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Urban style: Amazing Tips To Adopt The Style In Your Daily Life!

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Today I'm going to write about urban style, the style that is adept by the women who like a modern and creative style and can also be worn by women who like a basic style. The Urban style is known as the most modern and remarkable of the 7 universal styles. Women who like this style love to wear black color and create looks that contrast light shades with other dark ones. They fall into two categories composed of light and heavy elements. Some love playing with over-sized pieces, geometric references, and accessories with bold modeling. Others, love clothes with a street style touch. It is common among its combinations destroyed jeans, leather, sneakers, all-stars, wide blouses, jackets, and so on. It has a very varied range of options. Seeking to combine comfort and style. Many designers bases on an urban style to create some of their collections, and this is super right! The style is super versatile, allowing the stylist to have a greater freedom when performing their creations. 
urban style

urabm style

If you're starting to adopt this style start with the basics and create a contrast between the parts of your outfit investing in the combination of light and dark colors. The black and white combination is remarkable, as well as it creates a super clean effect. The all-black outfit is also a great option to create a sophisticated outfit. To take the monochromatic from the ordinary invest in maxi pieces, structured modeling and straight cuts as the tailored pieces. It gives a modern and a light masculine touch to the outfit that will only make you more stylish and fashion.
street style

street style

How about taking the production of the basics with accessories that have a bold design?  Necklaces with geometric details such as circles, triangles, and squares will make your outfit sassier, even if the combination of the outfit is simple. These references may also appear on other accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and rings. On the feet change the bold shoe by a classic shoe like oxford or moccasin. If you do not like a conservative touch, which is typical of the traditional style, invest in the metalized version of the shoe. Golden, silver or copper, the metallic luster gives a cool feeling to the outfit, but without losing the refinement.
street style


The most important thing in urban style is that you can bring your personal touch to the outfit. There are no limits in the fashion universe, but it is also good to have a little fashion sense, it's not worth going out there inventing trends without any connection, a little moderation is necessary. Take an outfit with your touch, but let it be a harmonic composition, with style, without drawing so much attention due to the amount of information without any connection between it outfit.
fashion style

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