Monday, January 29, 2018

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There are some special care that if you include in your night beauty ritual can ensure a much more beautiful and rested skin. If you do not have a beauty routine before to sleep you should think about it seriously. Learn some tips in this article that will make you wake up prettier and happier with yourself and realize the importance of having a ritual before going to bed.

Having beauty rituals before bedtime is important not only to keep your skin healthy but also to take care of your self-esteem. During the night, the metabolism of skin cells increases and therefore it absorbs more and better nutrients than at any other time of day. Here are the essential steps to take in this beauty ritual:

beauty routine

Step 1: Remove your makeup

The soap, however, it may be good, but it is not enough. To remove all of your makeup, have a good makeup remover or facial tonic (replace with an astringent lotion if your skin is oily). A good make-up remover, or facial tonic, is essential to completely remove your makeup. Apply the product on your skin with a cotton cloth until there is no trace of makeup residue, foundation, eyeshadow or blush left.

Step 2: Apply a cleansing foam, gel or cream

These products have a deep action helping to remove impurities such as makeup and excess oiliness. Care should be taken only with the directions on the label regarding the product's permanence on the face.
skincare tips

Step 3: Wash your face

Wash your face with a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type and remove with water. Preferably do not wash your face with hot water. Twice a week apply a specific scrub cream to remove dead cells. Some brands also have exfoliation masks. The choice only depends on your preference. This cleansing will leave your skin much brighter and free of those black dots that, if not removed, tend to become blackheads. At the end of the exfoliation, wash your face thoroughly.

Step 4: Toner

Unfortunately, only soap and water cannot remove all the impurities that our face accumulates throughout the day. Therefore, in addition to them, it is necessary to use the facial tonic, a product that removes the deeper residues, preventing the obstruction of the pores.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hello There!
Having beauty care is the key to keeping the skin young, healthy and pretty for long. And doing it at night is even better: in addition to providing well-being, it is the time that our skin is more prepared to receive the products. At night, the metabolism of skin cells increases and therefore it absorbs nutrients better than at any other time of day.
So if you are not in the habit of doing a beauty ritual before bedtime, here are some tips to improve your well-being and your beauty.
Knowing how to use intelligent products, it is possible to treat the body, face, and hair while you enjoy your hours of sleep. Here are some tips on what you can do while you sleep to start your day more relaxed and pretty!

The main care with the skin before bed is cleaning. The soap is not enough. To remove all of the residues of your makeup, use a good makeup remover or a facial tonic. Apply the product with a cotton pad, until it leaves without traces of makeup.
With clean skin is the time to take advantage to provide nutrients and hydration to the skin. Use nourishing night creams with collagen and vitamin C for skin. If you have a tendency to suffer from acne or blemishes, enjoy the night to use products that fight the problem. The same goes for creams that prevent wrinkles and sagging (especially in the eyes and neck area). Because of the ingredients, these formulas can only be used when there is no solar radiation (at the risk of staining the skin). Just remember to wash your face thoroughly and wipe the product completely when you wake up. If you have problems with dark circles, use specific creams for the dark circles in the eyes to soften the appearance in the morning. Enjoy the night to keep your lips moisturized and prevent cracking.
skincare tips

Body Cares
Dry areas of the body such as heels, elbows, and knees need special care. Enjoy the night to use dense and powerful moisturizers. If you prefer, use vegetable oils to hydrate these regions: in addition to being more potent, they are more natural and nutritious.

Stretch Marks and Cellulite
It is not just the face that benefits from night care: Bedtime is great for to deal with stretch marks and cellulite. Creams containing fat-burning accelerators, creams containing caffeine and anti-inflammatory creams can help fight cellulite. For stretch marks, retinoic or glycolic acids are efficient solutions that promise to greatly improve the appearance of the skin.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hello everyone!
Oriental women always look younger than they really are. Are they already born with the skin of dreams or the care routine followed to scratch cause the "porcelain" effect made in Japan or South Korea? I had a roommate from Japan and my closest friend is from Korea, I used to observe my roommate beauty routine and I talked to my Korean friend to discover some tricks of Korean beauty routine, next post I will talk about Japanese skincare routine. 

South Korea is currently the 8th cosmetics market in the world and tests somewhat exotic ingredients in the western market, such as snail extract and so on. The main motto of Korean beauty is "Skin Care Comes First". Therefore, the incessant search for alternatives that avoid premature aging skin and stains stimulates the use of at least 10 cosmetics a day in the Asian country.

