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Makeup Trend 2018: Natural Look and Colorful Eyeshadow are the Trends for Spring/summer

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Today I'm going to talk about the trend in a different area. At the fashion week, we can see the trend of beauty in general, from hair, clothes, and makeup. I'm going to talk about what the trend of for summer 2018. The makeup trends for 2018 are going to be quite different from what women are used to. International fashion weeks have already shown us some of these makeup trends, both summer, and winter.  The keyword for makeup 2018 is naturally illuminated. Summer makeup comes with a more natural and a lighter look with neutral colors.  Many women have questions about how to make a makeup correctly, especially for more important occasions. This doubt despite being very easy to be solved these days, because we have many contents on the internet that help us. The ideal makeup is one that combines with the occasion and gives you comfort. So, try to choose a type of makeup that best fits what you want and what you like. The ideal model also has to match your style so it is very important for you to feel good. If you like makeup and want to know what the colors will be for the next season, read this post.
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Makeup Trends for 2018
The trends of makeup for 2018 have already been announced in the Fashion Weeks. And the news comes to please all types of women, from the most discreet to those who enjoy a good makeup.  So the makeup maxim for summer 2018 is to simplify. It's time to say goodbye to Kim Kardashian's heavy contouring technique.
Eyelashes mascara and colored eyeshadows gain prominence in the makeup of summer 2018. Smokey eyes in shades of pink, coral and also colder colors like blue and purple will be the main protagonists of the season, combined with a skin with a tan effect.

Minimalist Brightness
The idea is to lighten the skin, but now with a more natural looking for a tan effect, with illuminators and also with the blush. As for the lips, the bet is on creamier lipsticks with soft effects. Lighted skin and full glossy lips are the highlights for next season. Work also in the blush or bronzer. In the eyes, warm and/or neutral tones. Apply mascara for lashes to finish.

Metallic shadows/ metallic smokey eyes
The metallic is one of the trends for the outfits and will appear also with prominence in the makeup. A striking look at the makeup trends for spring and summer 2018 is one that has silver or gold shadows. Glitter lovers will be able to fill the entire eyelid with that shade that may have powder or cream texture. And finish the look with a perfect winged eyeliner. Modernize your look with these tips of what will be on the trend for the spring-summer of 2018.

Colors of lipsticks for 2018
The lipstick colors that will dominate 2018 are diverse. The matte lipstick is losing its place to give more space to glossy lips. After the absolute reign of matte lipstick, the gloss is back. Nothing more natural than a well hydrated and shiny lip to accompany an illuminated skin. The tip is: invest in transparent lip gloss and change the color using the lipsticks you already have. The main bets of the lipstick are: Coral lipstick, lipstick in different shades of pink, lip gloss, lipstick with a vinyl coating or lacquered, orange lipsticks, lipstick in brown or caramel shades, different shades of red, nude lipstick, grayish shade, dark shades.
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Skin with a natural look and hydrated skin
Look for luminous skin, well moisturized and fresh. Increasingly, people are opting for the skin with well-cared aspect and with fewer signs of makeup. You have a naturalness in that! So both creams and makeup foundations have become one. They are a foundation that takes care of the skin and at the same time help to disguise the imperfections, like stains.

Long-lasting matte skin that is hydrated and lighted. To get to that look, hydrate and lighten the skin both underneath and over your favorite matte foundation. Do not forget to exfoliate and treat the skin with serums and moisturizers that is ideal for your skin type before applying the makeup. Add your favorite matte effect foundation and apply a powder; after applying the powder, lighten the cheeks, cupid bow and the top of the nose with a highlighter.
The natural glow of well-prepared skin attracts more attention than a heavily contoured face. A natural skin, correcting only the imperfections. The light is on account of the highlighter, which promises to replace the contouring technique in the makeup. This new trend comes with the name of Strobing.

Makeup with natural colors
Last season the makeup was of bronze and copper tones. For makeup 2018 the key color of the season will be the translucent brown. So feel free to use makeup with all shades of brown: in the eyes a lighter and translucent tone and lips a more vivid and dense colors.

Colorful eyeshadow
For those who like some color in the makeup, this trend promises to please you and much. Some makeup artists did not limit themselves to one or two shadows, they used a set of colors to show the full volume of colors. Take a look at the magazines, websites and see some photos and trends of makeup 2018 that you like and do not be afraid to inspire and be happy.

Pink eyeshadow
If you like a more romantic look it is the list of spring/summer makeup trends 2018. And the pink accents should be at least two: for example, a pink eyeshadow or translucent lips and soft pink smokey eyes.

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