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New Year Eve Party: Makeup Tips and Suggestions!!

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At this holiday season, it is worth to invest some time in a special make-up or experiencing something different. After all, this is a good opportunity to test that new eyeshadow palette or use that lipstick that you love so much. More than following the trends of the moment, take advantage of your natural pretty face. Nowadays, there are several makeup products, adapted to the different skin types to get the intended effect.

From the full coverage foundation that uniform the skin tone and give a greater luminosity, or that provide a greater coverage of the spots and imperfections. Powders and highlighters sticks, which create spots of light on the face. Eyelash mascara, which lengthens and give more volume, creating a doll lash effect. Bronzing powders and blushes, which allow the contouring of the face and give a healthier air, highlighting the cheekbones. Eyeshadows that enhance the eyelids and "open" the look. Eyebrows mascara or tint, which fixes and give a greater expressiveness to the face. Lipsticks that increase the volume of the lips and with long-lasting duration so that you do not have to reapply it every time. Anyway, it is difficult to choose between so many options.

On the New Year Eve parties, women bet on bright looks, with sparkles and bright, radiant colors. And makeup does not have to be different. Beautiful, healthy and well-cared skin is key in production. 

Women are increasingly looking for makeup trends as it is a way of enhancing natural beauty and making them even more beautiful for the special occasions. Party makeup has a varied choice of trends, so, I'm writing this post with five makeup suggestions for New Year Eve pa, both for those who prefer a lighter makeup and a more bold one,  or want a sexy and sophisticated look. After all, this is a good opportunity to experience that more elaborate party makeup.  For more end of the year, party makeup tips click here.

For those who do not have a lot of makeup practice like me, my advice is to try before, in order to evaluate the effect and see if you like the final result. Nowadays, there are many videos with makeup tutorials on youtube that show you step by step and with which you can inspire.

Before applying the makeup is important to remember that preparing the skin to receive the makeup is crucial, so before anything remember to always to apply a moisturizer, a primer and sunscreen protect your skin from harmful agents.

After that the makeup starts with a correction of imperfections that are made using a foundation and concealer, a party makeup asks for a foundation with a full coverage effect, so remember this when choosing the foundation that will be used.

Party Makeup Suggestions and Tips

Black smokey eyes and nude lipstick

When I think of a makeup for the party, soon what comes to my mind is the idea of a makeup with black smokey eyes. The black smokey eye combines with almost everything and almost all women, so it is one of the preferred choices for a party makeup. An advantage of this makeup is the possibility of combining any color of lipstick with the makeup, but as I want to draw attention to my eyes and it is better a nude lipstick.

Colorful eyeshadow

A purple shade is also a good alternative to a party makeup since the violet is the color for 2018, as well as enhancing brown and blue eyes. In this case, you can choose a nude lipstick, concentrating all the attention on the eyes, or use a darker shade for this winter look. Different colors can also be used on a party makeup, just be careful when putting together your combination with the look, because it will not look good to wear a red dress with a green party makeup.

Doll effect eyelashes and red or dark shades lipstick

Start by cover the skin imperfections with a foundation and concealer, ending with loose or compact powder. To give a light to the face, also apply a highlighter (powder or stick). One trick to open your eyes is to apply a beige pencil on the eye waterline as well as a light shade like beige on the eyelids and near the arch of the eyebrows. Apply an eyelash mascara that lengthens and gives more volume so as to highlight the look and create a doll effect. Make the face contour with a tan powder and apply the blush on the cheekbones. Fill or draw eyebrows with the help of a specific pencil, shade or tint. Draw the outline of the lips with a pencil and then apply a matte or glossy lipstick. The shades of wine or red, raspberry and purple are perfect for highlighting the lips.

Golden eyes and nude lips

Golden eyes is another traditional choice when it comes to a party makeup, this is a makeup option that can give a more classic or even a more contemporary result depending on the outfits. The golden eyes require a lipstick with more traditional color as it can leave the look a little heavy if it is used with colors such as purple or other vivid colors.

Eyeliner and sparkly eyeshadows

If you want a more bold party makeup you can use sparkly eyeshadows, eyeliner, gloss and more vivid tones. Choose a more light and simple makeup in nude tones or a more sophisticated look in dark wine shades. In this case, use the technique of strobing, which consists of lightening the skin of the face: on the forehead, top of the nose, cupid bow and top of the cheekbones.

Cat eye and red or nude lip

If you want to enhance your eyes, a smoky eye is perfect. You can choose a shimmering black shade, or different shades, such as dark brown, then complemented with a nude lipstick (soft pink or beige) or a red lipstick ( a red approximately to pink or raspberry).

Luminous makeup and dark red shades lipsticks

Bet on shades of red, like wine, raspberry, and plum, both on the lips and on the eyes and cheekbones. You can choose to make a smoky eye, using several shades, or simply apply the blush as an eyeshadow if you want a more natural and simple look. The highlighter is very important to give a light to the look.

Inspire yourself with this tutorial by Nikkietutorials.

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