstick

Brown lipstick

Purple lipstick

These lipsticks colors were the great trend of 2016, it could look too bold at first glance. The gray lipstick follows the trend of grayish browns consecrated by the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. The black was already used by fashionistas and crazy for trends in 2015 and this year is breaking prejudices and joining new adepts. And finally, the metallic lipsticks are nothing new. Absolute success in the 1990s, they come back in 2016. The shades of dark brown and red are the metalized colors that I like the most since they are easier to combine. But you can bet on shades of your choice.

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