Friday, December 29, 2017

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to talk about the trend in a different area. At the fashion week, we can see the trend of beauty in general, from hair, clothes, and makeup. I'm going to talk about what the trend of for summer 2018. The makeup trends for 2018 are going to be quite different from what women are used to. International fashion weeks have already shown us some of these makeup trends, both summer, and winter.  The keyword for makeup 2018 is naturally illuminated. Summer makeup comes with a more natural and a lighter look with neutral colors.  Many women have questions about how to make a makeup correctly, especially for more important occasions. This doubt despite being very easy to be solved these days, because we have many contents on the internet that help us. The ideal makeup is one that combines with the occasion and gives you comfort. So, try to choose a type of makeup that best fits what you want and what you like. The ideal model also has to match your style so it is very important for you to feel good. If you like makeup and want to know what the colors will be for the next season, read this post.
makeup trend

Makeup Trends for 2018
The trends of makeup for 2018 have already been announced in the Fashion Weeks. And the news comes to please all types of women, from the most discreet to those who enjoy a good makeup.  So the makeup maxim for summer 2018 is to simplify. It's time to say goodbye to Kim Kardashian's heavy contouring technique.
Eyelashes mascara and colored eyeshadows gain prominence in the makeup of summer 2018. Smokey eyes in shades of pink, coral and also colder colors like blue and purple will be the main protagonists of the season, combined with a skin with a tan effect.

Minimalist Brightness
The idea is to lighten the skin, but now with a more natural looking for a tan effect, with illuminators and also with the blush. As for the lips, the bet is on creamier lipsticks with soft effects. Lighted skin and full glossy lips are the highlights for next season. Work also in the blush or bronzer. In the eyes, warm and/or neutral tones. Apply mascara for lashes to finish.

Metallic shadows/ metallic smokey eyes
The metallic is one of the trends for the outfits and will appear also with prominence in the makeup. A striking look at the makeup trends for spring and summer 2018 is one that has silver or gold shadows. Glitter lovers will be able to fill the entire eyelid with that shade that may have powder or cream texture. And finish the look with a perfect winged eyeliner. Modernize your look with these tips of what will be on the trend for the spring-summer of 2018.

Colors of lipsticks for 2018
The lipstick colors that will dominate 2018 are diverse. The matte lipstick is losing its place to give more space to glossy lips. After the absolute reign of matte lipstick, the gloss is back. Nothing more natural than a well hydrated and shiny lip to accompany an illuminated skin. The tip is: invest in transparent lip gloss and change the color using the lipsticks you already have. The main bets of the lipstick are: Coral lipstick, lipstick in different shades of pink, lip gloss, lipstick with a vinyl coating or lacquered, orange lipsticks, lipstick in brown or caramel shades, different shades of red, nude lipstick, grayish shade, dark shades.
makeup trend 2018

Skin with a natural look and hydrated skin
Look for luminous skin, well moisturized and fresh. Increasingly, people are opting for the skin with well-cared aspect and with fewer signs of makeup. You have a naturalness in that! So both creams and makeup foundations have become one. They are a foundation that takes care of the skin and at the same time help to disguise the imperfections, like stains.

Long-lasting matte skin that is hydrated and lighted. To get to that look, hydrate and lighten the skin both underneath and over your favorite matte foundation. Do not forget to exfoliate and treat the skin with serums and moisturizers that is ideal for your skin type before applying the makeup. Add your favorite matte effect foundation and apply a powder; after applying the powder, lighten the cheeks, cupid bow and the top of the nose with a highlighter.
The natural glow of well-prepared skin attracts more attention than a heavily contoured face. A natural skin, correcting only the imperfections. The light is on account of the highlighter, which promises to replace the contouring technique in the makeup. This new trend comes with the name of Strobing.

Makeup with natural colors
Last season the makeup was of bronze and copper tones. For makeup 2018 the key color of the season will be the translucent brown. So feel free to use makeup with all shades of brown: in the eyes a lighter and translucent tone and lips a more vivid and dense colors.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hello, Everyone!
At this holiday season, it is worth to invest some time in a special make-up or experiencing something different. After all, this is a good opportunity to test that new eyeshadow palette or use that lipstick that you love so much. More than following the trends of the moment, take advantage of your natural pretty face. Nowadays, there are several makeup products, adapted to the different skin types to get the intended effect.

