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The Christmas is around the corner! Christmas and New Year. The end of year parties along with some work fraternization become the biggest concerns and, you have to buy all the gifts and preparation of the dinner,  and you have to think about "which clothes to wear?" or "What makeup do you use?" are constant questions, especially if you are one of those who enjoys producing the festivities. Both Christmas and New Year Eve, you find opportunities to create a different, more festive, more cheerful look. However, it is important to take into consideration that the makeup should last all night. For you who have not decided how to make up during this special season, check some tips for the night:

Do: Prepare the skin before to wear the makeup

For the New Year, which has several possibilities for parties, the makeup can be more bold, with brightness, colored pencil or darker lipsticks. At this time, it is important to focus on long-lasting products, so the look lasts all night. Products like a primer, pore minimizer, long-lasting foundation and matte lipsticks are great suggestions for the moment.

Do not: Creamy lipstick

It may be a makeup trend, along with glossy lipstick effect, but definitely should be left out on end of the year party occasions. That's because these parties are usually accompanied by dinners with lots of food and drink. To avoid reapplying the lipstick all the time or erasing it, prefer more nude lips or matte texture, which is longer lasting.
makeup trends

Do: Invest in the makeup trends

Metalized, platinum-plated and chrome-plated shades are a great choice for new year parties. If you are looking for an occasion to use these products, the moment is for the holiday's parties. If you choose a metallic shade, for example, combine with a nude lipstick, to create a balanced look. It is time for celebration, celebration, and more celebration. Feel free be happy and glamorous!

Do not: Too overworked makeup

Just because it's Christmas, you do not have to wear makeup with green, red and gold shades in the eyes and most importantly, do not use all three at once. If you're spending the Christmas at home with family, it's also not interesting to wear a heavy makeup. The important thing is to feel comfortable.
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Do: Take it easy

At Christmas, we can think of a more discreet makeup, mainly because this is an occasion that most people spend at home with their family: The priority is to keep skin lighter, without many wearing too much makeup, since you will be at home and there is no need to look like who is going to a red carpet ceremony or a wedding.

If you want something that fits more with what you will wear, look for shades that are close and have harmony with each other. If you're wearing warm tone outfit, for example, opt for a make-up in warm tones too, which are similar.

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