Friday, May 05, 2017

Tips to reduce your consumption in beauty and fashion!

Hello, beauties!
Be fashion does not mean spending a lot of money, we usually associate "being fashion" or being stylish with high costs. Formerly to have access to fashion was necessary to have money and buy in great brands, because the styles were very formatted due to each era. Today, we have the possibility of various styles, to create our own style with elements that we have at home and more. Follow these tips and look further into your closet, you already have a story there that says a lot about you and your style.

Pinterest: The site and app that helps a lot when we are getting dressed. Instead of picking up the reference and looking for a whole look to buy, think of a piece you already have and look for a look to get inspired.

Sell what you no longer use: having a huge quantity of clothing does not mean quality. What you will not use anymore, move on. You can earn from it and still replace it with something new. Put your pieces to sell in thrift stores.

Shop in your closet: constantly revisit your closet. It's normal to forget what you're good at and always use the same things. Organize the closet so that you can see everything you have, it helps a lot too.

Customize your clothes: choose the parts you like and customize. Ex: normal jeans, can be turned into a destroyed jeans.

Blogs: use blogs as if they were a Pinterest. Look for outfits and tips on how to use the pieces you already have, or even be inspired by the trend and adapt to what you have in the closet. There are blogs like Stylepantry, Songofstyle, Sincerely Jules, Camila Coelho, and many other great ones. Use this free fashion information feature.

In the beauty industry where many products and news are being released daily, it really is difficult not to be a consumerist, but you need to be careful to spend on the right things and what really worth.

Sample size: Beauty products, in general, are quite expensive. To avoid buying, disliking and leaving multiple products on the go, buy the sample size. Test, use to the end and if you like it you can buy it in the in full size. This is for makeup, cosmetics, toiletries, and more.

Homemade recipes: For beauty, instead of buying the latest launch of the market, invest in natural recipes. In addition to spending little or almost nothing, you will use natural products that do wonders for the skin and hair.

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