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Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!

Hello, sweethearts! It is winter and we have to keep ourselves warm but without losing our glamour! Winter looks are always synonymous of elegance and some trends, as the dark and soberer tones perpetuate themselves, but there is always something new to delight the fashionistas. 

At the same time that in the winter people are more elegant, it is also in this season that we are lazier to get dressed, I especially get too lazy to create outfits on this season, it is what I call fashion laziness? Sometimes I just throw one coat over the other, wear the jeans and a shoe it is comfy and ready, if to keep warm is the priority, of course. Being fashion in winter is a lot of work, right? But we can be fashion with practical and basic productions on the coldest days.
Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!

Tips to create cozy, warm and stylish looks in the winter

For who likes, you can bet in fun socks, embroidered coats, comfortable shoes that will not bother you during use are some indispensable items in any woman's wardrobe that love to blend comfort and style. 

Coats in fabrics like tweed, wool, and Trenchcoat are hot and never go out of style; Sweatshirts are also a comfortable option for day to day.
Skinny pants with a long T-shirt is a good and comfortable choice. Boots without heels still has its glamor, enjoy to use in the daily outfit.

Winter Accessories

Winter accessories may be the simplest to fit into the looks, as they are versatile pieces such as scarves, hats, and pashminas, which in addition to various neck positions can also be worn on the waist, on the arm, as a vest (if it is quite large ) and even as a scarf in the hair, with several options of knots and styles. Now hats and gloves they give charm to any basic look.

Jeans + T-shirt + leather jacket + sneakers/boots
For those who want something more basic, a good and old jeans are the best companion. Usually, they can fulfill the task of keeping you warm in the cold day, just combine with delicate or fun sweaters or t-shirt and you will have a look full of style. Sneakers are warmly welcomed in this case as they usually match with all types of jeans.
The leather jacket never goes out of style! Besides being timeless, it goes well with any look and a trendy look that we love. What can change from season to season are the details.
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Pencil skirt + blouse + fur waistcoat +  boot
The pencil skirt is one of the most sophisticated items you can have in your closet. Uniting the sophistication of your body trim, with different textures, such as the waistcoat, you can not go wrong in production, which is ideal for nightly events and that demand more charming looks.
Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!


Legging/skinny pants + blouse + trenchcoat + boot
The trenchcoat is one of the key pieces in the women's wardrobe. Great for all occasions, including party, as it provides comfort, protection, and style in one piece. The legging is also super comfortable and has several combination options ranging from sports looks, you can choose to wear with a sneaker, for example, to classic productions in heeled boots or sandals.
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Leather trousers + sweater + sneaker
Another must-have item in the cold seasons is leather, or synthetic material similar to leather. The elegance of this material brings sobriety to the look and combines with almost everything: from bright colors to pastel shades, from boots to sneakers.


Dress + pantyhose + coat + boot
In the warmer city, or even in the colder city it is possible to enjoy the dresses in the cold. Simply wear a dress with a pair of pantyhose and a boot, such as ankle boots. In addition, it is romantic and the production is comfortable with an air of lightness.
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Skirt + pantyhose + blouse + jacket + boot
Another option for those who like a romantic touch in their pieces is the mixture of the skirt with pantyhose. The boot is an option for the coldest, but can also be used with pumps, sandals, and even sneakers. Jackets, usually made of leather or with more delicate embroidery, give the special charm to the outfit.
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Fur coats

You find furry coats of different models. In length, you find pieces that are longer, almost like an overcoat and smaller pieces, like jackets. Another variety is in the texture of the coat, some are fuller and have more volume, others are thinner and with less volume. Regardless of the style, they are a great option to give that different touch in the visual. When in doubt, combine the piece with other basic ones that have no error. And if you want more glamor, choose to play with textures on the clothes and combine the jacket with pieces such as dresses, leather pants, etc.

Faux fur coat + pants/legging/jeans + boots

Comfortable and stylish
The furry blouses or coats are ideal pieces for a modern and stripped look. In addition to all this, they are warm and comfortable, meaning the perfect mix for the winter. Do not be afraid to mix colored pieces or textures when creating the outfit. Play with the colors, not every look of this season needs to be in dark shades. Whether for the night or the day, these coats and blouses will give super right!
Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!


Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!

Fur blouses + jeans + boot

The furry blouses are a pure charm and glamour. All fuzzy, they are great for giving a touch of modernity to any look. They can be worn with either basic pieces such as jeans. Or they can enter into a more elaborate production, with a leather pants or skirt, finishing with a boot or a pump. For those who like a more discreet look, choose the blouses in neutral tones, it helps when you are creating the outfit and is stylish in the same way.
Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!

Long skirt + blouse + coat +boot

Long skirt with a cool pantyhose and a nice long-sleeved wool blouse is your perfect match for a cold day with charm and femininity.

Attention in the combination of the model of the skirt and the coat. If both are wide you may look fatter than you really are and few people look cool with loose models. The ideal is a loose skirt with a jacket or overcoat with a belt cut to improve the proportions in the visual.
Tips to create Cozy, Warm and Stylish Outfits in the Winter!
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                                                           Happy New Year!

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