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Moisturizer guide: How to Choose the Ideal Moisturizer for Your Skin Type!

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Before to get knowing my skin I used to have trouble when buying a new moisturizer, finding the right moisturizer for our skin may seem more difficult than we might think. Moisturizing is critical to skin health and choosing "any product" without paying attention to the details and particularities of each may not bring any benefit. Or worse: make our skin irritated or dry.

The variety of moisturizer products is very large and many women end up choosing their preferred only by scent or brand, regardless of whether the product formula is even ideal for their skin type. So be very careful when looking for the perfect product.

Just like a facial moisturizer, the best body moisturizer for your body skin does not need to have extravagant ingredients. A simple but effective combination will not clog your pores with unnecessary ingredients.
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Why should us moisturize our skin?

But after all, what is the skin moisturizer and what is this product for?

The answer may seem kind obvious: to moisturize the skin. But what exactly is hydration?

Moisturizing the skin is the main care we should take. It is the hydration that slows the degenerative processes that weaken it and that results in wrinkles, lack of elasticity, opacity, stains, etc.

Dehydration is mainly caused by external aggressions such as excessive sunlight (and throughout life), pollution, exposure to various climatic variations and, of course, lack of proper hydration. Aging is also another important factor in dehydration because, over the years, our skin will lose its ability to retain water, becoming dry. Therefore, it is more than necessary to biologically rebalance the skin to compensate for the natural loss of hydration.
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How to choose the right moisturizer cream?

The best moisturizer is one that will not leave a feeling of excessive oiliness or dry out the dry areas of your skin (such as elbows and knees).

Read the packages carefully and choose the one that is indicated for your skin type. Creams that are produced especially from plant extracts and phytonutrients are great for increasing the strength and elasticity of the skin.

Note whether the formula contains ammonia lactate or urea, excellent for moisturizing very dry skins. Another important item is the protection factor. It should not replace the sunscreen, but it is interesting that the cream chosen has a protection factor, even to a lower degree.

Get to know your skin
Talk to your dermatologist to know your skin type. Knowing what to expect from the care you have with your skin is as important as finding the ideal moisturizer. For example, deep nourishment or a pleasant fragrance are two different care for your body.

Apply the product before going to sleep
When choosing the ideal moisturizer for dry skin, you can opt for an oil-based formula or shea butter. Apply your moisturizer lotion or cream before going to sleep so it has more time to deeply moisturize your skin.

Nourish dry areas
Some parts of the body can get dry more easily, such as feet, knees, and elbows. Keep the skin deeply moisturized and nourished with a set of beauty products that pay particular attention to these areas.

Stay alert to vitamins A, C, and E.
Experts recommend these powerful antioxidants because they protect our skin from the signs of aging.
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What is the difference between cream and lotion?

The difference between these products is basically their consistency and action derived from that consistency. The cream is thicker and used after bathing, with the skin dry through the towel. The lotion is lighter, with a smaller moisturizing factor and more "liquid" consistency. It is ideal for giving some scent to the skin but is not very suitable for anyone who wants real hydration.

What about the facial moisturizer for the oily skin?

The specific products for the face are among the most sought after in the cosmetic stores. Many promises diminished lines of expression, skin whitening, stain removal or age marks, etc. Choose a product according to your age and skin type.

Oily skin, for example, should be hydrated in the same way as dry skin. The difference is in the chosen composition. Abuse of products that come in gel form and that do not clog pores.
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Facial moisturizer for dry, normal and combination skin

For dry skin, formula with shea butter and almonds oil are a good request, for its great moisturizing functions.

For combination skins, moisturizing should control excess oiliness in specific areas. Look for products designed precisely for the balance between the dry and oily skin.

For those who have normal skin, it is easier to find a good product, because the skin does well with the vast majority of products available.

If you can, have two different products on the hand: one for the day and one for the night. In the morning, after washing your face, use a moisturizer with sun protection factor. At night, moisturizer specific treatment cream to combat stains, acne, wrinkles, etc., according to the result you want to achieve.
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Do not forget to take care of your interior too!

Another worth tip is that skin care should not be limited to the outside: include in your routine drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, the consumption of fruits, and vegetables that are essential in the production of vitamins for the skin, as we know the beauty comes inside out.

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