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Makeup step by step for the black skin: Tips to value your beauty!

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Makeup is an ally and best friend of a large part of the female population, after all, it is able to value beauties and give more confidence to the women.
In order to not make mistakes, you must choose the right products that are appropriate for the type and tone of your skin. And when it comes to makeup for black skin, it's no different.
Although it contains a greater amount of melanin, it is very important to keep the skin protected from the sun's rays and therefore the black skin also asks for the daily use of sunscreen. In addition, preparing the skin well is a secret for a beautiful skin and that fits all women.
But before applying your makeup you need to take some care to make a perfect makeup and make your skin even more beautiful! Remember that each type of skin requires special care. Therefore,  I'm going to teach you some makeup tricks especially for black skin.
black skin makeup

Remove makeup before bed
Sleeping with excess makeup accelerates the aging of the skin, clogs the pores and helps in the appearance of pimples and acne. So it is recommended to remove all the makeup before sleep, and always apply a night cream.
Remove all makeup then clean your skin very well
Use a two-phase eye conditioner and a makeup remover for the rest of the face, then clean your face with an appropriate soap for your skin type and moisturize as usual. You may have heard that makeup dry the skin. The product itself does not dry out the skin, but poor skincare contributes to dryness. Therefore, it is very important that you moisturize before and after make.

Prepare your skin before applying the makeup

The secret to a perfect skin is to invest in a good preparation of skin leaving it clean and oil-free, I always use a micellar water or skin conditioner it is a great investment and clean the skin by removing all the residue and impurities. Wash face with soap ideal for your skin type; Tone and moisturize skin with your favorite moisturizer and apply sunscreen. For oily skin, avoid using moisturizers. The best thing to do is use a primer. 
Now that you've learned how to hydrate your skin before and after your makeup, learn how to do it and stay beautiful throughout the day!

Invest in concealers of different colors: just as the foundation the concealer should also have different shades, invest in a palette that has several shades of concealer and a great option.
Yellow Concealer: Indicated for small purple bruises or purple imperfections.
Purple Concealer: Indicated for brownish imperfections or yellow-orange imperfections.
Green Concealer: Indicated for imperfections or reddish scars.

Tip when buying foundation
To buy the foundation, the only way is to test on your own skin to see if it matches your skin tone. Another tip for the moment of purchase is to consult the composition of the foundation; avoid foundation that contains a component called titanium dioxide as it leaves the skin even darker and greyish. Foundation with more rosy tones also add a greyish appearance to the black skin, so choose the foundation with a warmer tone, pulling to the orange color, which ensures more golden tonality for the skin.
To achieve a natural makeup as it is the trend for the next seasons, I advise the use of colors slightly lighter and darker than your skin tone, to create the optical illusion of volume, light, and shadow.
Step 1: Foundation
Choose a good foundation with full coverage that matches your skin tone, preferably those with a reddish background. How to apply: apply the foundation from the inside out, with a brush or with the tips of the fingers, leaving the skin uniform with a natural effect.

Step 2: Concealer
According to the need for the skin. For dark circles, use a yellow concealer. It will neutralize the dark under the eyes. To cover the acne, use a green color concealer. Then, apply a concealer for your skin tone. How to apply: apply the concealer with a brush, or with the tips of the fingers.
To disguise the defects of the skin like pimples, blackheads and dark circles, use yellow, purple and green concealer.
Step 3: Compact powder
Use a brush appropriate for this product, always removing excess of forehead, chin, and cheek.
black skin makeup

Step 4: Blush
Always gives preference to the shades like dark pink, peach and bronze, golden tones, browns and shore coast.

Step 5: Illuminator 
Since the trend for the next seasons is an illuminated skin. Use one with tan and golden particles. How to apply: always on the tips, on the sides, between the eyes and the cheek.
makeup for the black skin

Step 6: Eyeshadow
Dark brown smoky eyes
The brown smoky eyes is a makeup option that looks great on all skin tones. Also, it is very easy to do. In dark and black skin the dark makeup values the look and leaves it sensual. It is worth betting, you only have to pay attention to the makeup balance when choosing the lipstick, taking into account also the occasion! For a neutral makeup, use a brown with black smoky. If you want to rock in the night and do not know which shadow to use, abuse the emerald green, blue or purple. How to apply: Apply in the whole corner, the tone darker and the black in the concave.
smokey eyes

black skin makeup

Step 7: Eyeliner
Use a bevel or tip brush. You can abuse colors too. The blue eyeliner and eggplant combine with black skin.
Step 8: Mascara
Wear a lot of mascara and especially in the corner to emphasize your pretty eyes. How to apply: Remove excess from the brush so that it does not have any excess. Apply as many layers as needed.

Step 9: Lipstick
The red favors the black skin, the wine, a dark pink with more closed tone and orange. How to apply: You can apply a pencil in the tone of the lipstick and over the lipstick of the desired color. The matte lipstick has a better fixation. Corner of the mouth: correct with a concealer in a lighter tone and apply the foundation over.
celebrity makeup


celebrity makeup

In rush days
For a full day, use a BB cream. It is practical, moisturizes and evens tone the skin. It can be used in color and resolves as if it were everything. It has all the functions in one single product.
Take it easy
If you draw attention from the eyes, remember that the mouth should be neutral. A nude or light color lipstick. Nude lipstick, black girls should be careful with the famous nude lipsticks since the color can leave the lips with a washed out appearance. The ideal is to opt for colors that are close to the tone of the mouth. The color of the lipstick is ideal to combine with heavier eye makeup. Not to make mistakes in nude lipstick, opt for lipsticks of that hue with a pink background.

See some youtube tutorial!

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