From the full coverage foundation that uniform the skin tone and give a greater luminosity, or that provide a greater coverage of the spots and imperfections. Powders and highlighters sticks, which create spots of light on the face. Eyelash mascara, which lengthens and give more volume, creating a doll lash effect. Bronzing powders and blushes, which allow the contouring of the face and give a healthier air, highlighting the cheekbones. Eyeshadows that enhance the eyelids and "open" the look. Eyebrows mascara or tint, which fixes and give a greater expressiveness to the face. Lipsticks that increase the volume of the lips and with long-lasting duration so that you do not have to reapply it every time. Anyway, it is difficult to choose between so many options.

On the New Year Eve parties, women bet on bright looks, with sparkles and bright, radiant colors. And makeup does not have to be different. Beautiful, healthy and well-cared skin is key in production. 

Women are increasingly looking for makeup trends as it is a way of enhancing natural beauty and making them even more beautiful for the special occasions. Party makeup has a varied choice of trends, so, I'm writing this post with five makeup suggestions for New Year Eve pa, both for those who prefer a lighter makeup and a more bold one,  or want a sexy and sophisticated look. After all, this is a good opportunity to experience that more elaborate party makeup.  For more end of the year, party makeup tips click here.

For those who do not have a lot of makeup practice like me, my advice is to try before, in order to evaluate the effect and see if you like the final result. Nowadays, there are many videos with makeup tutorials on youtube that show you step by step and with which you can inspire.

Before applying the makeup is important to remember that preparing the skin to receive the makeup is crucial, so before anything remember to always to apply a moisturizer, a primer and sunscreen protect your skin from harmful agents.

After that the makeup starts with a correction of imperfections that are made using a foundation and concealer, a party makeup asks for a foundation with a full coverage effect, so remember this when choosing the foundation that will be used.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hello, everyone! How was your Christmas? 
The year just flew by, and it's the end of December. One of the hottest times of the year, full of events, get-togethers and lots of good food ( is the time that I just forget about dieting).
New Year Eve is the day of celebrating with family, friends, with the people that we love the most. For me this day I spend by myself because I'm very far away from my parents. It does not matter where you are going to spend this day, whether it is in the house of relatives, a hotel or the beach, there is always that doubt of what to wear on New Year Eve.  Well, this fact never changes at the end of the year is the concern with what to wear in front of so many parties and celebrations. A good tip for choosing the right outfit is to bet on the trends for next year and make one or another adaptation to bring out the New Year Eve mood.  From this information, it is easier to decide between the various options: formal, casual look ... dress, pants, shorts; short or long dress? On this date, opt for an outfit that will leave you comfortable and follow your style and personality. And following the trends is much easier to adapt!

See the selection of inspirational looks so you can have ideas and create totally sexy combinations without losing your discretion.

How to create a stylish and sexy outfit?
Every woman who values sensuality knows how much a clothing can influence in this sense. However, the feeling of being sexy has even greater power over a person's appearance and the way others see it.
A happy person, sure of herself, can feel sexy regardless of the outfit she is wearing. Self-confidence is key to being sexy. And in that sense, wearing the outfits to your advantage will make you even more sensual and attractive. But it is still worth mentioning that the outfit does not do all the "work" alone, you must also believe in yourself and feel sensual. Check out the inspirations and tips below.

To create a sexy outfit, it is not necessary to appeal to very flashy pieces. It is possible to assemble a sensual and feminine look with more discreet pieces that draw less attention but which also make you very sexy.

Outfit 1: Dress

An elegant, sexy, stylish and discreet outfit: choose a printed dress and match it with a delicate sandal. To complement the outfit, you can bet on a maxi earring or maxi necklace and a sophisticated clutch to carry your belongings.
dress outfit inspiration


taylor swift


Friday, December 22, 2017

Hello everyone!
The Christmas is around the corner! Christmas and New Year. The end of year parties along with some work fraternization become the biggest concerns and, you have to buy all the gifts and preparation of the dinner,  and you have to think about "which clothes to wear?" or "What makeup do you use?" are constant questions, especially if you are one of those who enjoys producing the festivities. Both Christmas and New Year Eve, you find opportunities to create a different, more festive, more cheerful look. However, it is important to take into consideration that the makeup should last all night. For you who have not decided how to make up during this special season, check some tips for the night:

Do: Prepare the skin before to wear the makeup

For the New Year, which has several possibilities for parties, the makeup can be more bold, with brightness, colored pencil or darker lipsticks. At this time, it is important to focus on long-lasting products, so the look lasts all night. Products like a primer, pore minimizer, long-lasting foundation and matte lipsticks are great suggestions for the moment.

