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ULTRA VIOLET: how to use the color chosen by Pantone for 2018

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Mysterious, irreverent and eternally feminine. Ultra-violet, the color that Pantone has just chosen for 2018, is the new futuristic violet tone full of personality and sensuality, that gives life to the pieces and makes the outfit even fashion. Every year the company, world reference in color, choose the color that will be seen as a trend for art, fashion, beauty, design, decoration and on. After the Greenery of 2017, purple seems a little more pleasing to the eyes of those who want a strong tone to dress, makeup and decorate. I personally love this color, it is my favorite one along with blue.
Pantone 2018

 It inspires and creates harmony, in addition, it matches all skin tones. As it has the bluish background it still calms and causes a super impact. It is not difficult to use, but we have to be careful in the combinations. So I separated some tips on how to use Ultra-Violet not to make mistakes.




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street fashion

Ultra Violet can make great compositions with black, dark gray, white, silver, beige, khaki, or with colors that cause more contrast like yellow, orange, turquoise, green, pink quartz and even red. So if you have a warm skin tone and want to invest in violet, try composting with another color that values your skin and that's it. This color is beautiful, right?

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outfits inspiration

As it is a very intense tone, the best tip is to combine with neutral colors such as: white, black, gray, nude. There is no mistake, and the look will always be balanced, without being exaggerated. Wearing an all-black outfit and betting on a piece or accessory in ultra-violet is a great combination.
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gigi hadid

ULTRA VIOLET: how to use the color chosen by Pantone for 2018

Ultra Violet carries this thing of innovation, boldness, and originality, so why not invest in a monochromatic outfit in the tone? It's a cool proposition for a color that we do not usually see on the streets. Worth for casual, formal, and party outfits ... And it's cool to remember that variations of Ultra-Violet also come under this selection of the color of the year.
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street fashion

For who bets on a monochromatic outfit, the tip is: use as few accessories and superposition as possible, so do not give much information to the outfit. Use bags and shoes of one color, and with more basic modeling, no textures or application, and lighter purses without so many pockets, zipper or straps. Leave the highlight for the color of the outfit, placing pieces of neutral colors, preferably clear if you need superposition.

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monochromatic outfit


For makeup

A violet lipstick is able to transform the makeup. When using it, prefer the matte versions and avoid the glossy finishes. If you want to intensify the color, line the lip with a darker shade and apply another lighter lipstick in the center. This will make the makeup look even more glamorous.  
rihanna makeup

How to use Ultra Violet in the makeup during the day
Bet on the lighter version of Ultra Violet to enhance beauty during the day. If you want a more discreet look, make a kitten eye or apply the pencil to the water line just to give a touch of color. Finish with a mascara.



The ultra violet is super remarkable, and the keywords of Pantone for the coming year are originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking, symbolizing experimentation, spirituality, stimulating to break down barriers to the creativity.

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