Friday, April 14, 2017

Favorite Hair Trends to Emerge From the 2017 Runways


We love our little, sporadic runway obsessions! If it’s not athleisure, then it’s bathing suits if it’s not that – it’s makeup and hair! The beauty behind every runway shows that there’s always something for everyone, giving all the queens out there to find their own inspiration and guide them on their fashion journey. This time around, we went absolutely crazy over hairstyles that walked the runways. Long, short, quirky, edgy and simple – they were all sublime! Observing the trends, we’ve come up with a list of runway dos that we believe will emerge in the streets very soon. If you are looking to pick up a hair trend, this is your chance: 

Textured bangs 

                                                                      image source

The trend of too-cool-for-school bangs is getting an even cooler update with fabulous choppy texture! The vibe is a little punk rock with a twist of cute, and we love that we’ll finally be wearing crazy bangs again! For an extra dose of cool, you are advised to experiment with a color of the hair that’s different to the color of the bangs. Basically, this season, bangs are the only accessory you need. 

Ditzy short, textured cuts

Very short, almost army-cut styled hair in colors like gray, red, black, chocolate brown and blonde dominated the runways and we fell in love with it. There is something extremely exciting about a woman who’s rocking a very strict do while she’s pairing it with a feminine clothing ensemble. If you’ve got the guts – cut your locks short and see what happens!

50 shades of red

                                                                    image source
Trend alert: Warm shades of red are having a big moment and it seems that everyone is warming up to them. Whether your hair is short or long, red seems to be the hair color of the moment. 

Slept-on chignons

                                                                               image source

This do is a dream come true for all the lazy girls out there! The only thing to do in order to copy the laid-back style is actually let your laziness guide you. Just don’t undo your bun from the day before and you are done. To invigorate the look, spritz a little with beach spray, texture spray or water and you are ready to go. Naturally, to be capable of rocking the laid-back style, you need to keep your hair healthy and nourished. You already know the drill: regular cutting, hair vitamins, and hair masks are your go-to trick, so make sure you’re on top of it, okay? 

Center parting

                                                                                image source

It's official: The center is back! Whether you are posing for an Instagram selfie or you are getting ready for a night out, the center parting is the raddest way to, well, look amazing. As seen on the runways, the parting applies to both shorter and long hairstyles, so – no matter the length, you are safe. 

Glossed up and wet

                                                                              image source

Sleek, wet and glossed up, this hairstyle is apparently not going anywhere. We’ve seen it the previous season, too, and we’re seeing it again, although this time around, it’s on long dos as well. And the phenomenal part of this do? When your hair is ultra greasy (it’s okay, we don’t always have the time to wash it when we should!) just apply hair gel or hair wax on it, sleek it back and make it a runway approved do! 

Baby braids and rock-chic-warrior-women

                                                                               image source

A girl wearing tight braids is by default born to be wild – at least, as portrayed by warrior looks we’ve seen on the runway. Alongside with tight warrior braids, we’ve spotted a lot of baby braids with loose dos for an added, laid-back chic moment. We loved all of it! Well, now you know – the year 2017 is going to be pretty amazing and it’s up to you to choose your new hairstyle wisely! 

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, graphic designer, lover of basics, white and DIY enthusiast. Design plays a huge role in her personal expression. She is also focusing on minimalism and good quality. Sophia loves sharing meaningful content that inspires women. Over the years she has written pieces for Eco Warrior Princess, Viva Glam Magazine, LA Fashion, How to Simplify, Natural Path, Urban Naturale and many other blogs and magazines. 

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