Do not: Creamy lipstick

It may be a makeup trend, along with glossy lipstick effect, but definitely should be left out on end of the year party occasions. That's because these parties are usually accompanied by dinners with lots of food and drink. To avoid reapplying the lipstick all the time or erasing it, prefer more nude lips or matte texture, which is longer lasting.
makeup trends

Do: Invest in the makeup trends

Metalized, platinum-plated and chrome-plated shades are a great choice for new year parties. If you are looking for an occasion to use these products, the moment is for the holiday's parties. If you choose a metallic shade, for example, combine with a nude lipstick, to create a balanced look. It is time for celebration, celebration, and more celebration. Feel free be happy and glamorous!

Do not: Too overworked makeup

Just because it's Christmas, you do not have to wear makeup with green, red and gold shades in the eyes and most importantly, do not use all three at once. If you're spending the Christmas at home with family, it's also not interesting to wear a heavy makeup. The important thing is to feel comfortable.
makeup tips

Do: Take it easy

At Christmas, we can think of a more discreet makeup, mainly because this is an occasion that most people spend at home with their family: The priority is to keep skin lighter, without many wearing too much makeup, since you will be at home and there is no need to look like who is going to a red carpet ceremony or a wedding.

Hello there,

It is practical, versatile the lipstick is the most iconic piece of makeup and a classic that never goes out of style, so you can have the fun of using it in all colors and textures. It is also essential for a complete makeup look, the lipstick, besides beautifying the woman and enhance the lips, provides more personality to the production and gives the finishing touch. With the end of year parties, it is important to choose elegant colors that match the season.
So in today post, I separated some options of lipsticks, of different colors and shades that fit well for the end of year party. Still, do not know which color to use? Or what lipstick buy to give as a gift? The darker tones of wine, red, bordeaux, plum, browns, which are always trending when it comes to lipsticks. Obviously, the cleans tones remain a strong bet and the lipstick makes all the difference in a woman's makeup. Even if the makeup is lighter and simple, a lipstick gives that elegant and glamorous touch.

As the end of the year, partties are in the winter, the winter makeup calls for more closed and dramatic colors, which come into harmony with the greyish sky of cold days. On the lips, this is reflected in deep tones of wine, purple and red.
TIPS: Lipstick Suggestions for New Year Eve!

Tips of the colors:

Wine shades- Bold, perfect for an elegant and minimalist look, with a highlight on the lips.

Nude shade - Discreet yet chic, this shade refers to elegance, sophistication, and neutrality. Ideal for combinations with well-marked black or colored eyes.

Red shades- Classic, dispenses great details. Combines with a more loaded or simple makeup. Versatile for all occasions.

Pink - It refers to romanticism and tenderness. Suitable for those who want to find a new love.

To help you in the search for the ideal color, I separate options of colors that promise to warm up even the coldest temperatures.

Perfect Red from NYX: matte red lipstick, perfect texture and classic tone, excellent pigmentation, durability, and coverage. I find it beautiful on all skin tones.
nyx lipstick

Lacquer Stick, Dior: A full-coverage lacquer lipstick that delivers high shine and intense color with just one swipe. 
dior lipstick

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hello, everyone!
Mysterious, irreverent and eternally feminine. Ultra-violet, the color that Pantone has just chosen for 2018, is the new futuristic violet tone full of personality and sensuality, that gives life to the pieces and makes the outfit even fashion. Every year the company, world reference in color, choose the color that will be seen as a trend for art, fashion, beauty, design, decoration and on. After the Greenery of 2017, purple seems a little more pleasing to the eyes of those who want a strong tone to dress, makeup and decorate. I personally love this color, it is my favorite one along with blue.
Pantone 2018

 It inspires and creates harmony, in addition, it matches all skin tones. As it has the bluish background it still calms and causes a super impact. It is not difficult to use, but we have to be careful in the combinations. So I separated some tips on how to use Ultra-Violet not to make mistakes.




Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hello, everyone!
Kendall Jenner is one of the younger sisters of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan. She began her career by taking part in the reality show of the family "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and soon took off her career as a model. Already paraded for major brands, such as Chanel, and appeared in campaigns of Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein. Along with her sister, Kylie Jenner has already released books and partnered with Topshop and PacSun stores. And recently they two launched their own clothing line, called Kendall + Kylie.
kendall jenner

The model is doing so much that she appeared on the cover of the most important edition of the year Vogue America, the September Issue and is part of Victoria's Secret angel's team. One of the most relevant models in the world today, Kendall Jenner is also an inspiration in the street style. The top has a style that has become a reference in the fashion scenario, mainly because it is full of elements from the 1990s. Kendall Jenner received the Fashion Icon Award of the Decade at the 2017 Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards held in New York in September.

In daily life Kendall is known for composing casual outfits with a 90's inspiration, abusing jeans and sporty vibe. Practical and urban, the model mixes very well the Natural Sports style with the Dramatic one. Among her favorite trends are the cropped top, high collar blouse, and mom jeans. Kendall also prefers more comfortable and basic outfits. Pants, jeans, shirts, shorts and long dresses are practically her trademarks.

Kendall Jenner also has her most refined moments. At these times she invests heavily in light tones, such as white and nude. One of her favorite tricks to stay even more sophisticated are the monochromatic outfits. So even when she mixes tailor-made pieces with more casual pieces, such as oversized knitting, the outfit still gives the impression of sophistication.

Hello there,
When we are in a relationship some characteristics and signs can help us to identify whether if the relationship is toxic or not. Being in a relationship should not be a mandatory requirement for us to feel complete. But for a relationship to be worthwhile, it needs to bring in things that complement us, allowing us to be an even better version of ourselves.
When we are in love, we may come across some partner attitudes that are not at all positive. Often, the tendency is to find justification for these actions, even if you are very hurt.

Realizing that you are in a toxic relationship is not easy, but this is the first step to being able to get out of this situation and resume your life. Know some differences between healthy and toxic relationships to help you with this mission:
relationship goal

You act the same way with or without him.
With your friends and family, you're a cheerful, talkative, laid-back person, but when you're with your partner, do you feel you should be more restrained and quiet? This is not a good sign. In healthy relationships, we do not feel the need to "adjust" our behavior in the partner's presence. On the contrary, it is with him that we can be ourselves.

Your partner encourages your dreams
Even if your dreams are not exactly the same, partners who are in a healthy relationship support one another in achieving one's goals.

If on the other hand, your partner always suggests that your dreams are unreachable, that you should not go after them or even that you do not have the capacity to perform them, this attitude indicates a lack of fellowship on his part.

You feel free to do your thing and what you like
A mature partner knows that keeping other interests beyond relationship is necessary and beneficial to both people. So when you are in a healthy relationship, you feel free to maintain your friendships and practice your hobbies you used to do, whether it is running, doing a dance class, gym, attending cooking classes, and so on.

When a partner prevents you from keeping your old interests, whether by doing emotional blackmail ("I can not stay away from you!") Or outright prohibiting, for me this is a sure sign that the relationship is not healthy.

You still have your privacy
It is not uncommon to find jokes about the fact that a person is very afraid that his partner will discover the password of the cell phone. While many people see it as a laughing stock, the way a couple deals with privacy can also be a sign that it is a toxic relationship.

When you have a healthy relationship, you do not despair when you leave your cell phone within your partner's reach, as you know he will not rummage through your things. And even if he did, there would be nothing to worry about. Respect for individual privacy only happens when there is trust between the couple.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


When you think that you are living a happy relationship when your partner lets out, without any kind of warning, those hard words: it's over. Maybe you're caught off guard, maybe you've been waiting for something like that. In any case, every term brings with it its burden of pain, suffering, and anguish. Luckily, this is not forever, because, sorry, but no one dies of love, what killed famous poets, novelists, romancists and, philosophers in a few centuries ago is a sickness called tuberculosis. The ending of a relationship can be quite traumatic and leave scars on most people, especially those who got dumped. In addition to having to deal with sadness, you still need to overcome the sense of rejection to move on. One day you will return to a light and happy life. 
I made a list of step-by-step of 10 things I use to do after a breakup ( speaking for myself after a breakup if it is to cry I do it only for one day and I will be fine). Once you check all of these tips and maybe put them into practice, you will realize that it is not the end of the world. All are learning and soon you will feel wonderful again. Check out our tips below and get ready to feel better.

 Allow yourself to suffer ( but not forever, ok?)
Do not feel guilty about crying or wanting to lie in bed all day. Suffering after the end of a relationship is very normal. So when the sadness comes, feel it. Cry all you want to, when you remember the good times when to look at the photos when to reread the conversations it is normal to have ups and downs, but we can learn from all the feelings. After that move on.
Top my 10 things to do after getting dumped!

