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Top 7 cares we should have with the skin on colder days

winter skin cares

Just the temperature drop a little and the skin starts to dry out there and become very sensitive. It is a direct consequence of the cold (and wind) in contact with the skin. The low temperatures related to the low humidity of the air, lead to the reduction of the production of the natural oiliness of the skin and the sweating, causing dryness and being able to leave it with whitish and without an appearanceThese symptoms indicate protein denaturation.  Therefore, deep hydration is indispensable, see some tricks to keep the skin hydrated in the winter here. The face, being a region that is more exposed and, as we know, the excessive use of hot water, feels quite the change of weather and the impact of winter. Check out the essential care to keep your skin healthy even in the winter:

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
Preferably two liters per day. The water we drink is responsible for the natural hydration of the skin, which is further impaired in the winter.

Prefer warm bath than hot bath
We know that one of the best things, when it's cold outside, is to take a very warm shower. But the ideal is that the water is warm and the bath, as soon as possible, since the high temperature also ends up removing the natural oiliness of the skin. The natural oiliness is very important to protect the body from the cold, the penetration of bacteria, fungi, viruses, air pollutants and contact with allergens such as dust, mold, and fiber from tissues.
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Avoid the (excessive) use of soap
Especially in the arms and legs. Ideally, the versions are more moisturizing and mild, free of detergents and irritants. "Avoid using bushes and soaps with coarse granules, except in places with thicker skin such as elbows, knees, and feet." Otherwise, the skin loses the protective natural coating, becoming dull and dry.

Use and abuse the moisturizer
Both body and facial. "It is important to keep the skin barrier, the hydrolipidic mantle and prevent evaporation of water, which causes dryness and skin cracking." Moisturizers should be used daily, preferably after bathing or cleansing the skin. Products that have shea butter, mango and avocado, aloe vera, almonds, milk protein, vitamins C and E, noble oils such as organ and canola, contain lots of glycerin and hyaluronic acid that help maintain the natural hydration of the skin.
winter skin care

Include the moisturizing mask in your beauty routine
Masks should be integrated into the beauty program of all skin types. One of the main causes of skin aging is lack of elasticity, which can be caused by dehydration. "Masks restore the moisture to the deeper layers, restoring the elasticity of the skin."

Use soothing creams
Creams with soothing agents such as thermal water, allantoin, and nicotinamide are also indicated for the winter-sensitized skin. A hydrated skin is soft and elastic.

Do not forget the sunscreen
Even with the sun timider, it is essential to use during the winter because, despite the cold weather, it continues to emit ultraviolet radiation capable of damaging the skin. If it is oily and acneic avoid creams with oily in the formula, giving preference to the oil-free versions, with a dry touch. Consult your dermatologist about the best option for your skin.

winter skin care

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