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How To Make The Makeup Last Longer To After Work Party!

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That makeup applied in the morning can even last through the night, especially when you have a party or happy hour after the work. What's more, it's another environment and requires another touch and look. Especially in the summer, making a makeup looking pretty for hours seems like quite a challenge. However, there are a few steps that can make makeup last longer. Some tips are old and some women know, but they still ignore it.
Here are some suggestions for you to see how to make your makeup last longer. The tips are also valid for those who want to update the makeup for the after-work happy hour!
makeup tips

Clean your skin very well before makeup
The first step seems obvious, but it does not always happen in fact. The skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a special soap for the face, and without residues of any product. To make sure that my skin is clean, I use a cotton pad soaked with astringent to remove the remaining residue.
makeup tips

Hydrate the skin before the makeup

I know that everyone is tired to know, but oil and water are different things. The first one leaves the skin oily and dirt-like appearance. While the second is responsible for leaving the skin moisturized, with a healthy appearance. So the importance of cleansing plus moisturizing combo, even for oily skins. If you just clean and do not apply a moisturizer, your skin will try to replace the lost fluid with oil, causing the opposite effect on the skin.

It's a miracle product! The two main functions of the primer are to camouflage the pores and hold the makeup for longer. And it works! It also does not allow the skin to glow too much with the oiliness. Worth the investment!

Good quality foundation with a great coverage
Speaking of investment a foundation of quality is essential so that the skin well done lasts the necessary time. But stay calm. You do not need to spend a lot on a beauty product. For example, Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Foundation, it is cheap, super work on the skin with a great coverage and lasts longer.

It has become the fever and some of the women love illuminators, being on creamy or powdered form. Look for a tone that fits your taste and skin tone and does not play. Apply above of the cheekbone, over the bony of the nose.

Use a powerful eyelash
As we are reusing the makeup, just applying more layers of mascara may not work. In some cases, it may become thick. So the trick is to bet on the false eyelashes. Today there are options for all tastes and pockets, I bet you will find one that is perfect for your style.

Reapply your blush
First and big step. The blush on the cheeks guarantees a cheerful air, of health and disposition. The basics for who want to go to a party or happy hour after work, right? If you want to ensure that it will last longer, use two: a creamy and a powder on top. Just take care not to exaggerate.

Powerful smokey eyes
Make a powerful brown and black smokey eye, and finish the look with winged eyeliner. Party and be happy! In the eyes, opt for waterproof products, which do not smudge with perspiration or excess oiliness of the skin. Mascara and eye pencils of this type can be found at specialized stores.
smokey eyes

smokey eyes

Power lips
A good lipstick gives a special touch to any makeup. Besides, a vibrant color with a matte finish also disguises that pimple on the face that you do not to draw attention to. My advice next summer is to bet in a shade of orange and pink since it will be the trend!


Mattifying wipes or absorbing wipe

Keep a box of mattifying tissues in the bag and, throughout the day, press the wipe on the oily areas of the face to remove the excess. The product is easily found in perfumeries and pharmacies, is powerful. It removes excess oil from the skin without spoil the makeup.

Finish the makeup with a setting spray
When finishing the makeup, you should apply a makeup setting spray, a product used to help the makeup to fix to face, making it last longer and stay beautiful throughout the day. The Thermal Water is a product that when applied at the end helps to fix the makeup.
setting spray

These tips are very simple and easy to follow and will help to ensure a good final result, making the makeup to last all day.

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