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Going to travel? Guide How to pack Your Suitcase!

Hello, ladies!

It is summer, the classes are almost over, and I cannot wait to travel cause my brain needs it.
Traveling is amazing, packing well not so amazing! I remember once I was traveling to Macau it took me one whole week to pack my suitcase, well I'm kinda lazy when it comes to packing. But packing is not always an easy task, especially for we women, who usually carry more than men.

After all, when it is necessary to choose what to take, everything seems to be indispensable and doubts arise about what is a priority, what can be left aside and, especially, how to accommodate all in the luggage.

The good news, however, is that with a few simple tricks, it's easier to carry everything you need, making the most of the space in your suitcase.
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What to take?

It is true that most women are a bit overdone when packing, especially me, I am a little suspicious to talk about it! Many of you including me would like to be able to put a wheel in the wardrobe and take it all, right? But since this is not possible, we have to be very rational when it comes to choosing what to take.

What should be considered: how long will you stay; the climate condition of the place; the climate change and the events (will go out to dinner? go to the dance, beach? Etc.).

The tip is to always think of pieces that can be used more than once and that combine with various things. For example, a pair of jeans can be worn three times, so take it with three shirts. This way you already have three different outfits. Basic parts and neutral colors also help make the combination.

Anyone who goes to the beach will probably spend most of the time in bathing suits and slippers ... So why bring, 15 shirts, 10 pants, 10 skirts, 20 dresses and 50 pairs of high heels, well, it is kinda exaggerated, no?! Of course, this is not necessary, even though you may be tempted to take the items from your wardrobe that you like most (well, this is soo me).

Consider the possibility of an event that needs these chic clothes. But if you do realize that you will not really be attending many events at night, do not overdo it with the set of outfits to wear.

For the cold climate, the tip is to carry a heavy, warm coat, of a neutral color such as black, brown or off-white. So you can vary only underwear (shirts, blouses, and pants).

The same thinking goes for shoes: take basic, comfortable pairs of shoes that match the season, so you can wear them more than once and avoid carrying the entire shoe collection.
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How to pack the suitcase?

The first thing you should put in your suitcase is your pants. At least a pair of jeans is mandatory, so take your favorite, which is sure to rock. Put it in the bottom of the suitcase without folding it, leaving the legs out. In the end, fold the legs over the remaining clothes. 

Over the pants come skirts and shorts. Then the more bulky pieces, such as sweaters or coats. Try to fold them just in half. The heaviest pieces should always be at the bottom of the suitcase. 

Intimate clothing should be put in bags, to make it easy to find them. In the case of trips to the beach or in the summer: put the bikinis and bathing suits, in individual a plastic bag before placing it in the suitcase.

Finally, place the lighter items, such as dresses, tops, and t-shirts (which can be rolled up and tidied up on the sides of the suitcase, where space is usually left).

Put the shoes in bags or even plastic and store them in the separate compartment of the suitcase. Do not forget to always bring a pair of the slipper (even in winter, they give way to use in the bedroom), shoes such sneakers, flat shoes, flat sandals and a pair of heels to wear at night if you feel like it (in a more neutral color).

Personal care products, cosmetics, medicines, and makeup should be placed in a travel bottle. But if you do not want or do not have a bottle holder, the tip is to pack these products in separate bags (personal care/cosmetics/medicine/makeup) and distribute them in the empty spaces.

Let pajamas and underwear easy to get, so you do not have to unpack all after a long trip. You can leave to do this after you rest.

Take in your hand luggage your documents and a few things that may be helpful if your luggage is lost. For example, a change of clothes, some personal care product, underwear, and medicines. That is, enough to survive without luggage for a day or two. Also use hand luggage to store valuables things like camera, computer, and jewelry.

ACCESSORIES! They do not take up much space and can transform any outfit. Try to carry simpler pieces.
 Guide How to pack Your Suitcase!

The main secret when packing the suitcase for the holidays is common sense think well and reflect, take only what you will really use.

Have fun and a nice trip!

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