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Black Dress: How to little black dress from formal to casual style!

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The black dress is the most classic and timeless piece of the women's wardrobe. Versatile, both in its use and in its possibilities, the black dress combines with many occasions, with any style and is perfect in all women, regardless of age or the physical body type.

The black dress has become the classic in the women wardrobe when it was designed and worn relentlessly by Gabrielle Coco Chanel. For the stylist, "a woman needs only two things in her life: a black dress and a man who loves her." Choose a "basic little black one" and use it any occasion. The black color helps in the versatility of the dress by combining with different colors. You can wear black with color such nudes, white, brown, navy blue, wine, dark red, dark green, dark purple, gray.
little black dress

Different ways to wear a black dress

A black dress can transmit power, formality, elegance, seriousness, authority, and glamour. When choosing the black dress, most women feel safer both because the piece is easy to match and because it looks good on all women.
There are several models of black dress: long, ideal for the night, perfect for parties, among other varieties. Below, I will give some tips to help you when choosing the ideal model and getting even more beautiful with your black dress.

Give your black dress more glamour with powerful accessories

If the idea is to work in the accessories, the black dress is ideal for it. The item allows you to abuse of accessories and make various combinations of necklaces, earrings, shoes, and bags. Maxi necklaces, more colorful shoes, powerful purses, all combine perfectly with a basic black. But it does not just allow us to work on accessories. The black dress allows us to use a more powerful makeup, a more elaborate hair, without seeming to be dressed for some super important event. So if the idea is to use creativity and put on a powerful look with the black dress, invest in accessories and also in makeup and hair.

Minimalist but fashion

With just a simple plain black dress, by the knee, with straps or sleeves and a neckline not very evidenced you get a simple and easy look. Do not wear any accessorize, keep a bare neck and ears for a clean look.  You can bet on a lighter makeup. Hair can be loose or tied up for more sophisticated air. Just attach a black clutch and classic black shoes. This look is suitable for sober ceremonies or for those who want to try a minimalist outfit, where less is more!
black dress

Black dress in the winter

If in summer it is more difficult to use black, in winter it is the official color of the season. Choose warmer and heavier fabrics and give preference to more bodycon models. If you have a summery dress, combine it with jackets, blazer and other types of coats to keep you warm. The pantyhose helps warm up your legs,  with long boots, you can invest in these accessories. You can create monochromatic looks, using all black, or make combinations with pieces of other colors, like brown that looks beautiful when used with black.
how to wear black dress in the winter

winter and black dress

black dress in the winter

Too sexy for my dress

The sexy look should be stylish at the same time. We do not want to look too provocative. The black dress may be strapless and/or with a neckline. Make mysterious smokey eyes and the lips in red. The accessories should be simple, therefore, we do not want to draw the attention of the face and the body. A black dress with lace, leather or fur is the sexiest you can find. Alternatively, you can choose a handkerchief or a clutch with lace details. The shoes should be high.
black dress sexy style

sexy black dress

black dress

black dress

black dress

Little Black Dress for the night

If it has a piece that is infallible for the night, surely it is the little black dress. For these occasions, forget the most basic dresses and bet on models with brilliance, fringe, lace or any other detail that makes it more incredible. Choose the dresses with different models and textures that make it look more modern. Leather jacket, denim jacket, blazer, vest and many accessories also contribute to modernize your outfit and make you even more stylish to the nightly events. Use with necklaces or earrings and a pretty clutch is a nice bet for who wants to rock in the black dress.
black dress

black dress for the night

black dress

Chic full of glamour

For the chic outfit you can keep the classic long or at the knee length, if you want to vary, you can choose a model slightly shorter, backless or with an interesting neckline. Accessorize with original, extravagant and even colorful pieces. Makeup can be bold, with winged eyeliner and a vibrant lipstick ( wine, red, orange or purple if you like). The nails can follow the color of the lipstick, but be careful not to exaggerate. Wear a blazer or a colored belt and work on your hairstyle. The shoes can be high heels and in a nude shade. You can also opt for booties if your dress is under the knee. Attention with the bright colors used you should keep the attention on the black and only one or two colors that match each other.
chic full of glamour


Little Black dress for the summer

Some person does not like to wear black in the summer because the black color is dark and absorb heat, it is not so suitable for hot days. However, by choosing a black dress model with lighter fabric, it is possible to wear the black dress in the summer. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen leave your dress lighter and super suitable for summer. Another tip is to choose black dresses with cutouts or models without sleeves and strapless. To create the mood for hot days, choose more colorful accessories and put the finishing touches on hats and flat shoes. 
black dress in the summer

summer dress

black dress

Modern and full of style

Combine your black dress with a blazer or a leather jacket in another color. If you do not want to wear a blazer or jacket, you can also opt for a light-colored trench coat. Wear black or gray opaque pantyhose a color that fits well with the color of the coat and chooses a boot to complete the outfit. You can use a necklace and metallic earrings if you want. The makeup should be light, although you can use a wine shade in the lips. This is a practical look to use during the day, to have coffee or go shopping.
black dress

Long black dress for the party

The black dress is also a great choice for weddings, graduations and other events that call for more formal looks. Give preference to long models to look more chic and elegant. Just avoid using the color in the wedding if you are a godmother since black is not suitable for such occasions unless the bride makes it clear that she does not care.
To make your outfit look fresh, lighter and glamorous with your long black dress, choose models with transparencies, slits, and cutouts. A good tip is to use some accessory marking the waist, with belts, helping to shape the body. Invest also in more powerful makeup, such as a red lip and more marked eyes, as the black dress allows.
long black dress

long black dress

Little black dress

The black sheath dress is the classic of the classics. For being a straight cut dress model, it defines the curves and leaves the woman more sensual. So if the idea is to be sexy and glamorous, bet on the little black dress. It can be used on different occasions such as nightclub, dinner, bar and even in the office as long as combined with a blazer and giving preference to knee lengths. Heel and black sheath dress are the perfect combinations because the shoe lengthens the legs and helps to make them more defined. Use powerful accessories such as necklaces and earrings. If the intention is not to make the body so prominent, add a second piece, such as a shirt, blazer or kimono, which helps to enhance the waist and disguise the curves of the body.
little black dress


black dress


The black dress for this look can be long or by the knee. Choose elegant accessories, not too flashy and without strong colors. Choose golden, silvery or shiny. Use a more elaborated hairstyle for an elegant look. Makeup can be bolder than the simple look, but be careful not to work too much into the accessories. It can be combined with a monochrome scarf, it does not need to be necessarily black, and with a clutch of the same color or black. The heels can be higher and with some detail that highlights them.
formal style

Black Dress: How to little black dress from formal to casual style!

Black Dress: How to little black dress from formal to casual style!

Keep it casual

For younger and for who like casual style, this outfit is essential. The black dress should be short and fluid, not too tight. Combine it with leather jackets, denim or knit coats with ethnic motif accessories. For the feet, you can choose between sneakers or sandals and boots. You can wear a pantyhose and a  shoulder bag complete the outfit. In the winter, add a hat and a thick scarf to keep warm.
casual style

casual style

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