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How is Korean Beauty Routine? Tips to Start a Korean Skincare Routine!

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Oriental women always look younger than they really are. Are they already born with the skin of dreams or the care routine followed to scratch cause the "porcelain" effect made in Japan or South Korea? I had a roommate from Japan and my closest friend is from Korea, I used to observe my roommate beauty routine and I talked to my Korean friend to discover some tricks of Korean beauty routine, next post I will talk about Japanese skincare routine. 

South Korea is currently the 8th cosmetics market in the world and tests somewhat exotic ingredients in the western market, such as snail extract and so on. The main motto of Korean beauty is "Skin Care Comes First". Therefore, the incessant search for alternatives that avoid premature aging skin and stains stimulates the use of at least 10 cosmetics a day in the Asian country.

For Koreans, taking care of the skin and worrying about keeping it looking good goes beyond a 10-step routine or specific products. In South Korea, moisturize and nourish the skin, protect it from the sun with sunscreen, consume antioxidant tea to prevent premature aging skin, all this is part of a true way of life.

But looking at just the following routine, the main goal of skin care is hydration. A well-moisturized skin is healthy, spotless, radiant (it looks strobing even without makeup) and has a smaller pore appearance and fine lines. Koreans know that despite the technology industry there is not a miracle cream that will erase wrinkles and blemishes or disappear with acne. There is no miracle what exists is the culture of prevention of skin problems and discipline.

Golden rule and tip for conquering the skin of your dreams:

Preventing is the best remedy, the double cleaning to eliminate residues of makeup and pollution works wonder and your skin thanks, do not forget that daily hydration is essential for a healthy skin, toning refresh and nourishes the skin, gives preference to products that contain natural ingredients in the formula, once again use sunscreen every day, healthy eating is the key to beautiful skin you are what you eat, and do not forget to be coherent with yourself.

Healthy food

Everything you put on your body affects the appearance of the skin. If you want a natural and enlightening effect, you should know that beauty comes from the inside out! The nutrients in fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin free of imperfections.

Be disciplined

The secret of Korean skin success is consistency. It is vital to follow the daily care routine, no matter how much busy you are!

For a young skin, do not be lazy! Do not wait until it is too late and there are irreversible damages. Your skin is precious, and you have to take good care of it!

Koreans learn to care for their skin since the young age. By teaching them to moisturize, tone and protect the skin and body from the sun's rays properly and how important it is to be in control of the health of the body's largest organ daily and, of course, a certain obsession with keeping the white skin, which is considered an ideal of beauty, wealth and power in the country.

Look for cosmetics that contain natural ingredients. Some ingredients indicated by Korean beauty experts are:

Green tea: helps revitalize the tired skin and maintain a natural and healthy glow. Being one of the most popular ingredients Asian beauty products nowadays, you can find a wide variety of products with it from moisturizers to essences and everything else. And Asian women drink a lot of green tea, and living in Asia for so long I have become adept of green tea due to its antioxidant power.

Snail Secretion: or snail extract is good especially for who has some spot on the face, Is an ingredient that is becoming more popular in Asian beauty product. Asian women often use creams with this ingredient when they have sensitive skin. It is known to help regenerate skin cells by bringing back a healthy looking.

Yeast is part of the vitamin B group. Products with this ingredient, including essences, help to improve metabolism and keep skin healthy. This ingredient has become popular in recent years for its anti-aging benefits. It is also great for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. 
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For A Clean Skin!
In Korean skincare routine, removing the makeup before bedtime is a rule that should never be ignored. To ensure skin free of impurity, Korean women divide facial cleansing into two steps. The first step is to apply an oil-based product on the face to remove makeup and traces of oiliness. Then comes the foam to remove the dirt. Do you know why? Two products are most effective at removing the various types of waste that build upon the skin during the day. A water-based soap removes impurities such as sweat.

This two-step approach ensures smooth, shiny skin and residue-free pores. Cleaning is the first step to a healthy skin. It's a must for both for who wear makeup and who does not because dirt builds up throughout the day.

The third step in this routine is exfoliation, which is the means by which dead cells are removed from the surface of the skin, thus contributing to the process of cell renewal. Exfoliation also helps reduce the appearance of pores "the only appearance, since pore size, is determined genetically" and prevent blackheads and pimples.

Ps: This is a step that should not be repeated daily, especially if you have a oily or sensitive skin. The ideal is between two or three times during the week, depending on how your skin responds.
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Do not forget the toner
For those who have oily skin and even acne, the tonic is very indicated.
I'm sure you do not want to skip this step in your daily beauty routine. The toning agent, in general, is what prepares the skin after cleansing so that the following products are absorbed correctly by the skin.