For Koreans, taking care of the skin and worrying about keeping it looking good goes beyond a 10-step routine or specific products. In South Korea, moisturize and nourish the skin, protect it from the sun with sunscreen, consume antioxidant tea to prevent premature aging skin, all this is part of a true way of life.

But looking at just the following routine, the main goal of skin care is hydration. A well-moisturized skin is healthy, spotless, radiant (it looks strobing even without makeup) and has a smaller pore appearance and fine lines. Koreans know that despite the technology industry there is not a miracle cream that will erase wrinkles and blemishes or disappear with acne. There is no miracle what exists is the culture of prevention of skin problems and discipline.

Golden rule and tip for conquering the skin of your dreams:

Preventing is the best remedy, the double cleaning to eliminate residues of makeup and pollution works wonder and your skin thanks, do not forget that daily hydration is essential for a healthy skin, toning refresh and nourishes the skin, gives preference to products that contain natural ingredients in the formula, once again use sunscreen every day, healthy eating is the key to beautiful skin you are what you eat, and do not forget to be coherent with yourself.

Healthy food

Everything you put on your body affects the appearance of the skin. If you want a natural and enlightening effect, you should know that beauty comes from the inside out! The nutrients in fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin free of imperfections.

Be disciplined

The secret of Korean skin success is consistency. It is vital to follow the daily care routine, no matter how much busy you are!

For a young skin, do not be lazy! Do not wait until it is too late and there are irreversible damages. Your skin is precious, and you have to take good care of it!

Koreans learn to care for their skin since the young age. By teaching them to moisturize, tone and protect the skin and body from the sun's rays properly and how important it is to be in control of the health of the body's largest organ daily and, of course, a certain obsession with keeping the white skin, which is considered an ideal of beauty, wealth and power in the country.

Look for cosmetics that contain natural ingredients. Some ingredients indicated by Korean beauty experts are:

Green tea: helps revitalize the tired skin and maintain a natural and healthy glow. Being one of the most popular ingredients Asian beauty products nowadays, you can find a wide variety of products with it from moisturizers to essences and everything else. And Asian women drink a lot of green tea, and living in Asia for so long I have become adept of green tea due to its antioxidant power.

Snail Secretion: or snail extract is good especially for who has some spot on the face, Is an ingredient that is becoming more popular in Asian beauty product. Asian women often use creams with this ingredient when they have sensitive skin. It is known to help regenerate skin cells by bringing back a healthy looking.

Yeast is part of the vitamin B group. Products with this ingredient, including essences, help to improve metabolism and keep skin healthy. This ingredient has become popular in recent years for its anti-aging benefits. It is also great for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. 
skincare tips

For A Clean Skin!
In Korean skincare routine, removing the makeup before bedtime is a rule that should never be ignored. To ensure skin free of impurity, Korean women divide facial cleansing into two steps. The first step is to apply an oil-based product on the face to remove makeup and traces of oiliness. Then comes the foam to remove the dirt. Do you know why? Two products are most effective at removing the various types of waste that build upon the skin during the day. A water-based soap removes impurities such as sweat.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

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That makeup applied in the morning can even last through the night, especially when you have a party or happy hour after the work. What's more, it's another environment and requires another touch and look. Especially in the summer, making a makeup looking pretty for hours seems like quite a challenge. However, there are a few steps that can make makeup last longer. Some tips are old and some women know, but they still ignore it.
Here are some suggestions for you to see how to make your makeup last longer. The tips are also valid for those who want to update the makeup for the after-work happy hour!
makeup tips

Clean your skin very well before makeup
The first step seems obvious, but it does not always happen in fact. The skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a special soap for the face, and without residues of any product. To make sure that my skin is clean, I use a cotton pad soaked with astringent to remove the remaining residue.
makeup tips

Hydrate the skin before the makeup

I know that everyone is tired to know, but oil and water are different things. The first one leaves the skin oily and dirt-like appearance. While the second is responsible for leaving the skin moisturized, with a healthy appearance. So the importance of cleansing plus moisturizing combo, even for oily skins. If you just clean and do not apply a moisturizer, your skin will try to replace the lost fluid with oil, causing the opposite effect on the skin.

It's a miracle product! The two main functions of the primer are to camouflage the pores and hold the makeup for longer. And it works! It also does not allow the skin to glow too much with the oiliness. Worth the investment!

