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Leather Pants: Learn How To Wear This Versatile Piece!

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With these cold days of the winter, the wardrobe undergoes some changes and some parts are integrated or even replaced. And if you have a piece that stands out in the days of lower temperatures, it is the leather pants.
Dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses and mainly trousers conquered the runway and the heart of the fashionistas. However, there are still those who have doubts when using it. Remembering that the first point that we should consider when composing an outfit is where we are going. We should make sure that the place/event is casual or more formal, and from there, it's just fun. The pants can be original leather, even synthetic leather or eco-friendly, they are the hottest alternatives to replace the traditional jeans, whether for an outfit for the work or an outfit for the night.
Leather pants can easily be the main protagonist of the outfit and can transition from the more formal look to a casual look, depending on the combination of other pieces, shoes, and accessories. Undoubtedly, the piece combined with knits, jackets or coats may be your favorite winter look. See three suggestions on ways to wear leather pants for both work and events.

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Leather pants with sweater, or knit sweater

Nothing more warm and cozy on cold days than a wool sweater. If the sweater is wider, it is more appropriate to be combined with skinny pants, so that it does not create much volume on the top and bottom of the outfit. Usually, the sweater or knit shirt tend to leave the upper body larger, so to balance the silhouette it is best to opt for models of pants more fleshy. This type of composition is very cool because it uses a mix of textures that leave any outfit modern and stylish. It is possible to assemble a production with these pieces with a more sporty chic touch, just wear a sneaker.
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Leather Pants with T-shirts, Coat, and Sandals or Boots

This option you can use for both a bar and pub, as well as for the workday. It all depends on how you finish the outfit. If you wear a blazer on top, you can wear it in the office without any problems. If you prefer not to wear coats and abuse of necklaces and bracelets, you are with the night outfit. Super versatile parts that can create various combinations!
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Leather pants with trench coats

On the colder days, a heavier coat becomes necessary, even over a sweater or a wool coat. The warmer coats can be below the hip and are commonly combined with scarves so that the neck region will be also protected.

To lengthen the silhouette, just wear it with ankle boots with the same color of pants. About the proportions of the pieces and balancing the outfit, the more sequin models of pants are more indicated to balance the silhouette since this type of coat generally has more volume. Another alternative to giving a special charm is by adding a colorful scarf to the monochromatic outfits.
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Leather pants with Blazer and Pump or Stiletto heels

Ideal to use at work or more formal occasions. I have chosen different colors of blazers for you to see that the tip is quite universal. Basic black, plain light and dark with scratches are all welcome. To keep the seriousness of the outfit, invest in a discreet and structured shirt, a clutch, plus neutral stiletto heels to finish the production.
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Leather Plus Leather

The mix of leather pieces at the top and bottom of the outfit may not be as likely, but it is possible and if properly combined it can be an outfit with lots of fashion information, for the outfit to be more modern it is nice to wear two colors, the jacket, the blouse  and the shirt of one color and the pants of other.

Create the outfit with pieces of leather of the same color, but composed with a shirt or blouse of more color, as this can work to tune the waist. If you want a more fashionable outfit, you can bet in a faux fur vest over the outfit, even wearing a leather jacket, a long, tight vest can create a fashionable outfit worthy of street style.
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Leather pants plus Denim shirt and High heels

The jeans shirts certainly represent a good investment for any wardrobe as they are highly combinable pieces and can be the ultimate charm for many compositions. They can be worn inside the pants, on the outside or even tied, giving a differential to the outfit. Perfect for a weekend or for those who work in a more casual work environment. The denim shirt will always bring a more jovial air to the production, regardless of what it is combined. In this case, it breaks the typical leather weight and makes the outfit even more stylish. Combined with high heels, a sneaker, oxford or espadrille, denim, and leather form a pretty combo! Leather pants can be made up of glamorous accessories and the outfit can go for dinners and happy hours, so either bet on shoes with thin heels or with stones.
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Leather pant with Shirt, blazer and high heels or boot

The lighter fabric shirts can be very versatile for looks that require a more formal touch. Since leather pants have a more sensual touch, it is interesting to take care if the shirt is very transparent, depending on when the outfit will be worn. About the composition of leather pants with shirts, the good tip is to bet on pants in the flare model and to compose with shirts with a tailored shape, on the feet high heels or boot, for example, squares heels, leave the outfit more formal and less sensual, this look is great for the office, if the dress code of the company allows.
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Leather Pants: Learn How To Wear This Versatile Piece!
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