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Top 12 beauty products that every woman should have!

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It is a proven fact that we women love beauty products that help us look even better.That's why it's important to know which products have the greatest benefits and the right way to use them, so, you can get all the benefits. Regardless of the brands, it is important that your daily facial, body and hair care routine include those products that will surely work wonders. I made some research and talked to some girls to find out the top 10 products that are really needed in the home!
Night Moisturizer Cream

Skin Cleansers 
Cleansing the face is one of the most important steps of the daily care routine. Choose an oil, a gel, mousse or cleansing lotion that you should use to clean the face, always with warm or cold water. The gel should be chosen according to each type of skin and should be used daily. There are several ranges and complement each other with several skin cleansing packs. You can also opt for the cleansing wipes, which are quite practical and good eye makeup remover. The tonic is always a compliment to the cleaning because it will close the pores and prevent the skin to get oily.
skin cleansers

Exfoliating lotion or peeling gel
The exfoliating is a super important product to have a beautiful and healthy skin. Once a week you should do an exfoliation as this will help remove the dead cells from the skin, leaving it smoother, and free of impurities.
exfoliator cream

Daily Moisturizer  Cream
Using a good facial moisturizer, with SPF, does a lot more for the health of your skin than you think! It is essential for a healthy,  hydrated, luminous skin and protected from external aggressions and are presented in the most diverse forms and textures, adjusted to each type of skin and their needs.
moisturizer cream

Sunscreens are essential to protect and moisturize your skin. UVA and UVB sunscreens with a protection factor of 30 and moisturizers are the products whose effectiveness is best demonstrated scientifically. There are several brands of sunscreen so there is no excuse for not being protected.

Eye Contour Cream
Daily use of a cream for the eye contour should also be part of your skin care routine and is one of the products that are obviously in my top 10! This zone is more sensitive and has specific needs because the skin around the eyes is very fragile and sensitive and is more susceptible to the signs of aging. So a good hydration helps a lot to prevent these signs because it gives more firmness and elasticity to the skin and reduces the fine line.
eye contour cream

BB Cream
BB cream is undoubtedly a product that really needs to be with you! They are moisturizers, soothing and sunscreens, and in some cases still, work as a foundation.
bb cream

Night Moisturizer Cream
It is during sleep that the body absorbs better the anti-aging properties present in the facial creams and for this reason, the night creams are very good, but they need to have the correct ingredients to get the expected effect.
night moisturizer cream

Body Moisturizer cream or lotion
Using moisturizing cream is already part of women's daily lives! It's one of the products that have to go with you everywhere! To have a smooth and healthy skin, all year and 365 days, it is important to apply a body moisturizer every day, especially after bathing. And applying a moisturizer on the skin daily does miracles in the fight against sagging skin and cellulite.
body cream

Hands and feet cream
Each part of the body has specific needs that need to be met with the right product. Your hands are constantly exposed to several aggressions, especially those caused by wind and hot or cold water and so are the first to show signs of aging so hand cream is essential! The feet also need attention because they are exposed every day to shoes and other external agents.

feet cares

hand cream

Hair Care
All women look for radiant, shiny and healthy hair. And just like our skin, our hair needs specific care so it does not lose its hydration and stay beautiful and nourished throughout the season!
hair care

A good perfume that lasts all day
To ensure you are buying a long lasting perfume, be sure to opt for the Eau de Parfum version and buy only original perfumes, and not replicas one. Some long-lasting perfumes are Chance (Chanel), Eternity (Calvin Klein), Eau demoiselle (Givenchy) and J'Adore (Dior). Remember to always apply in the hottest spots on the body for the scent to spread, such as behind the ears and on the wrist and hair to smell when you swing the hair.

Red lipstick
Red lipstick is the most democratic and powerful strong color lipstick in the makeup world. Any woman can and should use when she wants to make a very remarkable production. It is worth remembering that very creamy red lipstick can end up staining the teeth and that the matte texture is a little easier to keep on the lips. The red lipstick is darling of many bloggers and the one that is very successful among the women is Ruby Woo (MAC).
ruby woo

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
Neutral shadows are essential for daily life, especially at work, where the environment usually calls for more sober compositions. That's why you deserve to have in your beauty product collection a palette of nude tones, which allows you to make different neutral and beautiful makeups and smokey eyes. A great choice is the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes, which is one of the things you deserve to have with you.

neked palette

Thermal water
Thermal Water contains antioxidant actives that fight against free radicals and prevent premature aging of the skin. For those who have oily skin is ideal because it is not in the creamy texture. Invest in your skin using good quality thermal water.
thermal water

The foundation is often dispensable, but the concealer is essential. Keep with you a good quality product that has the exact color of your skin to correct blemishes, dark circles, pimples or variations of facial tones. Despite the good coverage, the concealer guarantees a more natural result.

Lip balm
The lips suffer, daily, with dryness caused by external damage, especially in relation to dry temperatures or the sun. Therefore, it is essential to keep them hydrated and soft and the ideal products for this purpose are lip balms. Lip balms are made up of essential oils, bee wax and shea butter that heal dryness and fight cracks, turning your lips softer. The EOS Lip Balm is an excellent product in this category and, in addition, it differs by being 100% natural, 95% organic, gluten free, parabens and oil and by having a super cute packaging design.
lip balm

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