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How To Take Care of Your Beauty While You Sleep!

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Having beauty care is the key to keeping the skin young, healthy and pretty for long. And doing it at night is even better: in addition to providing well-being, it is the time that our skin is more prepared to receive the products. At night, the metabolism of skin cells increases and therefore it absorbs nutrients better than at any other time of day.
So if you are not in the habit of doing a beauty ritual before bedtime, here are some tips to improve your well-being and your beauty.
Knowing how to use intelligent products, it is possible to treat the body, face, and hair while you enjoy your hours of sleep. Here are some tips on what you can do while you sleep to start your day more relaxed and pretty!

The main care with the skin before bed is cleaning. The soap is not enough. To remove all of the residues of your makeup, use a good makeup remover or a facial tonic. Apply the product with a cotton pad, until it leaves without traces of makeup.
With clean skin is the time to take advantage to provide nutrients and hydration to the skin. Use nourishing night creams with collagen and vitamin C for skin. If you have a tendency to suffer from acne or blemishes, enjoy the night to use products that fight the problem. The same goes for creams that prevent wrinkles and sagging (especially in the eyes and neck area). Because of the ingredients, these formulas can only be used when there is no solar radiation (at the risk of staining the skin). Just remember to wash your face thoroughly and wipe the product completely when you wake up. If you have problems with dark circles, use specific creams for the dark circles in the eyes to soften the appearance in the morning. Enjoy the night to keep your lips moisturized and prevent cracking.
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Body Cares
Dry areas of the body such as heels, elbows, and knees need special care. Enjoy the night to use dense and powerful moisturizers. If you prefer, use vegetable oils to hydrate these regions: in addition to being more potent, they are more natural and nutritious.

Stretch Marks and Cellulite
It is not just the face that benefits from night care: Bedtime is great for to deal with stretch marks and cellulite. Creams containing fat-burning accelerators, creams containing caffeine and anti-inflammatory creams can help fight cellulite. For stretch marks, retinoic or glycolic acids are efficient solutions that promise to greatly improve the appearance of the skin.

Hands and feet
After a full day of work by exposing your hands to various products and even the sun the best time to take care of your hands is at night, as they will go to rest without having to wash. It is during the night that the ingredients will act on the skin. So use good moisturizers on your hands and be sure to moisturize your nails and cuticles. And do not forget your feet they also ask for cares: the night is the best time to hydrate your feet. Prefer specific foot creams as it has a more powerful moisturizing action.
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Hair cares
There are some ways to take care of the hair while you sleep. There are several brands of night leave-in to moisturize the hair while sleeping. These products contain agents that recover, nourish and protect hair fibers from the aggressions suffered during the day. The product can be applied to the wet or dry hair "the hair does not get greasy". And you can be carefree: the cream does not stain the pillowcase.

Hydration with vegetable oils: To save the time of daytime hydration of the hair, a good option is to do the nocturnal hydration with vegetable oils. Because they are lighter than creams, you can use them during sleep without making dirt; but just in case you should cover the pillow with a towel. Spend a small amount on the tips and more dry areas of the hair. Some options are argan oils, avocado oil, coconut oil and wheat germ. If you want to strengthen the hair, use castor oil on the scalp. In the morning, wash your hair normally.
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Well being and a good night of sleep
In addition to all these care, it is important to make the place of sleep pleasant. Darkroom with adequate ventilation, no noise. To help you relax, you can use lavender essential oil. Put on the diffuser a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bedroom before bed, in addition to helping to relax and soothe, will leave your room with a pleasant aroma. Use 4 drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow. 

The lavender essential oil is also very beneficial for the skin. Before sleeping you can add 2 droplets together with your night cream. To moisturize the body you can also add your moisturizer or vegetable oil. Having a good night of sleep is very important and works as a natural beautifier, and these tips can further improve your self-esteem and well-being.
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How about you? Do you also take care of beauty while you sleep? If so, leave it in the comment.

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