Good quality foundation with a great coverage
Speaking of investment a foundation of quality is essential so that the skin well done lasts the necessary time. But stay calm. You do not need to spend a lot on a beauty product. For example, Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Foundation, it is cheap, super work on the skin with a great coverage and lasts longer.

It has become the fever and some of the women love illuminators, being on creamy or powdered form. Look for a tone that fits your taste and skin tone and does not play. Apply above of the cheekbone, over the bony of the nose.

Use a powerful eyelash
As we are reusing the makeup, just applying more layers of mascara may not work. In some cases, it may become thick. So the trick is to bet on the false eyelashes. Today there are options for all tastes and pockets, I bet you will find one that is perfect for your style.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Hello dear!
Makeup is an ally and best friend of a large part of the female population, after all, it is able to value beauties and give more confidence to the women.
In order to not make mistakes, you must choose the right products that are appropriate for the type and tone of your skin. And when it comes to makeup for black skin, it's no different.
Although it contains a greater amount of melanin, it is very important to keep the skin protected from the sun's rays and therefore the black skin also asks for the daily use of sunscreen. In addition, preparing the skin well is a secret for a beautiful skin and that fits all women.
But before applying your makeup you need to take some care to make a perfect makeup and make your skin even more beautiful! Remember that each type of skin requires special care. Therefore,  I'm going to teach you some makeup tricks especially for black skin.
black skin makeup

Remove makeup before bed
Sleeping with excess makeup accelerates the aging of the skin, clogs the pores and helps in the appearance of pimples and acne. So it is recommended to remove all the makeup before sleep, and always apply a night cream.
Remove all makeup then clean your skin very well
Use a two-phase eye conditioner and a makeup remover for the rest of the face, then clean your face with an appropriate soap for your skin type and moisturize as usual. You may have heard that makeup dry the skin. The product itself does not dry out the skin, but poor skincare contributes to dryness. Therefore, it is very important that you moisturize before and after make.

Prepare your skin before applying the makeup

The secret to a perfect skin is to invest in a good preparation of skin leaving it clean and oil-free, I always use a micellar water or skin conditioner it is a great investment and clean the skin by removing all the residue and impurities. Wash face with soap ideal for your skin type; Tone and moisturize skin with your favorite moisturizer and apply sunscreen. For oily skin, avoid using moisturizers. The best thing to do is use a primer. 
Now that you've learned how to hydrate your skin before and after your makeup, learn how to do it and stay beautiful throughout the day!

Invest in concealers of different colors: just as the foundation the concealer should also have different shades, invest in a palette that has several shades of concealer and a great option.
Yellow Concealer: Indicated for small purple bruises or purple imperfections.
Purple Concealer: Indicated for brownish imperfections or yellow-orange imperfections.
Green Concealer: Indicated for imperfections or reddish scars.

Tip when buying foundation
To buy the foundation, the only way is to test on your own skin to see if it matches your skin tone. Another tip for the moment of purchase is to consult the composition of the foundation; avoid foundation that contains a component called titanium dioxide as it leaves the skin even darker and greyish. Foundation with more rosy tones also add a greyish appearance to the black skin, so choose the foundation with a warmer tone, pulling to the orange color, which ensures more golden tonality for the skin.
To achieve a natural makeup as it is the trend for the next seasons, I advise the use of colors slightly lighter and darker than your skin tone, to create the optical illusion of volume, light, and shadow.
Step 1: Foundation
Choose a good foundation with full coverage that matches your skin tone, preferably those with a reddish background. How to apply: apply the foundation from the inside out, with a brush or with the tips of the fingers, leaving the skin uniform with a natural effect.

Step 2: Concealer
According to the need for the skin. For dark circles, use a yellow concealer. It will neutralize the dark under the eyes. To cover the acne, use a green color concealer. Then, apply a concealer for your skin tone. How to apply: apply the concealer with a brush, or with the tips of the fingers.
To disguise the defects of the skin like pimples, blackheads and dark circles, use yellow, purple and green concealer.
Step 3: Compact powder
Use a brush appropriate for this product, always removing excess of forehead, chin, and cheek.
black skin makeup