Toning the skin replenishes and nourishes the skin while reducing the size of the pores. In Korea, they're called refreshers, and that's exactly what they do. Apply a toner and let's go to the next step to get the skin of dreams.

Essence for a Hydrated skin
It is also very popular essences, which are more light textured liquids, to treat specific problems such as wrinkles and acne!
The essence normally has the same aspect of the typical Korean tonic, a transparent liquid, very close to a water, with a very soft fragrance or without any perfume. And it is enriched with nutrients that guarantee its function. But what is this function? The essence enters the routine after the use of the tonic, that is, after restoring the PH of the skin that can be unbalanced with cleaning, to prepare it for the true care and purpose of this routine: hydration. Normally I use Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, it works wonder on my skin. Buy Here.

In this step, is to deal with specific skin problems. It is here that more attention occurs if there are fine lines that deserve care, or if the skin has acne, or if there are blemishes. This step is optional, I always skip this step and you should include it in your routine only if there is any specific concern that deserves prevention or some specific condition that should be dealt with more intensely. You can even adopt a serum or ampoule to intensify the other steps and enrich your routine: keeping the skin tone even though there are no noticeable spots, for example.
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Moisturizing masks
This step is my favorite because I love to use the sheet masks and I always keep a lot of them at home, I love the final result. A great way to moisturize your skin is sheet masks. Just keep the product on the face for 15-20 minutes to ensure that the nutrients are absorbed. Another way to moisturize your skin is to wear a night mask, which creates a protective layer on your skin, keeping all active ingredients under the surface for better absorption while you sleep. A common ingredient in Korean beauty products is hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain skin's smoothness and firmness.

Hydration is the main goal of this routine. All other steps exist just to prepare the skin to receive the moisturizer, to potentiate and increase the efficiency of hydration. A hydrated skin is more radiant, more uniform and with a better appearance of fine lines when they exist.
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Eye Cream
The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face and quite susceptible to fine lines, bag under the eyes or dark circles. For all this, the creams specific to this region are usually as serums or ampoules, that is, more concentrated in their nutrients, and, at the same time, have smoother formulations and is not aggressive.

Daily hydration is the key.

Just like you, your skin feels thirsty too. South Koreans invigorate the complexion with moisturizers loaded with moisturizing ingredients to prevent wrinkles. If you want to decrease the signs of aging, maintain the softness, firmness and youthful glow of the skin, it is very important to moisturize the skin one day and the other as well. Koreans use at least two moisturizers in sequence: the emulsion, which has a lighter formula, and a more powerful moisturizer on top. This tip increases the effectiveness of hydration and is followed not only in the Asian countries but indicated by beauticians in Europe as well.

Use a sunscreen
If moisturizing is the most important part of the nightly beauty routine, sunscreen is the most important daytime beauty routine.
Many Asian women do not leave the house without applying the sunscreen. The best advice is to always protect your skin, especially when you are leaving home. No matter the season or if the sun is not showing up, okay? After all, UVA and UVB rays continue to act, even when the sky is gray and cloudy. With the sunscreen, it is possible to prevent premature skin aging, wrinkles, and blemishes.

One very important point is that Koreans take great care of the skin, at least most of them. They do not wear makeup just to look pretty, they do lots of treatments.

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How I adapted Korean beauty care to my beauty routine

I confess this routine worked wonder for my skin, my skin got even softer and glowing, but also I started to have some blackhead. 
One week I use this beauty routine, this the right order I apply the product:
The order of use is:


Wash with water and mild soap; Exfoliation; Tonic; Essence; Eye cream; Moisturizing Cream; Sunscreen


Oil-based make-up remover if I'm using any makeup; Water-based soap; Facial Mask (3x per week); Tonic; Eye Cream; Moisturizing Cream; Night creams

The final step of the routine I apply a good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid at bedtime. Use the cream of your choice and replace it 3 times a week with a sleeping mask.

Of course, this can vary from person to person, and some people do not use all products, but most use at least 3 or 5 of them, and the most important of them are, moisturizer cream, anti-wrinkle creams, and sunscreen. In addition to these, they have masks, the use of these sheet masks, is very common here, I use almost every day especially before going on dates. 

Do you have any considerations? If you take care of your skin every day, on a regular basis, there is no way your skin could not look more beautiful.

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