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How Effective Are Natural Ingredients in Beauty?

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You've seen it with your own eyes: the emerging emphasis of natural ingredients in the beauty industry. People are finally catching onto the harmful effects of chemical-filled cosmetic products, and leaning towards more simple products and organic skincare. In fact, even makeup advertisements are honing in on the importance of their "toxin-free" ingredients rather than the magical effects of the product. However, you may be wondering if these natural ingredients even work. Do organic and eco-friendly makeup brands compare to the industry's best-sellers? We've cracked a few codes for you, so keep on reading.

Question 1: It's Just Makeup. Do Natural Ingredients Really Matter?

While consuming natural ingredients in your diet makes a huge difference to your overall health, natural ingredients in beauty products make a subtler one. Makeup applied to the face essentially gets to deeper layers of the skin through a process called dermal absorption. It's the same reason why some people break out when trying out a new foundation. However, using makeup with chemicals isn't as damaging as eating unnatural ingredients.
At the end of the day, a majority of makeup products come with chemicals, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. Only focus in on the ingredients that concern you. That said, you don't have to go for all-natural makeup products, but some component of natural is always beneficial. For example, a foundation won't have completely naturally-derived ingredients, but it might have hydrating and anti-acne properties that improve your skin. You can look for products that contain some type of natural oil or antioxidant.
The key is to know what works best for you; do your research and see the value in trial-and-error.
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Question 2: Do Products With Natural Ingredients Even Work?

The truth is, makeup products that claim to be all-natural don't work as well as others. For instance, a blush that's made completely from eco-friendly ingredients might not blend and apply as well as their counterparts. However, if your skin is suffering from unnatural products, then your safest bet is to use a product that doesn't have toxic ingredients. In these instances, it's important to prioritize health over beauty. You have to deal with the un-blendable blush.
But have no fear—you can always find workarounds for natural makeup products that don't work as well as you'd like them to, anyway. Combine them with other products and natural ingredients until you reach a consistency and texture that's perfect for you.

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Question 3: What's my First Step in Making the Move Towards Natural Ingredients?

The move towards natural ingredients doesn't mean you have to throw away all the makeup you love! If you want to tweak your beauty routine to be more green, start with organic skincare. Have you heard the phrase, "skincare first, makeup second"? This motto is vital in positively altering your cosmetic lifestyle.
If anything, today's top skincare products are the ones you should be concerned about. They contain toxins that burn and dry your face, and they rid of acne in the most unnatural ways. Get rid of the benzoyl peroxide and opt for tea tree oil. Use grapeseed oil to moisturize your face instead of your usual stinging face cream. Use natural mud masks that detox your pores instead of masks that painfully "zap" your zits.
Once you've got your natural skincare routine down, you'll see the amazing effects natural has on your skin. The clear and glowing skin provides a beautiful canvas for makeup.

In conclusion, it's growing more and more important to be a conscious consumer, especially in this age's beauty industry. Beware of the hype and make sure to test things yourself without believing what others and articles have to say. "Natural" ingredients and products are good to an extent.
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