Step 4: Blush
Always gives preference to the shades like dark pink, peach and bronze, golden tones, browns and shore coast.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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With these cold days of the winter, the wardrobe undergoes some changes and some parts are integrated or even replaced. And if you have a piece that stands out in the days of lower temperatures, it is the leather pants.
Dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses and mainly trousers conquered the runway and the heart of the fashionistas. However, there are still those who have doubts when using it. Remembering that the first point that we should consider when composing an outfit is where we are going. We should make sure that the place/event is casual or more formal, and from there, it's just fun. The pants can be original leather, even synthetic leather or eco-friendly, they are the hottest alternatives to replace the traditional jeans, whether for an outfit for the work or an outfit for the night.
Leather pants can easily be the main protagonist of the outfit and can transition from the more formal look to a casual look, depending on the combination of other pieces, shoes, and accessories. Undoubtedly, the piece combined with knits, jackets or coats may be your favorite winter look. See three suggestions on ways to wear leather pants for both work and events.

cara Delevingne

Leather pants with sweater, or knit sweater

Nothing more warm and cozy on cold days than a wool sweater. If the sweater is wider, it is more appropriate to be combined with skinny pants, so that it does not create much volume on the top and bottom of the outfit. Usually, the sweater or knit shirt tend to leave the upper body larger, so to balance the silhouette it is best to opt for models of pants more fleshy. This type of composition is very cool because it uses a mix of textures that leave any outfit modern and stylish. It is possible to assemble a production with these pieces with a more sporty chic touch, just wear a sneaker.
street style

olivia palermo


leather pant

Monday, January 15, 2018

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Today I'm going to write about urban style, the style that is adept by the women who like a modern and creative style and can also be worn by women who like a basic style. The Urban style is known as the most modern and remarkable of the 7 universal styles. Women who like this style love to wear black color and create looks that contrast light shades with other dark ones. They fall into two categories composed of light and heavy elements. Some love playing with over-sized pieces, geometric references, and accessories with bold modeling. Others, love clothes with a street style touch. It is common among its combinations destroyed jeans, leather, sneakers, all-stars, wide blouses, jackets, and so on. It has a very varied range of options. Seeking to combine comfort and style. Many designers bases on an urban style to create some of their collections, and this is super right! The style is super versatile, allowing the stylist to have a greater freedom when performing their creations. 
urban style

urabm style

If you're starting to adopt this style start with the basics and create a contrast between the parts of your outfit investing in the combination of light and dark colors. The black and white combination is remarkable, as well as it creates a super clean effect. The all-black outfit is also a great option to create a sophisticated outfit. To take the monochromatic from the ordinary invest in maxi pieces, structured modeling and straight cuts as the tailored pieces. It gives a modern and a light masculine touch to the outfit that will only make you more stylish and fashion.
street style

street style

How about taking the production of the basics with accessories that have a bold design?  Necklaces with geometric details such as circles, triangles, and squares will make your outfit sassier, even if the combination of the outfit is simple. These references may also appear on other accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and rings. On the feet change the bold shoe by a classic shoe like oxford or moccasin. If you do not like a conservative touch, which is typical of the traditional style, invest in the metalized version of the shoe. Golden, silver or copper, the metallic luster gives a cool feeling to the outfit, but without losing the refinement.
street style


Friday, January 12, 2018

Hello, sweetheart! 

The black dress is the most classic and timeless piece of the women's wardrobe. Versatile, both in its use and in its possibilities, the black dress combines with many occasions, with any style and is perfect in all women, regardless of age or the physical body type.

The black dress has become the classic in the women wardrobe when it was designed and worn relentlessly by Gabrielle Coco Chanel. For the stylist, "a woman needs only two things in her life: a black dress and a man who loves her." Choose a "basic little black one" and use it any occasion. The black color helps in the versatility of the dress by combining with different colors. You can wear black with color such nudes, white, brown, navy blue, wine, dark red, dark green, dark purple, gray.
little black dress

Different ways to wear a black dress

A black dress can transmit power, formality, elegance, seriousness, authority, and glamour. When choosing the black dress, most women feel safer both because the piece is easy to match and because it looks good on all women.
There are several models of black dress: long, ideal for the night, perfect for parties, among other varieties. Below, I will give some tips to help you when choosing the ideal model and getting even more beautiful with your black dress.

Give your black dress more glamour with powerful accessories

If the idea is to work in the accessories, the black dress is ideal for it. The item allows you to abuse of accessories and make various combinations of necklaces, earrings, shoes, and bags. Maxi necklaces, more colorful shoes, powerful purses, all combine perfectly with a basic black. But it does not just allow us to work on accessories. The black dress allows us to use a more powerful makeup, a more elaborate hair, without seeming to be dressed for some super important event. So if the idea is to use creativity and put on a powerful look with the black dress, invest in accessories and also in makeup and hair.

