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SkinCare: My beauty and skincare routine for this winter!

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I had never made a post about my beauty routine or something similar since the creation of the blog, today's post I want to share with you my beauty routine for this winter.

It's scary for me because this winter, my skin has already begun to suffer from low temperatures, cracked lips, rough skin, and ironically, increased oiliness are just a few that are happening to my skin on these colder days.

In winter the days become colder, rainier and windy. These environmental changes oblige us to use heating in our homes, which in turn makes the air drier. With all these environmental changes both the skin and the hair can be affected, and sometimes it becomes necessary to change the products and routines that we used in the previous seasons. 

What happens with the Skin in the winter

At this time, the skin tends to lose water more easily, which causes a sensation of sensitiveness, and the skin starts to getting cracked or even peeling, and this is felt mainly by those who already suffer from dry skin. However, some oily skins may also suffer from dehydration, and some special care should also be reinforced at this time.

In addition to these problems that affect most people, diseases such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis usually worsen at this time.

Why does the skin suffer so much in the winter?

There are several reasons that explain why our skin suffers so much in the winter. One is that, as the humidity in the air gets low in the cold day, our body sweating also decreases. In other words, we sweat less in the winter, which makes our skin dry.

It is also very common at this time to take hotter baths for the sake of, let's say survive in the winter! But, as many of you are already tired of knowing, hot water does very bad for our skin because it damages the lipid-mantle, responsible for giving the soft and smooth texture to the skin. The opposite can also happen, which is when the skin loses so much natural oiliness that it ends up producing, even more, oil, leaving the hair more oily than normal.

Cold days also causes our skin to lose important proteins causing extreme dryness and even some more serious diseases like seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

My new skincare routine

In the winter I had to change a little bit my routine of care adding some essential products and taking others that are not so good in the cold day. I need, for example, to change my cleaning soap to a less stringent one. If you have a dry skin you can add the facial oils, which are great for all skin types, and use and abuse of the thermal water to maintain the skin. Important: If you have a sensitive skin do not use whitening cream, exfoliating cream or acidic products. Because the skin becomes even more sensitive in winter and all you do not want to do is to harm your skin. I particularly like to intensify my skin care, introducing richer and more potent products to maintain my skin healthy.

These are some of the products I use in my day-to-day life. Nothing extravagant, just essential items for a clean, toned and moisturized skin.


Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam, Innisfree (I super recommend it for oily skin). You can buy it Here

To prevent acne
Tea tree blemish clear lotion precious, Naruko. Buy it here  

Face moisturizer
Moisture Surge, Clinique

Eye serum
All about eyes serum, Clinique

Aqua Rich  watery essence 50+, Biore

Lip balm (I keep it always in the bag)
Chubby stick moisturizing lip color balm, Clinique

I wake up, clean the face, and I apply these products in the order listed.

skincare tips


Liquid facial soap, Clinique

Then I apply Hyaluronic acid Skin conditioner, I started to use it after my Japanese ex-roommate recommended it to me and I love it.

Face moisturizer
Black spots and lines defying night jelly, Naruko. Here

Eye contour
All about eyes, Clinique

Lip balm
skincare routine

I start by cleaning the morning products because I rarely use makeup. Since I have an oily skin but want to clear some old marks and scars, sometimes I use a skin conditioner after washing my skin, it makes my skin very smooth.

For the body nothing better than a powerful moisturizer but with a light texture and mild smell that does not interfere with the perfume, right? In my daily care I, use the Cetaphil Body Moisturizing lotion which, in addition to leaving the skin soft and moisturized, fragrance-free.

For the hands, which also suffer during this time because I do not like to wear gloves, I use a hand Cream from L'Occitane, which moisturizes my hands! It's a delicacy !!! It has a super delicate fragrance of flower !!!
body care

1-2x A Week or Skin SOS

Sine control & blemish clear peeling gel, Naruko

Moisturizing Mask
Purifying clay mask & cleanser In 1, Naruko. Buy here  
Whitening pure pearl mask, Oriks
Canadian pore cleanser mask, Neogen. Here  
Gold collagen essence mask, Dermal. Here  
facial masks

Twice a week, I exfoliate the skin with this peeling, and on the days when the skin gets dehydrated I use this moisturizing mask that I always have at home.

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