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Skincare tips for dry skin: Some care that will change your life!

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Those who have dry skin know very well how difficult is to control dryness, no matter what the weather. The problem is that, unlike other skin types, dry skin does not have a proper lipid layer to protect it from dryness and hence from allergies and infections. Therefore, those who have this type of skin need to take extra care not only to replenish lipids but to prevent dryness leave the skin at the mercy of impurities, which can cause serious infections. 

In today's post, I'm gonna to talk about some cares that will help you to take better care of your skin because, much more than beauty, skin care also has to do with your health! You cannot neglect it. In addition to daily care such as deep cleansing and protection from the sun, dry skin needs a deep and powerful hydration. Prefer the products with vitamin E, ceramides and natural extracts like coffee and green tea.
 Skincare tips for dry skin

First of all, avoid taking bath with hot water

Everyone knows that hot water is contraindicated for any type of skin and also for hair as it increases the chances of dryness. Just imagine when the skin is dry! You can do some damage. Therefore, even if you enjoy hot baths, chose warm ones, or, if possible, cold ones. 

Prepare the skin very well before makeup (and also take care of it after removing the makeup)

The recommended is to have a daily skincare routine. This is what will leave the skin prepared for any situation, especially for the use of makeup. If the skin is not properly moisturized, the effect of the makeup will look cracked, in addition to causing more irritation and dryness. So apply a good moisturizer before applying the makeup and use a primer that also has a moisturizing action before applying the foundation.
tips for dry skin

Cares when removing the makeup 

When it comes to removing the makeup is that come with the greatest care. Most the makeup removers have a grease-removing substance since some foundations have oil in the formula. It must be removed from the skin. But with this action of the makeup remover, the lipids of the skin also are removed. So it is vital to wash the face with water and apply a good moisturizer to restore the barrier of your skin after the makeup removal process.

When removing the makeup, opt for a creamy makeup remover, which is more suitable for those with dry skin. And never, ever, sleep without removing the makeup, even if you are tired or lazy, okay? For those who prefer a more natural alternative, virgin coconut oil is an excellent option to apply to the skin before the makeup and also in the removal.

Attention to the sun exposure

All skin types, when exposed to the sun, can have some kind of damage, such as dryness or even spot. Dry skin, since it does not have an adequate protective barrier, suffers the effects of this exposure even more.

If you like to go to the beach or pool, redouble the hydration, drink plenty of water, feed properly and apply sunscreen and moisturizer before and after the dive. At such times, whenever possible, take a shower of fresh water to remove chlorine and salt from the skin. 
 Skincare tips for dry skin

Avoid acid and alcohol-based products, even if they are specific to dry skin

As dry skin protection barriers are more fragile than other skin types, it is best to avoid products that have acid and alcohol in their composition. Alcohol has a detergent action on the skin, which promotes more dryness. The acid can also be aggressive for those who have dry skin and this element is present in most beauty and cleanser products, such as soap. If you are unsure, use products that have low acid concentration and choose soaps with neutral pH.

Hydrate your whole body and face

Hydration needs to be at the top of your priority list. The care for your health is reflected in the beauty of the skin, the hair, the body as a whole. So that old story of taking two liters of water a day is imperative to you, as well as caring with the food.

Do not wait until the skin has dried to use moisturizers. Moisturizers should be applied daily to the dry skin. Remember that a well-moisturized skin retains its youthfulness.

After bathing, leave the laziness aside and apply creams all over the body. If the skin is not cracked by dryness, use urea or glycerine based products. The most concentrated products of intensive hydration are ideal for those who have dry skin. So, bet on them!

Use moisturizing masks to eliminate signs of tiredness

As much as you drink lots of fluids, feed well and apply specific creams to your skin type, it can happen that your skin begins to show signs of tiredness caused by dryness. Therefore, periodically, you can make moisturizing masks with products based on natural oils and glycerin, or you can buy it. It will be a few minutes that will make all the difference, believe me! Every 15 days (or all week, depending on the condition of your skin), apply the product to the face, massage the skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and you will notice your skin recovered from the appearance of tiredness.

Make facial peeling or exfoliation regularly

If you feel the need to perform a deeper and more intensive treatment, the facial peels indicated for dry skin are a good option, as they are not too invasive and the recovery is quite simple. As a result, the procedure eliminates blemishes and promotes skin rejuvenation by removing the dead cells.

Do a skin cleansing

Skin cleansing is essential to remove impurities and excess oil from the skin. The problem is that the oiliness of your skin is no longer enough, which means that the procedure can end up making it even more fragile and dry. But, calm down, there's a way for everything, use specific products for your skin type! Opt for a natural product, or that does not contain aggressive substances (besides being moisturizing). Massage it onto wet skin, and follow the instructions on the package before removing it with water. Wash your face morning and evening. Do not use abrasive products.

Following all this care and always counting on the indications of your reliable dermatologist, having dry skin does not tend to be a big problem. Well, with good products, specific to your case, and drinking enough water daily, all the nuisances it could cause will be softened.
 Skincare tips for dry skin: Some care that will change your life!

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Nothing better than maintaining a skincare routine that will prevent damage to your dry skin, right?

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