Minimalist but fashion

With just a simple plain black dress, by the knee, with straps or sleeves and a neckline not very evidenced you get a simple and easy look. Do not wear any accessorize, keep a bare neck and ears for a clean look.  You can bet on a lighter makeup. Hair can be loose or tied up for more sophisticated air. Just attach a black clutch and classic black shoes. This look is suitable for sober ceremonies or for those who want to try a minimalist outfit, where less is more!
black dress

Black dress in the winter

If in summer it is more difficult to use black, in winter it is the official color of the season. Choose warmer and heavier fabrics and give preference to more bodycon models. If you have a summery dress, combine it with jackets, blazer and other types of coats to keep you warm. The pantyhose helps warm up your legs,  with long boots, you can invest in these accessories. You can create monochromatic looks, using all black, or make combinations with pieces of other colors, like brown that looks beautiful when used with black.
how to wear black dress in the winter

winter and black dress

black dress in the winter

Monday, January 08, 2018

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Today's post is about bloggers I love and follow. As we know bloggers exert are a great influence on the fashion world and consequently also influence the consumer market as well, being magazine covers, making collaborations with great brands and divulging much of their personal life and style in the social networks.

In the Instagram, a photo-sharing application, many bloggers outnumber millions of followers. In this app, they post everything they see and wear in the fashion weeks and daily life, anticipating all the trends that are being launched around the world.

Accessing blogs is a quick way of having access to a lot of fashion content, even though most of the communication is through photos. All this information can be interpreted and compiled for the formation of a style of its own, always filtering what most identifies with the personality. 

Despite working with a blog for some time, I am also an assiduous reader of some blogs, those who I cannot lose any new post or video, you know? I love this world a lot, I love to know and learn different ideas and tricks, so today I decided to join in just one post my top favorite bloggers that I loved to follow. 

Here's a list of 5 international fashion bloggers to learn more about fashion, get inspired by the ones you identify with and pump your Instagram feed:

Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad 

Possibly one of the best-known and famous bloggers in the world and also my favorite one, Chiara Ferragni went beyond the universe of blogging as the cover of Vogue magazine. At Instagram, using the hashtag #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops, where she shares her outfits and intense travel routine around the world with more than 11 million followers.
chiara ferragni

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Julie Sariñana - Sincerely Jules 

Jules, as she is known, was born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, which contributed to her fresh and beach style. In Instagram, where she has over 4 million followers, and also on the blog, Jules posts her casual looks, and most of them are full of comfort, composed of jeans and flat shoes. Julie Sarinana's blog started in 2009 and she wanted a place to put her thoughts, inspirations and show her style and everything else she loves and thinks is interesting.
sincerely jules

sincerely jules

sincerely jules

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Olivia Palermo

Top web influencer, disputed by all brands for her elegance and good taste, Olivia Palermo is famous for dictating trends in New York society and for being one of the most celebrated it girls in the world.

In 2007, she was the cover of New York Magazine, that pointed that she is one of the most influential women in New York. She collaborates with dozens of major international brands and is assiduous in all relevant fashion weeks and events. Her nearly 5 million followers make her one of the most well-known fashion personalities in the world. She even participated in shows and TV series!
olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

Annabelle Fleur - Viva Luxury

Anabelle was born in Latvia, moved to Canada and currently lives in California. Undoubtedly, all these changes influenced the construction of his style. After spending a lot of time dreaming about the creation of the blog, she put the idea into practice and there she shares all her passion for fashion that is reflected in her inspiring looks, many of them with hats.

viva luxury
viva luxury

viva luxury

Aimee Song – Song of Style 

Aimee is of Asian origin and lives in Los Angeles, combining two professions, that of the blogger and the one of an interior designer. In her blog, she shares tips on decoration, fashion, beauty, and travel, while at Instagram she puts her daily looks, meals and beautiful images of her travels around the world.
Aime Song works as an interior designer in Los Angeles who started her blog the Song of Style in 2008. In it, she explores her passion for fashion and decoration, including posts about DIY ideas and decorations. Its success is undeniable, with more than 4 million followers. 

Her outfits, shared in social networks, are the most applauded. She has a chic and elegant style, Aime is always daring and everything she wears becomes a trend. You will be enchanted with her looks and day to day life!
song of style

song of style

song of style

song of style

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

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