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Top my 10 things to do after getting dumped!


When you think that you are living a happy relationship when your partner lets out, without any kind of warning, those hard words: it's over. Maybe you're caught off guard, maybe you've been waiting for something like that. In any case, every term brings with it its burden of pain, suffering, and anguish. Luckily, this is not forever, because, sorry, but no one dies of love, what killed famous poets, novelists, romancists and, philosophers in a few centuries ago is a sickness called tuberculosis. The ending of a relationship can be quite traumatic and leave scars on most people, especially those who got dumped. In addition to having to deal with sadness, you still need to overcome the sense of rejection to move on. One day you will return to a light and happy life. 
I made a list of step-by-step of 10 things I use to do after a breakup ( speaking for myself after a breakup if it is to cry I do it only for one day and I will be fine). Once you check all of these tips and maybe put them into practice, you will realize that it is not the end of the world. All are learning and soon you will feel wonderful again. Check out our tips below and get ready to feel better.

 Allow yourself to suffer ( but not forever, ok?)
Do not feel guilty about crying or wanting to lie in bed all day. Suffering after the end of a relationship is very normal. So when the sadness comes, feel it. Cry all you want to, when you remember the good times when to look at the photos when to reread the conversations it is normal to have ups and downs, but we can learn from all the feelings. After that move on.
Top my 10 things to do after getting dumped!

Do not look at your ex-boyfriend social networks
We know it's hard to resist the temptation, but try not to look at the social networks of the person who killed you. Turn off notifications, stop following, or even block him. Knowing that the other is okay will not contribute to your overcoming process. This is the easier tip, right? Because even though you're curious to know about him, you're not going to want to show any weakness right? Be a strong girl!

Keep the people you like around
You do not have to go through this difficult time alone. It's time to be surrounded by people who really want to see you well. It could be your co-worker, friends, relatives. Having a company to vent, change an idea or just do nothing is always valid. Talking will make you cool your head and start to see that the world goes far beyond the pain of a term.
Top my 10 things to do after getting dumped!

Do not force yourself to do anything
Possibly you will receive many invitations from friends to go out, go to the nightclubs or bars, plus advice that you need to meet new people and download the date application of the moment. It may even be interesting, but do not force yourself to do anything if you do not feel prepared to. You may even want to distance yourself from any possibility of romance. Let things happen in your time. When you feel safe and ready, go ahead.

Find Out What You Love
Do you have any hobbies? It's time to pay attention to it. And if you do not have one, find something you love to do. You can embroider, dance, run, write, take care of little plants, makeup courses, swimming and so on. Find something you like and dedicate yourself to doing it. Will make you feel better!

Feel more beautiful than ever (because you are pretty)
Enough of feeling the worst, ugliest and most unloved person in the universe. It's time to love yourself, feel wonderful, put your self-esteem up there. Here are some things to keep in mind: write down what you have, take time to take care of yourself, make a list of everything you are thankful for. And if you need to, cut the hair, change the color of the usual enamel, make a tattoo, change what you want to change. Sometimes we have a wonderful life and we do not even realize it. Self-love and confidence will make you go far.

Do the things you've always wanted to do
When you are in a relationship, you may not always be able to do all the things you want to at the moment you are in the mood. Being single is no longer a concern. Enjoy living what you want, whether traveling without making plans, going to a different restaurant or practicing some radical sport. You only have this life, live it!

Organize your  drawers and your closet
It may seem a bit too metaphorical, but it is not. If you can not leave your own things in order, how will you keep life on track? It's time to organize the drawers, the wardrobe, the whole house. You will see that this organization will reflect positively in other areas of your daily life.

Meet new people, make new friends
How about expanding your horizons and meeting new people? No, I'm not talking about dating, but making new friends can be cool. When you go somewhere, be receptive to those around you. Get close to people who might seem interesting, even virtually. Who knows any of them does not become special to you? Nothing prevents you from meeting new people, it could be to make friends, or "make out" without commitment, what's the problem? Everyone needs this to make the day more joyous and it will not make you a vulgar woman.

Love your own company is the best thing in life!
No, you do not need to have someone to feel complete. Forget that story about a soulmate. Think of you as your own soulmate! Learn to like your own company and have a great time with yourself, with peace and quiet. You deserve it! Get dumped can serve even as a kind of alert that you should value yourself, even more, seeking someone who truly deserves you.
I hope these tips will help you ease some of the sadness. Remember: in the end, things end up getting settled. Don't cry for who does not deserve your precious tear!

Top my 10 things to do after getting dumped!

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