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50 Shades Of Nudes: Some Nudes Lipsticks To Try This Year!

Hello ladies!

Most of the woman loves a good nude lipstick (I'm a kind suspect, hahaha) and is always looking for a perfect shade or a slight variation of nude shades. As a lipstick lover, I recognize the value of a powerful nude lipstick. We women are able to identify the differences between the nuances, finishes, and want to test all the news that appears on the shelves in the store just to find the ideal nude. This color is a classic in it comes to the makeup and earns points for the versatility it's even more wild than red! It can be used in the day to day, in the office look and beauty chic look in the nightclub or bar balancing between smokey eye plus nude lipstick, it is dope.

New York fashion week catwalk has already decreed: next summer the makeup trend will be a natural look. Nothing beats a nude lipstick when you want to get yourself into the trend. Democratic and versatile, the tone does not discriminate skin tones or age and is perfect for anyone who wants to bet on a "natural" makeup. The idea that nude lipstick is ideal only for people with fair skin still persecutes many women, but the nude is nothing more than the tone that most closely resembles your skin, so it can be used by all skin type, just find out the ideal tone for yourself. Take a test before to see if the color of the lipstick matches your skin tone.

If you want to get an "I just woke up fabulous like Sleep Beauty" effect (well, who does not want), nude makeup requires some concerns, the care when applying the lipstick should be redoubled.
nude lipstick

How to choose the right tone

When properly applied, the nude lipstick has the power to make the lips look larger and voluminous. The wrong color, however, can leave your washed out. To avoid the effect, the first step is to see the tone of your skin and look for the product that is more similar. The nude lipstick of a black woman can be very strong for someone with lighter skin. The correct thing is not buying a nude lipstick tone cause your friend has the same tone and you liked it, the right is to find the one that has more to do with you and match your skin.

Choose lipsticks with a little luster or slightly pink; this will help to ward off the washed out effect. Testing the lipstick first is also very important to discover the ideal shade for your skin. If you do not want to put it on your lips, test the wrist just below the palm of the hand, where the color will look more like in the face.

To avoid unpleasant surprises when going out in the sunny day with the nude lipstick, always test the product in a natural light environment, as the color of the lamp may give a wrong impression of the cosmetic tone on the lips: It is recommended that you experiment with an environment with natural light so that there is no mistake in the real shade of lipstick.

nude lipstick

The ideal tone for each skin type

Black skin: different than many can imagine, black women can (and should) bet on nude lipstick. The false impression that "nude" refers only to very light tones is common and ends up turning black away from nude lipstick. Bet on tones of gold, caramel, brown or coffee, which will give a more natural look. Try to avoid light and bright tones, which will not be harmonious with the skin tone.

White skin: just like when choosing the blush, women with lighter skin should look for a lipstick with more pinkish or peachy pigment, which will match the undertone color of the skin, leaving the look more harmonious. The earthy, pastel and bright shades combine with the white skin.

Asian skin: Women with white skin and yellowish undertone, such as the oriental ones, may seek tones with pigments more brownish, yellowish or peachy, with a beige background. To emphasize the lips, it is still worth betting on more rosy tones: lighter pink. Not to be so dull.

Brown skin: Brunettes can use more closed shades, such as terracotta or gold. The shades of peach and brown are also harmonious for women with this skin tone.

nude lipstick

The correct application

As the lip can become voluminous with nude lipstick, pay attention to the texture of the lips. If they are dry, opt for a creamier formula. To further increase the lip, apply a gloss over the nude lipstick. If lips are very dark or have some imperfection, it is worth to bet on the lip liner with a tone that also comes close to the skin, this will help in the application of the lipstick. The nude is ideal to match with more marked eyes, with a perfect makeup for the night, or with a  bare makeup, giving an impression of "natural look"

How to choose the finish

Nude lipsticks can have different finishes and each of them offers an effect. Who wants to spend many hours with the product on the lips, it is worth betting on a matte texture, with an opaque finish, which leaves the look more intense and long-lasting. For a party, the matte finish is always best suited for its durability, it adheres much more easily to the lips. If you do not mind touch-up, a glossy texture may be an option. The creamier effect tends to increase the size of the lips. The opaque has the driest texture, perfect for those who like a well-marked lipstick even if it is "nude"; the creamy has the most moisturizing texture, brings an elegant and subtle result and the bright gives a "wet" effect, ideal for anyone who wants a luminous and discreet result.
nude lipstick

Our suggestions 

Available in six neutral tones, the Artist has a high concentration of pigments that provide a matte total finish and a light sensation on the lips. The product is enriched with avocado oil to ensure hydration and nourishment to the lip.

The lipstick of the brand is extremely matte, easy to apply and with intense pigments. In addition, it is super comfortable on the lips.

The tone is ideal for balancing the intense smokey eye or colorful eyeshadow. The difference is due to the extra pigmentation, with 25% more pigments than conventional lipsticks, the Artist Rouge guarantees the intense result.

The glossy finish was one of the biggest makeup trends of 2017 and will continue in the coming seasons. So, how about betting on a nude lipstick with this finish? Clinique's Pop Lacquer brings high coverage, intense lip gloss and lasts up to six hours.

The lipstick maintains hydration for up to 10 hours. The Nude color of the line is ideal to leave in the bag as it adapts to different skin tones and ensures a light glossy layer on the lips, the result is natural.

Black skin

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani; 106

Cocoa Couture, Lancôme 

Salem, Lime Crime 

Laura Mercier Stickgloss; Brown sugar

Medium white skin

Burberry Beauty Lip Cover; Nude Rose No. 25

White Skin

Dolce and Gabbana The Lipstick Classic Cream Lipstick; Nude

Nars Lipstick; sweet life

Test, test, test, and test again
For the buy method, the ideal is to test! The natural tone of the lips greatly changes the final color of the lipstick, as well as being too important for the lipstick to compare it with your skin tone. To start without error: the creamiest and rosy are easier to hit!

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