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Pretty Before To Sleep: How To Take Care Of The For The Beauty Sleep!

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There are some special care that if you include in your night beauty ritual can ensure a much more beautiful and rested skin. If you do not have a beauty routine before to sleep you should think about it seriously. Learn some tips in this article that will make you wake up prettier and happier with yourself and realize the importance of having a ritual before going to bed.

Having beauty rituals before bedtime is important not only to keep your skin healthy but also to take care of your self-esteem. During the night, the metabolism of skin cells increases and therefore it absorbs more and better nutrients than at any other time of day. Here are the essential steps to take in this beauty ritual:

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Step 1: Remove your makeup

The soap, however, it may be good, but it is not enough. To remove all of your makeup, have a good makeup remover or facial tonic (replace with an astringent lotion if your skin is oily). A good make-up remover, or facial tonic, is essential to completely remove your makeup. Apply the product on your skin with a cotton cloth until there is no trace of makeup residue, foundation, eyeshadow or blush left.

Step 2: Apply a cleansing foam, gel or cream

These products have a deep action helping to remove impurities such as makeup and excess oiliness. Care should be taken only with the directions on the label regarding the product's permanence on the face.
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Step 3: Wash your face

Wash your face with a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type and remove with water. Preferably do not wash your face with hot water. Twice a week apply a specific scrub cream to remove dead cells. Some brands also have exfoliation masks. The choice only depends on your preference. This cleansing will leave your skin much brighter and free of those black dots that, if not removed, tend to become blackheads. At the end of the exfoliation, wash your face thoroughly.

Step 4: Toner

Unfortunately, only soap and water cannot remove all the impurities that our face accumulates throughout the day. Therefore, in addition to them, it is necessary to use the facial tonic, a product that removes the deeper residues, preventing the obstruction of the pores.

Step 5: Cream for the eyes

This is a tip specially dedicated to those who suffer from dark circles due to tiredness. After your skin cleansing ritual, use two moist chamomile tea bags and place over each of your eyes and leave for 10 minutes while you relax.  In more severe cases a cream with vitamin K will make a difference, there is several eyes serum for the specific cases.
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Step 6: Moisturize your skin

A good moisturizer is essential to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Choose a good night moisturizer that fits your skin type. Some formulas still contain nourishment ingredients, which help maintain cell firmness. Just be careful when choosing which should be according to your skin type (recommended by your doctor according to your skin type: normal, combination, oily or dry).

Night Care Products

At night is the right time to apply treatment creams such as blemish, antiaging and acne treatments. Some products are exclusive for the night care because they contain acids and other components that should be avoided in daylight. However, there are also those products that can be used at night as facilitators and enhancers of its benefits.

 Facial cleanser
There is no point in moisturizing the face and eyes if the skin is not clean. Therefore, an indispensable product in your beauty routine is facial soap. Always wash your face before bed and give preference to soaps that are specific to the face and suitable for your skin type.
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Eyes cream
It is not always that a good night of sleep is enough to wake up without dark circles. If you have dark spots under your eyes, one tip is to use eye contour or dark circles creams. They moisturize the most sensitive part of the eyes, softening the dark circles and also the bags under the eyes. Sometimes, these creams, being specific to the eye region, also serve to soften wrinkles and lines of expression.

Anti-blemish cream
For those who want to eliminate or ameliorate skin blemishes, be they caused by the sun or by acne scars, the best option is to opt for a night cream. Usually, these products combine elements to leave the skin more uniform with agents to moisturize and leave the skin invigorated.

Anti-acne products should also be used in your night treatment routine because they have acids and are more effective at night. The function of the anti-acne cream is to clear the pores, preventing the appearance of acne and eliminate existing acne without leaving scars on the skin.
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One of the most used creams in the night treatment are products with anti-aging function. Because it normally contains acids, the best time to apply it is at night, avoiding exposure to the sun's rays. These cosmetics have the function of attenuating wrinkles, invigorating and renewing the skin, leaving it more moisturized and smooth.

Creating a night beauty routine and try to follow it faithfully, is really worth. Use specific products for what you want and give preference to those who have a night action. If you notice that your problems continue, consult a dermatologist. The doctor can tell you products to act directly on what you need. By following the habit of this beauty ritual before going to sleep, your skin will thank you and you will feel better and wake up happier!
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