Do not look at your ex-boyfriend social networks
We know it's hard to resist the temptation, but try not to look at the social networks of the person who killed you. Turn off notifications, stop following, or even block him. Knowing that the other is okay will not contribute to your overcoming process. This is the easier tip, right? Because even though you're curious to know about him, you're not going to want to show any weakness right? Be a strong girl!

Keep the people you like around
You do not have to go through this difficult time alone. It's time to be surrounded by people who really want to see you well. It could be your co-worker, friends, relatives. Having a company to vent, change an idea or just do nothing is always valid. Talking will make you cool your head and start to see that the world goes far beyond the pain of a term.
Top my 10 things to do after getting dumped!

Do not force yourself to do anything
Possibly you will receive many invitations from friends to go out, go to the nightclubs or bars, plus advice that you need to meet new people and download the date application of the moment. It may even be interesting, but do not force yourself to do anything if you do not feel prepared to. You may even want to distance yourself from any possibility of romance. Let things happen in your time. When you feel safe and ready, go ahead.

Find Out What You Love
Do you have any hobbies? It's time to pay attention to it. And if you do not have one, find something you love to do. You can embroider, dance, run, write, take care of little plants, makeup courses, swimming and so on. Find something you like and dedicate yourself to doing it. Will make you feel better!

Feel more beautiful than ever (because you are pretty)
Enough of feeling the worst, ugliest and most unloved person in the universe. It's time to love yourself, feel wonderful, put your self-esteem up there. Here are some things to keep in mind: write down what you have, take time to take care of yourself, make a list of everything you are thankful for. And if you need to, cut the hair, change the color of the usual enamel, make a tattoo, change what you want to change. Sometimes we have a wonderful life and we do not even realize it. Self-love and confidence will make you go far.

Do the things you've always wanted to do
When you are in a relationship, you may not always be able to do all the things you want to at the moment you are in the mood. Being single is no longer a concern. Enjoy living what you want, whether traveling without making plans, going to a different restaurant or practicing some radical sport. You only have this life, live it!

Organize your  drawers and your closet
It may seem a bit too metaphorical, but it is not. If you can not leave your own things in order, how will you keep life on track? It's time to organize the drawers, the wardrobe, the whole house. You will see that this organization will reflect positively in other areas of your daily life.

winter skin cares

Just the temperature drop a little and the skin starts to dry out there and become very sensitive. It is a direct consequence of the cold (and wind) in contact with the skin. The low temperatures related to the low humidity of the air, lead to the reduction of the production of the natural oiliness of the skin and the sweating, causing dryness and being able to leave it with whitish and without an appearanceThese symptoms indicate protein denaturation.  Therefore, deep hydration is indispensable, see some tricks to keep the skin hydrated in the winter here. The face, being a region that is more exposed and, as we know, the excessive use of hot water, feels quite the change of weather and the impact of winter. Check out the essential care to keep your skin healthy even in the winter:

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
Preferably two liters per day. The water we drink is responsible for the natural hydration of the skin, which is further impaired in the winter.

Prefer warm bath than hot bath
We know that one of the best things, when it's cold outside, is to take a very warm shower. But the ideal is that the water is warm and the bath, as soon as possible, since the high temperature also ends up removing the natural oiliness of the skin. The natural oiliness is very important to protect the body from the cold, the penetration of bacteria, fungi, viruses, air pollutants and contact with allergens such as dust, mold, and fiber from tissues.
winter skin cares 1

Avoid the (excessive) use of soap
Especially in the arms and legs. Ideally, the versions are more moisturizing and mild, free of detergents and irritants. "Avoid using bushes and soaps with coarse granules, except in places with thicker skin such as elbows, knees, and feet." Otherwise, the skin loses the protective natural coating, becoming dull and dry.

Use and abuse the moisturizer
Both body and facial. "It is important to keep the skin barrier, the hydrolipidic mantle and prevent evaporation of water, which causes dryness and skin cracking." Moisturizers should be used daily, preferably after bathing or cleansing the skin. Products that have shea butter, mango and avocado, aloe vera, almonds, milk protein, vitamins C and E, noble oils such as organ and canola, contain lots of glycerin and hyaluronic acid that help maintain the natural hydration of the skin.
winter skin care

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